Lyn Reviews Patrice Greenwood’s An Aria of Omens

An Aria of OmensAn Aria of Omens by Patrice Greenwood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m really enjoying this serie–SO WELL WRITTEN! Ellen Rosings, the heroine, is such a nuanced lady and the love interest Santa Fe Detective Tony Aragon is so strong and intriguing. The supporting cast of charactrs, the workers at the tearoom and Ellen’s family and Tony’s are all so well portrayed.

After several dead bodies appeared in her Wisteria Tearoom in downtown Santa Fe, NM, the skilled author takes them to the opera to find a body. The mystery is a series of unexpected twists and turns with an ending I couldn’t predict! I hate it when I figure everything out. I love mysteries because I love surprises. If you haven’t started reading this series–WHY NOT?

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Some Choices for the New Cover & $5 Amazon Gift Card

Here’s the old cover. Autumn's Shadow

And here are some new possibilities. Do you like the old or a new?










Here are four images I’m considering to replace the one on my present Autumn’s Shadow cover. This is a story with mystery and romance and my heroine struggles with a trying family while carrying great responsibility.

So which one do you think EVOKES the most reaction from you?

Which one touches your emotions? That’s what I’m looking for. A good cover grabs a reader’s attention and provokes a response.

I have my favorite but that might not be the best choice!

So please help me choose. Or should I just stay with the one I have already? Glance at the previous blog post and the featured image. Decisions-decisons!

If you leave a comment, your name will be entered into a drawing for a $5 amazon gift card so weigh in please!–Lyn

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Need Your Guidance on Another Cover!

Autumn's Shadow

This is the present cover of the second book in my “Northern Intrigue” series. I like the cover, but of the four books, this one sells the least. I have been trying to figure out why. It finally dawned on me that it might be the cover’s at fault. Do you think this might look a bit dated? A little 80’s? Or perhaps it’s too soft for a mystery-romance? Click here to see the other three covers. The other titles are selling well. So do you think it’s the cover? I need your input!–Lyn

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Why I Write–The Power of Story

Do stories have power? Stick with this video. It progresses from humorous and mundane to revelatory about what makes us who we are. Where do you get your ideas? Analyze what stories you read and watch. Finally do you thinks she’s right about the power of story? Why?–Lyn


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What I’m Working on Now


I haven’t checked in for a while because I’ve been so busy writing that I couldn’t stop to tell you what I’m working on now. I started this topic back in January with this post .

Right now I’m finishing my next Love Inspired Historical which will be out in early 2018 if all goes well. I have no idea what the title will be. It is the story of one of my twin mail order brides and the fifth book in my “Wilderness Brides” series. This book is about Emma the twin whose “groom to be” was not there to meet her. For which she was secretly relieved.

But her sister’s groom Asa Brant was there waiting to marry her. The first twin is Judith whose story will come out this August, Frontier Want-Ad Bride. Authors don’t always get the titles they want. But this was a compromise I wanted Frontier and Bride in the title and my editor wanted Want-Ad. I think our compromise captures the premise of the story in a nutshell. I wonder what we’ll come up with for Emma’s story. Any ideas for a reluctant bride but whose groom returns with two sweet little girls in tow? 🙂

I also write books that I publish myself. That makes me what’s called a “hyrbrid” author. I write for publishers and I publish my own books. I just recently publisher Lady Sarah,  the 2nd book in my “Patriots and Seekers” series. If you check out my home page, you will read about it. I’m very pleased with the cover too.

Also if you click the Contest tab above, you can enter to win an ecopy of Lady Sarah.

When I finish writing Emma’s story, spring cleaning is facing me. Yes, authors spring clean and I really need to because I didn’t do much last year! Oops! Shouldn’t have told you that! I am actually looking forward to a few days of not writing. I’m sure you know what I mean. So is spring cleaning calling your name too?–Lyn


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Lyn Reviews Margaret Daley’s To Save Her Child

To Save Her Child (Alaskan Search and Rescue #2)To Save Her Child by Margaret Daley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Margaret Daley is a friend, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write an honest review. So here goes! Recently Margaret reached a milestone– her 70th book. WOW! This lady can write–and does!

This story in particular is part of the continuity series, “Alaskan Search and Rescue.” Harlequin designs these multi-author series so each series has a theme and similar elements but each story is written about a different hero and heroine and by a different author.

Margaret’s story in this contininuity concerns a single mom, her son and a very handsome search and rescue volunteer.

This book was not a nuanced as most of Margaret’s romances are. I think that had to do with lining it up to go with the other stories and authors. (Each of these continuity series books follow a guide drawn up by the editors.)

However, it was not possible to escape caring about her heroine who’d escaped an abusive marriage or not to fall in love with Josiah, her hero. A solid read by an amazing author!

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La Belle Christiane–FREE on Kindle for Limited Time!

La Belle Christiane

Will be on sale on kindle for FREE April 28 through May 1st. Click here to purchase and tell a friend! For more about it, click the HOME tab abovr–Lyn

My book and I are featured on today. Here’s the link

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Lyn Reviews Patrice Greenwood’s A Fatal Twist of Lemon

A Fatal Twist of Lemon (Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries)A Fatal Twist of Lemon by Patrice Greenwood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is my first Patrice Greenwood mystery. She writes a well paced and interesting story with a compelling cast of characters.
I loved the setting, Santa Fe, NM. I haven’t been there since I was a girl and would love to go back. So far–no go. Sigh…

I especially was interested in the police detective on the motorcycle. He was a bit dangerous so those who like a bad boy hero would enjoy this. I decided to read another book and decide about him and as love interest for the proprietress of the tea shop. Of course if you’re going to be an amateur sleuth, having someone on the force can’t hurt!

I liked this mystery enough to buy and read her other ones, which shows that I really did like it.
A good mystery and one that left me puzzled till right before the reveal. I like that!

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Author Donna Fasano and Made in Paradise

Made in Paradise

Here’s the scopp on this new sweet romance from my friend author Donna Fasano:

I’ve always loved books where a man and a woman are brought together by a child. My newest release, MADE IN PARADISE, is just such a story and one I hope will touch your heart. It’s the second book in A Family Forever, a series of stand-alone, themed romances where couples find love and a forever family after being brought together by little ones.

Here’s more about MADE IN PARADISE:

A Secret Made in Paradise…

Her child is alive! For ten years Amber has believed her child was lost to her forever. Then an unexpected inheritance leads the lovely doctor back home… to the man she’s always loved. There she discovers her beloved Jon is a bachelor father, and the little girl he is raising is their daughter!

Jon has vowed to protect and cherish his child, yet he opens their lives to let Amber in. But this dedicated father is no longer the young lover Amber remembers. Can she uncover the tender man she has never forgotten, and convince him to take a chance on their newly formed family, and their own true love?

You can find the eBook in these stores:

US Kindle:
UK Kindle:
Coming soon in paperback!

For more about author Donna Fasano:

USA TODAY Bestselling Author
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Lyn Reviews Carolyne Aarsen’s The Only Best Place

Carolyne Aarsen’s The Only Best Place–Here is another great romance –if you like that kind of thing! 🙂

The Only Best Place (Holmes Crossing)The Only Best Place by Carolyne Aarsen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Carolyne is a long time acquaintance. We both started writing for love inspired romance about the same time. I read her first love inspired romance but haven’t read anything by her since. But when I saw this book on sale on bookbub, I decided it was time to sample Carolyne’s more recent writing.

What a delight! In the intervening years, Carolyne has only become an even better author. Her characters are lifelike, three-dimensional, and most of all interesting and likeable.
She has set up an interesting conflict between a married couple and between the wife and her in-laws. All very believable. All very compelling.

I now plan to read the rest of the series. Hope you’ll take a chance. I rarely give 5 stars! You won’t be disappointed!

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