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Talk a little about your writing and real life.

I’m currently in the middle of my first series, Smoky Mountain Matches, which revolves around
the O’Malley family and is set in 1880’s East Tennessee. I live about forty-five minutes from
Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, so setting the series here was a natural
choice. When I’m not writing, I’m homeschooling my three boys, spending time with family
and friends, or planning my next tea party. I love books, café mochas, and tea rooms.

Was there a time in your life God challenged you to become stronger?

Early in my marriage, I had an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in emergency surgery and
ultimately, a miscarriage. I was told that because it wasn’t caught early enough, that my
chances of getting pregnant again were reduced. Although I already had a two-year-old son,
the loss crushed me. While my life had been far from perfect up until that point, losing a child
was the hardest thing I’d ever had to deal with. It made me question my faith. Question God.
Doubts poured in…maybe God doesn’t think I’m a good mother. Maybe He doesn’t want me to
have more kids. I struggled with anger and sadness. Then the day came when I took part in my
first Beth Moore Bible study and, as a result, my relationship with God deepened. He helped me
work through my grief. I learned that God knows best. The loss of that child forced me to trust
His plan, even when I didn’t agree or like that plan. Two years after the miscarriage, I became
pregnant with my second son. My husband and I were overjoyed. And almost two years after he
was born, we welcomed our third son. We are blessed.

What is special about your most recent book, The Husband Hunt?

This book is special to me because it portrays two friends/neighbors who fall in love. The
friends-to-romance story theme is one of my favorites. Something about the journey from
friendship to love fascinates me, so I set out to portray that with Nathan and Sophie. Tomboy
Sophie is strong-minded and independent, but she’s also impulsive. Nathan has had to rescue
her countless times. Because he’s naturally cautious, he disapproves of her antics. He wants her
to act like a lady. Mid-way through the book, Sophie reluctantly submits to a makeover in order
to snag a husband, something she’s forced to do in order to save her farm and keep her younger brother with her. Nathan’s reaction was fun to explore.”–Karen

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Wanted: A Husband
Sophie Tanner gave up hoping for Nathan O’Malley’s approval—and love—long ago.
Getting married is the only way to protect her younger brother and keep her family’s Smoky
Mountain farm. As much as she’d like Nathan to be the groom, he can’t seem to get past their
friendship…or their differences.
Since they were children, Nathan has known Sophie was too impulsive, too headstrong. She’s
forever rushing into situations without thinking them through, like this scheme to snare a
husband in under a month. Nathan always thought he’d fall in love with someone like himself—
sensible, cautious, levelheaded. Sophie is his polar opposite. So why can’t he picture anyone else at his side?
Smoky Mountain Matches: Dreams of home and family come true in the Smoky Mountains
Twitter: @KarenKirst

Thanks for being my guest, Karen. And I wish you many more books!

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QUESTION: Do you think that opposites attract? Did you marry someone opposite you?–Lyn



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9 Responses to Lyn Interviews Author Karen Kirst

  1. Katrina says:

    I do think opposites attract, but both parties must give 100% if the relationship is going to work. My husband and I were opposites, but as the years have gone by he now has some of my traits, the same as I have developed some of his. Thank you for introducing this author to me. Look forward to reading her books. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Melissa L. says:

    I very much think opposites attract. My husband and I are polar opposites. He is very blunt. He speaks his mind no matter what the consequences. He is bold and not afraid to try new things. Me: I do not like confrontations. I tend to sit back and study a situation before making my mind up. I do not like to try new things. I hold my tongue many times when I shouldn’t. Now after I have had enough, I will then speak my mind. I think it is a good balance. I tend to hold him in line at times and he has challenged me to be bolder. To speak my mind when I feel wronged. Between he and my children, I have become more bold. Recently he has noticed a change in my behavior as well.

  3. Yes. I am short my husband is tall. I love to read and my husband does not.

  4. Sylvia M. says:

    I think opposites can attract, but there needs to be some common ground that the two share in order for them to stay attracted. I’m not married, but would think that the two would grow apart eventually if their interests constantly take them elsewhere. By elsewhere I don’t mean cheating on them. I mean spending all your free time with friends or on entertainment/projects that you like, but that the other person has no interest in whatsoever. That kind of thing, though one would find out before marriage I hope. There is a place for doing what the other one loves even if that doesn’t interest you. I guess that would be sacrifice; doing this out of love for the other person. Even then, I personally don’t think I could marry someone unless we had a few things in common that we both enjoyed doing.

    • Sylvia M. says:

      Karen, I love tea rooms! That is if they aren’t overcrowded with stuff and nick-knacks and when they actually serve hot tea. I went to one that said it was tea room. They had good food, but we asked for hot tea and the waitress looked blankly at us. She fumbled around, went to the kitchen and eventually came in with something in a pot. We all agreed that she must have heated iced tea and given it to us in a pot! I am shocked at place that advertises itself as a tea room and doesn’t serve hot tea. One of the best tea rooms I went to was in Chattanooga. Wasn’t crazy about the decor, but the people running it were English having moved to America from England. Everything on the menu was English recipes and they served wonderful hot tea. The tea room is in the foyer of the what used to be the Grand Hotel.

      • Karen Kirst says:

        Hi Sylvia,
        I agree, some establishments that advertise as tea rooms aren’t really true tea rooms. I didn’t drink hot tea until I spent 3 months in the Czech Republic with my in-laws. They drink it morning, noon and night. :) Now I have it every day. Thanks for the recommendation…Chattanooga isn’t that far. I’m thinking road trip!

  5. Karen Kirst says:

    Good morning, Lyn! I just wanted to stop by and thank you again for having me.