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Changes Coming Here

I started this blog in November of 2008. My theme has always been STRONG WOMEN, BRAVE STORIES.  To do this I’ve invited authors to tell us their stories of strong women in their stories and stories from their own lives and from the their family history. I’ve truly enjoyed these stories and I know that many readers have.

But I think the time for a change is here. I’m going to take a bit of a break from blogging in August and write up some new content. My theme will not change but I think I will approach it from a different angle.

I will still invite a few favorite authors to guest and post reviews of books I’ve enjoyed but I want to give you more stories of extraordinary women in history, more of what they said and accomplished and also I want to share more of what I’ve written and what I’m writing.

So watch for the upcoming Grand Re-Opening of this blog about Strong Women and their Brave Stories–Lyn





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Author Josie Riviera & Lady Patience Blackwell


Author Josie Riviera is my guest today and she writes REGENCY ROMANCE–one of my favorites! Here’s Josie and be sure to read to the part about a free ebook.

Lady Patience Blakwell,

the heroine in Seeking Patience, my Regency Inspirational romance, shows great courage and strength throughout the novel, although she is only twenty years old. She’s a widowed countess who suffered terrible abuse at her late husband’s hands, as well as at the hands of a cruel cousin, which left her with a burn scar on her cheek. Now she’s living in near poverty, a petite woman who looks frail on the outside, but isn’t afraid of confronting uncomfortable situations head-on.

capable manager
She capably manages her dower house in near poverty, along with only a few faithful servants. Although her late husband’s heir uses threats to keep her from demanding her rightful inheritance, she fights these threats by taking matters into her own hands and seeking legal counsel.
Her faith keeps her strong … until the day a bold, handsome, and severely injured Romany (Gypsy) man collapses in her hall.

even stronger
Then she becomes even stronger, tending to his wounds, hiding him in her home, risking her life for him when she’s confronted and threatened by a brutal Romany (Gypsy) leader.
As she tends to the hero, she embraces his language and traditions. In the Regency period, the English looked down on the Rom (Gypsies.) Nonetheless, Lady Patience cares for everyone, regardless of their cultural background or circumstances. She gives her scant provisions freely to feed the hero’s tribe. Although Gypsies were considered thieves, it is her simple faith that captures his love.
But then a secret from Lady Patience’s past emerges, and her faith is tested. She confronts the secret with an open, accepting heart. However, the hero’s freedom means everything to him, and the heroine’s secret could shatter his heart.

Seeking Patience

To purchase, click here

Do people prove their worth by strength, or by character?

Half-Romany, half-English lord, he lives a perilous Gypsy life … until a sweet English rose saves his life, and perhaps his soul. Widowed by a cruel husband, she’s given up all hope of love. Brought together in peril, they dare to reach for a brighter future together.

Luca Boldor, Romany leader, lives a nomad’s life in Regency England with his Gypsy caravan. Believing his noble father abandoned him at birth, he refuses to acknowledge his English blood, or live a settled life. But when a vicious attack by a rival leaves him bleeding on an English lady’s doorstep, he has no choice but to accept her help. Her gentle faith stirs his heart in a way he has long denied.

Lady Patience Blakwell, widowed countess, lives in near poverty. Her husband’s heir uses threats to keep her from demanding her rightful inheritance. With a few faithful servants, she exists quietly in the country, only her faith keeping her strong … until the day a bold, handsome Gypsy collapses in her hall. He’s unlike any man she’s ever known, and she’ll confront any subterfuge to keep him safe.

But when a secret from Lady Patience’s past emerges, Luca must face his own past, or lose her and all hope of love. Will this strong man humble himself to open his heart for his lady?

Travel back to Regency England for this sweet, inspirational romance—get your copy of Seeking Patience today!

Well, that’s  a twist–a gypsy hero! I always thinkk of the classic Ray Milland movie, GOLDEN EARRINGS. Have you seen it? So romantic!-Lyn

For More Online:
“Like” her Author Facebook Page:

Sign up for her blog and subscribe to her newsletter on her website to receive a FREE EBOOK:

Follow her on twitter: @josieriviera

Instagram: josie_riviera



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Inspirational Romance Summer Sweepstakes! August 1-8 2016!

 Inspirational Romance Sweepstakes

Well, here you go. Some fun and some prizes: Click here to enter.

All Participating Authors – Aug 2016 – Inspirational Romance Sweepstakes

Carolyne Aarsen

Christy Barritt

Debra Clopton

Valerie Comer

Lyn Cote

Margaret Daley

Juliette Duncan

Lynette Eason

Danica Favorite

Suzanne Woods Fisher

Lily George

Jean C. Gordon

Louise M.Gouge

Winnie Griggs

Leann Harris

Rachel Hauck

Kristen Heitzmann

Liz Isaacson

Jessica Keller

Tamara Leigh

Elizabeth Ludwig

Tracey Lyons

Autumn Macarthur

Julianne MacLean

Barbara McMahon

Judith Miller

Jessica Nelson

Cate Nolan

Allie Pleiter

Tina Radcliffe

Naomi Rawlings

Terri Reed

Martha Rogers

Laura Scott

Virginia Smith

Melissa Tagg

Jan Thompson

Missy Tippens

Carrie Turansky

MaryLu Tyndall

Beth Vogt

Becky Wade

Susan May Warren

Lacy Williams

Kathleen Y’Barbo

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Authors Michelle Stimpson & Shundria Riddick Ask: Is He Ready?

Married for 5 MInutes

Authors Michelle Stimpson and Shundrea Riddick are my guests today. Though Michelle writes Christian romance, this is a non-ficiton title. But I think a great one not only for young woman. Here’s Michelle and Shundria’s checklist for:

Is He Ready to be a Husband?

In ministry to women, I’ve been blessed to meet several Christian sisters who profess to know Him and be actively seeking God but are still unsure of what a godly man looks like. Let me be clear: No man is perfect. Some men are wolves in sheep’s clothing, but I believe that many more just need an opportunity to grow as people and in their relationship with God before they are ready to marry.


To that effect, let me share advice that MANY women have shared with me—clues that he is either is not a godly man or is not ready to be married to one of God’s precious daughters at this time. While we are not in a position to judge a person’s salvation, it is possible to see the “fruit” of the Spirit as clearly outlined in Galatians 5:22. Each of the characteristics below could easily be classified under one or more of these traits.


Let me forewarn you: The tone of the advice is strong because the women who shared the tidbits were adamant in their discussions. Here goes!


  • How does he talk about people? Does he routinely discuss how silly other people are? Does he speak ill of family members and people who are supposed to be his friends? Is he the only smart person in his version of what happened at work? The love of God is manifest in our love for one another. A man who makes a habit of belittling and fault-finding has not yet realized God’s love for him and is still full of pride. Eventually, his accusatory finger will turn to point at you.

Contrarily, a man who speaks life and goodness into and about others will readily prophesy God’s goodness over every aspect of your marriage. When tough times come, he will speak edifying words that build you both!


  • Does he routinely lead you or tempt you into sin? A man who is sincerely concerned about your spiritual well-being does not want you to compromise your faith. The love of God does not lead us away from His desires for us. If he’s leading you wrong now, what makes you think he’ll lead you right later?


A husband who loves the Lord seeks to obey Him (John 14:23-24). A wife who trusts in the Lord alongside a husband who honors God can rest in the fact that even when she’s not 100% sure of where her husband is leading, she can trust that God will honor her husband’s decision and her obedience.


  • Does he initiate conversations about God? Jesus? The Holy Spirit? It would be impossible for your man to know God intimately and not mention Him in conversation with someone else he’s bringing into the inner circle (i.e. you). When the old man dies, the new life is lived through Christ (Galatians 2:20). If the “new man” is silent, this is a red flag.

Why is this important? The man is the head of the household (1 Corinthians 11:3). A man who actively seeks God for guidance will find it (Matthew 7:7). What a blessing it will be to know that your husband is consulting the Master about your marriage!


  • If he has children already, is he an active part of their lives? A man who does not support his children in every way possible has a character problem; he is not exhibiting the character of God. Such a man is not ready to be married to you or be the godly father you want for your children. Also, don’t fall for the, “I don’t have a lot of time,” excuse, either. If he’s had enough free time to pursue you, he had time to try to keep in touch with his children.


If it’s “in him” to do right by his children and remain respectful to the mother of his child(ren), he understands what it means to hold up his end of an obligation.


  • Could he support you both financially? A man isn’t ready to be married until he can adequately provide for a wife and possible children. Even if you two decide on a two-income household, the question is still could he provide the basic needs if necessary? God didn’t give Adam a wife until he had a job. Who are we to think we know better than Him?


Do your future husband a favor: Allow him the time he needs to develop the confidence of knowing that he is capable of being a good provider. An able-bodied man who knows he can support his wife and children by the grace of God has fulfilled one of his God-given roles (1 Timothy 5:8). My personal advice to newly married couples is to try not to create a lifestyle that requires two full-time salaries.


  • How’s his temper? Does he call you outside of your name, curse at you or become almost scary when he’s angry? Is he easily agitated and impatient? These are major red flags. A man whose temper flares easily has a minefield of underlying issues that he needs to deal with before he can even begin to love you like Christ loved the church. He’s not ready to marry anyone, let alone you.

A patient husband can bring peace into an otherwise volatile situation. His calm presence alone de-escalates disagreements and keeps drama out from under your roof. Whether he is patiently teaching your son to tie his shoes or choosing to make a funny comment instead of arguing, his even temper will bless your household for years to come.


  • What about joy? Is he grumpy? Does he have a good time in the company of friends or family? Does he enjoy a hobby or is he still searching for what makes him happy? A man who is trying to find out what makes him “happy” is not ready to be married because he has yet to realize the Fountain of Life within him. Beware especially if he says you are the source of joy in his life. This is a problem because the joy of the Lord is supposed to be his strength, not you (Nehemiah 8:10). Resist the urge to be his all-in-all. It may be flattering, but you don’t want that burden for life.


A man who is filled with the joy of the Lord may not walk around whistling and smiling all the time, but he can face each day with hope, knowing that Christ will prevail regardless of circumstances. He can roll with the punches in your marriage because his joy is secure in God.

  • Does he forgive easily? Does he hold a grudge against his father? Does he bring up offenses from the past that he should have released a long time ago? Does he think everyone is out to get him? Is he the type who cuts people off forever when they get on his bad side? Forgiveness is a major factor in any successful marriage. Spouses have to forgive one another on a regular basis and be able to give one another the benefit of the doubt. If the man you’re dating does not know how to forgive, he will build up resentment toward the imperfect, “real” version of you in a short while. He is not ready until he has received forgiveness and gives it freely.

A husband who forgives easily will be your treasure from now until death do you part. After all, he has to put up with you, right? Because he understands how easily Christ forgave him, your husband shares that same heart for you. He will speak the truth in love in an effort to restore whatever the enemy is trying to steal from your marriage.

  • How well does he communicate? Men and women communicate differently, so this can be a tricky one. But here’s a pretty good test: When you two have a disagreement, is he able to patiently listen to your point of view and is he eager to resolve problems—or at least agree to disagree? A spouse who don’t communicate often has unspoken expectations that you could never fulfill and/or harbors undeclared resentments that you won’t even have the opportunity to rectify until he explodes in destructive communication.

The good news here is that, with effort, your husband can learn how to communicate the goodness in his heart. A wife who knows what her husband desires (and vice versa) is in a much better position to give him what he wants.

  • Is he generous? Is he a giving person or does he have an “every man for himself” mentality? The Bible tells us that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son (John 3:16). A generous, unselfish man who mimics his Heavenly Father will also be a giver. Does he faithfully support the ministries that feed believers through financial means? Generosity can even be see in little things like leaving tips at a meal or a quick donation to kids selling cookies outside the grocery store. Also, consider how he spends his time. Is it all used up on him and his interests/endeavors or does he share his time with those who are in no position to reward him? (Spending time with you doesn’t count because that’s mutually beneficial.) A selfish man is not ready to put his wife and family above his own desires.

A generous heart goes a long way in a marriage! A generous person approaches finances, time, goals, and even sex with a considerate mindset. Quite frankly, wives tell me that it’s just flat-out easier to lavish love on a man who so freely gives of himself.

The bottom line for a godly husband can be summed up in this question: Does he resemble your Heavenly Father? If you don’t see any fruit, it’s probably because there is no root or the root hasn’t grown deep yet. No one will ever love you like your Heavenly Father, but you should at least see some of His characteristics flowing through the man you intend to marry.

Along this same line, if you’re attracted to a man who doesn’t show any fruit, you’re not ready to enter a covenant, either, because no woman of God who understands her value in Christ would sign up to be with someone so far from her Father’s heart. Don’t make excuses for him or for yourself.

Seek God about your future spouse. Just today, I was talking to a newlywed who said to me, “God didn’t say no—so I took that as a ‘yes’.” Ask God to let you know if this person is His best for you and be willing to walk away if the answer is “no.”

Finally, know that a real man of God doesn’t want anything less than a real woman of God. If you have been leading him into temptation, cursing him out, and paying his bills, it’s no wonder you are with someone who’s so out of line. This is the blind leading the blind! Come out of darkness. BE the godly person you want to marry. Surrender to Christ and let His light shine in you. It will repel the ones who are not for you and attract one who is.


Shundria Riddick

Shundria Riddick

Shundria Riddick is a speaker and licensed professional counselor who shares a message of hope and freedom in Christ.

A graduate of Amberton University, Shundria holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling. As a counselor, she loves to connect with individuals and seeks to guide them with Biblical Truth. This desire to walk beside those who are experiencing difficult seasons in their lives has given her a phenomenal ability to disarm any audience. Her passion is to help others grasp the unshakable love of Christ, let go of frustration that comes from trying to live out one’s own plans and experience the beauty of embracing His will.

Like many women, she has a career, an advanced education, and is a successful wife and mother of three school-aged children. And like the typical woman she has juggled all of these things while dealing with the emotional and mental battles of life’s daily issues. God has graciously given her the opportunity to share with women, singles, girls and married couples as they seek to live out their victory in Christ.

Shundria is a wife to her best friend Chris and mother to three wonderful children: Joshua, Elyana and Noah. Visit her online at

Michelle Stimpson

Michelle Stimpson

Bestselling author Michelle Stimpson has penned more than thirty Christian fiction books including traditional bestseller Divas of Damascus Road, Amazon #1 bestseller, Stepping Down, the award-winning Mama B series, and Falling Into Grace. She has also published more than fifty short stories through her educational publishing company, Michelle holds an English degree from Jarvis Christian College and a master’s degree in education from the University of Texas at Arlington.

She is a part-time language arts consultant and serves in women’s ministry through teaching and publishing. She and her husband have two young adult children and one bizarre dog. Visit her online at

To purchase, click cover.

I think this is an excellent book to give a single friend BEFORE she falls in love. As my stepfather said, “When you fall in love, you get a skim over your eyes And this book could work both ways-IS SHE READY?” That “skim” can blind any of us to important matters we should think of first.–Lyn

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Author Leann Harris & Her Navajo Heroine

Leann Harris

Author Leann Harris is my guest today. Or her heroine is my guest today. I found Erin Delong really interesting and I am going to try this recipe. Here’s Erin for Leann Harris: :-)

the heroine’s favorite recipe or not?

I’m Erin Delong and the question posed is what is my favorite recipe? Indian fried bread is my favorite thing to eat, but not to cook. Why? Because, I hate cooking. It isn’t my thing. Of course, since my mom is Navajo, she wanted to teach me how to cook fried bread, to be in touch with my heritage. She quickly realized it was like trying to teach a cat not to jump on the counter. It goes against the animal’s nature.  

her strength

My strength is solving problems, righting wrongs, but cooking—not so much. Sawyer Jensen, the man who won the job of reorganizing my hometown rodeo over me, understood I wasn’t interested in learning to cook.

Sawyer Jensen sees her clearly

What surprised me about Sawyer is he saw me clearer than anyone in town. His uncanny insight rattled me, but made me curious, too. As we worked together, I found myself listening to his ideas, in turn, he listened to mine. I found a man I could talk to, match ideas with, and rely on. When he pointed out how my mom was using me, I knew he was right. When I admitted that truth, I knew I’d lost my heart to him.

Sawyer’s breaking point

But when Sawyer ran into his own mother and withdrew from all, I nailed him with a truth he forced me to face.  If he couldn’t forgive his mom, have a heart big enough to give grace, there’d be no chance for a future between us.

And that’s what scared me the most.

P.S. Sawyer learned how to make fried bread–Erin-Leann

The Cowboy Meets His Match

To purchase, click here


.Sawyer Jensen is ready to grab life—and his new job—by the horns. The tall, hazel-eyed cowboy has been brought in to revive Quay/Harding Bi-County faltering rodeo, but his biggest challenge may be taking on Erin Delong. The beautiful rodeo rider was in the running for Sawyer’s job, and she’s not walking away without a fight. Sawyer is no stranger to conflict, but the feelings Erin is stirring in him are brand-new. Her independence spirit both intrigues and scares him. As it turns out, Sawyer’s biggest project will be repairing his own wounded heart—and Erin may be just the perfect person for the job.


Indian Fried Bread

Total Time: 55 min
Prep: 40 min
Cook: 15 min

3 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups warm water

Put flour, baking powder, and salt in a large bowl. Mix well, add warm water and stir until dough begins to ball up. On a lightly floured surface knead dough. Do not over-work the dough. After working dough, place in a bowl and refrigerate for 1/2 to 1 hour.

Heat oil to 350 degrees in a frying pan or kettle. Lightly flour surface and pat and roll out baseball size pieces of dough. Cut hole in middle with a knife (so the dough will fry flat) to 1/4-inch thickness and place in oil and cook until golden brown and flip over and cook opposite side until same golden brown. Dough is done in about 3 minutes depending on oil temperature and thickness of dough.

After fry bread is done top with favorite topping or, chile and cheese first, then cover with lettuce and tomatoes, onions, green chile and you have an Indian Taco.

Recipe courtesy of Wooden Knife Company

Read more about the receipe here


QUESTION: So are you a cook–an eager one or a reluctant one?–Lyn

For more online:

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Author Magdalena Scott & Warning! Food Disaster Ahead!

Magdalena Scott
Author Magdalena Scott is my guest today and she made me smile and you will too. She’s also offering a free ebook. So here’s Magdalena Scott:
Carla Standish is many things to many people, but everyone who knows her well is aware she is not a cook. Yet sometimes we do unexpected things, taking that frightening step outside our comfort zone, when we’re in love, right? 
 to suggest a menu for a future book
In one of my newsletters I asked subscribers to suggest a menu (recipes not required) to be used in a future book. The randomly selected menu appears in Carla’s kitchen and dining room–but the results aren’t quite as intended. Carla has a Class A Food Disaster. (The reader who suggested the menu is listed on the acknowledgements page of THE RING. The fact that Carla couldn’t manage to make it correctly is no one’s fault but mine.) 
the winning list
I haven’t personally prepared any of  the menu items on that winning list. The recipe below from my mother’s files. I’ve been especially missing her lately, as she died exactly 15 years ago. I’m sure she would be happy to see her peanut brittle recipe on Lyn’s blog. And I think she would laugh if she read about Carla’s food disaster.


2 cups granulated sugar
1 pint chopped peanuts
1 teaspoon salt
Put the sugar into an iron frying-pan and heat slowly, stirring constantly, until the sugar is melted and turns a light brown color (slightly above 300 degrees F). Spread the chopped peanuts in a buttered tin, sprinkle them with the salt, warm the tin slightly and pour the melted sugar over the peanuts.
The Ring

Blurb for THE RING:

Happily-ever-after is out of the question. But in Serendipity, the Magic of Love does amazing things.

Carla Standish makes wishes come true, for everyone but herself. She is the go-to person for whatever her friends and family need, and is world-renowned for creating one-of-a-kind, swoon worthy dresses. She’s even surprising herself and the folks in town by dating a decent guy these days. If one missing piece would fall into the jigsaw puzzle of her life, everything would be perfect. But she ruined that possibility long ago, didn’t she?

It’s been a couple of years since widower Jared Barnett and his kids moved to Serendipity for a much-needed new start. They were settling in, but now he’s getting some confusing signals from the vivacious shop owner he’s dating, and the small town “good old boy” network seems determined to treat the Barnetts as outsiders. An offer he shouldn’t refuse would mean pulling up stakes again, but Jared will do whatever is required to take care of his family, and to protect his own heart.

BUY links for THE RING:


I’d love for your blog readers to take the opportunity to download SMALL TOWN CHRISTMAS and perhaps the other book I currently have free. All links to download the freebies– Click here


Thanks, Magdalena. I’m certainly going to download your Small Town Christmas and here’s a QUESTION FOR READERS: Have you ever had a food disaster when preparing a meal for an important occasion? If so, how did you cope?–Lyn 

For More online:

Twitter handle is @magdalenascott


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Author Roxanne Rustand & Her Newest Love Inspired

Roxanne Rustand

Author Roxanne Rustand, my dear friend, has a new Love Inspired Romance out NOW! If you love cowboys, animals and sweet romance, Roxanne is a sure bet for you!

To purchase, click cover.


The Cowboy’s Second Chance 

With the town’s busiest sales weekend on the horizon, store owner Keeley North is desperate to find help. So when Connor Rafferty walks through her door, he’s an unlikely answer to her prayers. The former rodeo star may be a fish out of water in her shop, but he can rise to any challenge. And right now he’s set his sights on finding the son he hasn’t seen in five years. Keeley can’t risk her heart on a scarred cowboy who’s searching for something more. But if she can convince him to look beyond the mistakes of his past, Connor may get a second chance to have it all.

For more about Roxanne and her books, look to your left under BLOGROLL and click the link to Roxanne Rustand’s All Creatures Blog.

And if you’d like to receive a free recipe booklet from Roxanne, click here–Lyn


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Author Mindy Obenhaus & The Perfect Steak

Mindy Obenhaus

Author Mindy Obenhaus is my guest today and she is sharing her newest Love Inspired romance Falling for the Hometown Hero and the recipe for the PERFECT STEAK. Here’s Mindy.

one of my favorite meals

No one loves a good steak more than Grace McAllen, my heroine in Falling for the Hometown Hero. Actually, steak is one of my favorite meals, too, and one of the easiest to fix. Whether it’s sirloin, New York strip, ribeye or T-bone, you can throw together an entire meal in no time at all.

There are several ways to cook steak, all simple enough, but since we’re in the midst of grilling season, we’ll focus on that.

the first step to the perfect steak

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove your steaks from the refrigerator about 20 minutes before you plan to cook them. Next, ready your grill. Whether it’s charcoal, gas or electric, make sure it’s hot before putting your steaks on.

the key to a perfect steak

Once the grill is ready, brush or rub the steaks with a little olive oil and sprinkle with your favorite seasoning. Some people prefer salt only. Others like to use something peppery, such as Montreal Steak Seasoning. Me, I make my own blend of kosher salt, pepper and garlic powder. Whatever you choose, the key is not to over season. A light sprinkle on both sides should do you just fine.

how done is done?

Now, place the steaks on the hot grill and cook until golden brown and slightly charred, roughly 4-5 minutes. Turn the meat with tongs or a spatula and continue to cook for another 3-5 minutes for medium-rare, 5-7 minutes for medium, or 8-10 minutes for medium-well.

let it rest

Once they’re cooked to your preference, transfer the cooked steaks to a platter with tongs or a spatula. If you stab the meat with a fork, you’ll lose all those wonderful juices and your steak will dry out. Oh, and be sure to let the meat rest for at least 5 minutes before slicing or serving. This, too, is crucial to a nice, juicy steak.

That’s all there is to it. Throw in a salad and some baked potatoes and dinner is served. Little muss and little fuss. And let’s face it, no one wants to be tied to the kitchen in the summer. We want to enjoy the great outdoors. Topped off with a good meal, of course. – Mindy  


To puchase, click here.


The Soldier’s Second Chance 

After returning home wounded from an IED attack, former soldier Kaleb Palmer is hailed as a hero. But survivor’s guilt makes him feel like a fraud. He hopes setting up a business in Ouray, Colorado, will give him a purpose and help him forget. But his new office manager has her own plans. Grace McAllen brings light and hope wherever she goes, and she’s getting Kaleb to open up. As she helps him make Mountain View Jeep Tours a success, Kaleb realizes a happy ending is in reach, if he can convince Grace to stay in town—and his life—forever.

Thanks so much, Mindy for the recipe and letting us know about your latest!–Lyn




PS: Last week’s winner of Kimberly Rose Johnson’s book is Melissa Davison

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Author Kimberly Rose Johnson & Designed with Love

In Love and War
 Karen Rose Johnson
Author Kimberly Rose Johnson is my guest today. She is sharing about her latest novella DESIGNED WITH LOVE and is offering a giveaway of a previous work Here’s Karen:

Designed with Love is my contribution to the collection, LOVE AND WAR.

home again

After a broken engagement Jessie Morgan returns home to Silver Springs, Oregon to pursue a career as a landscaper and landscape architect, but her ex who is also from her hometown follows her, wreaking havoc on her new business and her personal life.

an opportunity

When Jessie sees an ad for a contest looking for the host of a new landscape television show she decides to enter, but she doesn’t count on her once best friend Scott Meyers and her ex entering too. However, she is not deterred.

she has grit

Jessie shows strength through her grit. When her ex says some extremely hurtful things to her, she doesn’t let his words destroy her. When everything seems to be hopeless, she doesn’t give up.  

support network

She has a wonderful support network that encourages her and reminds her to look to the Lord for healing and help. Often times people consider a person weak when they need to rely on the Lord to get them through a rough time, but in my opinion that kind of faith takes a lot of strength.

a different kind of strength

It takes courage to admit when you are not enough on your own and that you need help. Jessie has that kind of courage and that determination to see it though.

Be sure to answer the QUESTION below. I will give any one of the books in the Wildflower Island B&B Romance series in a Kindle format–winners choice. “–Kimberly

 To read more about these, click cover.
 In Love and War
 To purchase, click here.
Designed with Love
To save her fledgling landscape business, Jessie Morgan is determined to win an important design competition–even though her major competitors are ex-fiancé Brendon Jacobs and one-time best friend Scott Meyers. Tensions are high in the quaint town of Silver Springs, Oregon as neighbors and friends take sides. Will Brendon drive Jessie and Scott farther apart, or will they join forces…and find love in the process?
QUESTION: Have you ever had to ask for help? Leave a comment and win your choice of Kimberly Rose Johnson’s B & B stories.–Lyn
 PS-Winner of Debrorah Raney’s book is Margie. Congrats!

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