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Winter's Secret


Welcome to Steadfast, WI, a small town whose people and mysteries you may never forget.

Lyn Cote’s “Northern Intrigue” series is set in the forests and lakes of the northwoods. The first book is Winter’s Secret. Feb 25-March 1st, its ebook price will be FREE on Amazon



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One Life-One Cat?

V-8 a winter's nap

“Since each of us is blessed with one life, why not live it with a cat?”–

Robert Stearns, American author

This is my cat V-8 (named for the engine, not the juice). Does he ever know how to relax or what??

Couldn’t have said it better myself. (Substitute Dog if you please. :-)–Lyn

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Need Your Help to Choose Cover Image

On my Facebook Page, I’ve posted two images for my next cover. Please drop by (if you’d like to weigh in on this) and tell me which one would make you pick up the book in a bookstore or click the cover at to read more about it.

My next book will be Lady Sarah, the sequel to La Belle Christiane, which I revised and posted on this blog a few years ago. If you’d like to know more about my “Patriots and Seekers” series, click the Archived Free Read.  Here’s the link to the images on Facebook.

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Valentine Party at Sweet Romance Reads Cafe Thursday Feb 9th

Valentine Party

Click here to join the group and come to the party!

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Have you Subscribed to Lyn Cote’s Newsletter Yet? 3 Reasons Why

Have you Subscribed to My Newsletter Yet? 3 Reasons Why You Should!

1-My newsletter goes out once a month so that’s reason one–it’s regular and not too often. I don’t bug you. (Not intentionally.)

2-I share personal experiences that you might be interested in.

3-I announce special sles and new releases. So if you enjoy my books, you should go to the banner at the top of the page, find the green bordered box and fill in your email. I hope you wil!–Lyn


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Never Say Never ‘-) & Book Giveaway

Never Say Never and Book Giveaway!

A few decades ago when my husband and I became engaged, he said, “I’d like us to live in the northwoods.” I knew his family owned property on a lake in far northern Wisconsin near the southern shore of Lake Superior.

At the time we were living in a suburb of Chicago and at these words– I “looked” at him. (You wives, know what I mean.) I was not a fan of winter. I wanted to move farther south, not farther north. I replied, “I’m never living north of the Wisconsin-Illinois border.”


Of course you know where we eventually ended up living—the northwoods in a cottage on that same lake.

Here is the winter view from our deck–New Year’s Day dawn. Our frozen lake lies in the distance.


new-years-eve-dawnSo how did this happen to a nice “southern” girl ‘-) like me?

Well, I fell in love with the beauty of the forest and the many clear, spring-fed lakes. Then life events moved us north. And I must say I wish we’d moved earlier than we did.

I’ve made peace with winter, make do with a brief spring, and love the low humidity, warm–no air-conditioning needed–summers and the long golden falls to which tourists flock to capture the beauty with their cameras. I’m a northwoods woman now. And it comes out in my writing.

Winter's Secret

I’ve set many of my books in the northwoods. My “Northern Intrigue” series is set in the forest and lakes around a fictional town, Steadfast WI. The series combines romance and mystery.

The first book in the series is Winter’s Secret. At the end of this month (Jan 28-30), its ebook price will be reduced to 99 cents on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. So if you’d like a peek into my beloved northwoods, mark your calendars. And let me

welcome you to Steadfast, Wisconsin, 

a town with people and mysteries you may never forget.

BOOK GIVEAWAY: Leave a reply below -and be entered into a drawing for my ebook: Winter’s Secret.

QUESTION: How did you end up living where you live?–Lyn


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What I’m Working on Now


As always I am busy writing. It’s what I do. Everyday. Right now I’m working on three projects:

  1. I’m going over the comments from the copy-editor of the book which will come out in August, titled FRONTIER WANT AD BRIDE. What does that mean–copyeditor? A copyeditor goes over the manuscript after the editor who does the content edit (giving comments about the story as a whole, characters, plot, etc) and the line edit where she makes corrections on the punctuation. Then the copyeditor reads it over for a final checkup–making sure there are no contradictions the editor and I might have missed, such as does the heroine have green eyes in chapter one and blue eyes in chapter five. This copyedit is due in another week so I’m going over it one more time–to get it all right!

  2. While I’m working on the copyedit, I’m also thinking over my editor’s comments on my next book. I sent her a proposal with a plot and charcter explanation (the synopsis) and the first three chapters. My editor wants me to pick up the pace and concentrate on the developing relationship between the hero and heroine. In every romance, there is a pull-push dynamic between the hero and heroine. They don’t want to fall in love but the plot keeps pulling them back together. So I’ve got the conflict right, but other characters are intruding too much. So—I’ve got work to do.

  3. Finally I’m thinking, thinking, thinking about the book after the book in #2. An author always has to be thinking of another book for her editor and for her readers.

  4. So that’s what I’m writing now!–Lyn

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OUTSIDE MY WINDOW-The Dawn of a New Year


This is OUTSIDE MY WINDOW.  In particular, the dawn of New Year’s Day. Our cottage is on a bluff over a lake. This is of course looking east toward the sunrise. The white expanse is the frozen lake. I always begin imagining a story with a location. Why? Because I think where a person lives tells a lot about them. Agree or disagree?–Lyn

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A January Sale and Something New!

A new year, a January sale and something new!  The first book in my Quaker Bride series, Honor, will be on sale all this month in its ebook form and on all online bookstores. Here’s the link:


And now for the something new! Notice there is a NEW TAB above, named CONTESTS. Click on it and enter my January contest. You might win an ebook (only Nook or Kindle available) of the prequel to HONOR, “Where Honor Began.” I will be holding a contest every month from now on. So that’s new for 2017! –Lyn

Where Honor Began


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Free Ebook-Misteltoe and Sage-2 Days ONLY

mistletoe and sage

Still in the mood for one more Christmas romance? How about my
Mistletoe and Sage? A single mom, a little boy, a dog and a handsome new deputy. On Kindle Only. Dec 29th and 30th Only!

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