Jenny L Cote, Another Author Named Cote!–Interview

Jenny L Cote

For some unknown reason, earlier this year I decided to google my late mother in law’s name and I discovered an author by the same name! And she’s a Christian author too! I have a guess where the idea  to google my mil’s name came from, do you? ;-)

Anyway Jenny L Cote agreed to be my guest. Jenny writes a mixture of Christian history and fantasy for children.(The fantasy comes from her animal characters.) And I fell in love with the cover of her latest book. So without further ado, here’s Jenny:

1-Share one fun or interesting fact about your life or books.

My children’s historical fiction books span from Noah’s Ark to World War II. The best thing about writing these books for me is the RESEARCH! I have a driving passion to go see where history happened in order to bring it to life in the pages of my books. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel and gain unprecedented access to places I never dreamed I could visit, and to meet people I never imagined meeting. Some highlights include: sitting in George F. Handel’s composing room in London to write the scene of him writing Messiah; staying in the Kilns-home of my writing hero C.S. Lewis in Oxford; sitting in the Eagle and Child Pub in Oxford with Walter Hooper (secretary to C.S. Lewis) where the “Inklings” Tolkien and Lewis met; having dinner in Paris with Comte Lafayette, sixth great grandson of the Marquis de Lafayette; and attending the 70th DDAY ceremonies in Normandy, France. I’ve also been to Israel, Egypt, Rome, and of course all over Virginia researching Patrick Henry and the Revolutionary War. So it should be obvious that I have to write books to support my research habit! ?

2-Why do you write?

I can’t help myself – I was wired to write! I love God, history and young people, and blending these loves together through my pen is pure joy. When I was eight years old I wrote stories about talking fruit, so I told Phil Vischer that I wrote “fruity tales” long before he wrote “Veggie Tales.” But I never thought of being a writer as a profession until I was an adult.  And this was after I already had a long career in marketing and strategic planning. So although it took me a while to discover what I was truly meant to do, I now never work a day in my life. It’s pure fun.

3-In what ways does your heroine show strength? And where does she draw this strength?

My heroine is a petite, intelligent French cat named Lizette Brillante (Liz). Her strength is her intellect, given by the Maker for her role on missions with the Epic Order of the Seven animal team.  Her intellectual prowess shines when she keeps it couched within faith. But her greatest strength can become her greatest weakness when it overshadows her faith. Liz sometimes struggles to “lean not onto her own understanding” and trust what she cannot explain or figure out. This makes her a teachable, lovable, relatable character for children and adults as well. –Jenny L

Learn more about Jenny L. Cote at and Face Book Jenny L. Cote

The Wind, The Road, Thy Way

To purchase, click here. The Wind, the Road and the Way (The Epic Order of the Seven)

The Wind will change their hearts. The Road will change his direction. The Way will change the world. And the Order of the Seven will change the future for believers while the Enemy seeks their crushing defeat.?

This heart-gripping, action-packed adventure begins a two-book saga that brings to life the events of Acts and the birth of Christianity while showing how each book of the New Testament came to be. The Wind, the Road, and the Way covers Resurrection morning through Paul’s second missionary journey. The Fire, the Revelation and the Fall (March 2015) completes the events in Acts, Peter and Paul in Rome, Roman Christian persecution in the arena and John’s Revelation on Patmos. Watch the miraculous rise of the Church through the fiery trials sent by an Enemy who will stop at nothing to kill anyone who dares to be called Christian.

I’m so happy that I found Jenny! I think her books sound amazing. Maybe some of you are looking for good books to give special children as Christmas gifts. May I suggest these?

Also her black Angus Max (like the dog in her books) is suffering from cancer. Why not drop by her facebook page and leave a comment for Max. He could use some cheering up along with his owner Jenny L!

BTW, AmyC is the winner of my slightly used copy of A RUMORED ENGAGEMENT and I’m throwing in my copy of BEAGLEMANIA. Don’t forget to leave a comment even when I don’t mention a giveaway. You never know when I’ll be in a “giving” mood! –Lyn

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$2.99 Ebook Sale This Week Only!

Honor- ebook sale

Just click the cover to purchase!–Lyn

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Lyn Reviews Linda O Johnston’s Beaglemania

Beaglemania (Pet Rescue Mystery, #1)Beaglemania by Linda O. Johnston

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Beaglemania is the first mystery I’ve read by Linda O. Johnston. I confess I picked up at a rummage sale, but that’s a good way to try a new author. Or at the library. Anyway I love animals, especially dogs and cats so when I saw the cover with four adorable beagle puppies, I couldn’t resist.

As an author myself, I know that the publisher not the author controls the title and cover for a book so I shouldn’t have been surprised that the beagles were just mentioned in the beginning and never were a part of the story.

Someone in marketing said: “Cute beagles will sell, just think of Snoopy!” And that’s how the title and cover probably came about.

Fortunately I didn’t hold this against Linda O Johnston. I quite enjoyed her story and her main character and the way she handled the beginning romance.

So if you want a sweet cozy mystery with lots of pets, this is for you!

View all my reviews

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Author Shanna Hatfield & The Tenacious Spirit of My Niece & PARTY & PRIZES!

Shanna Hatfield 5x7

My guest today author Shanna Hatfield shares about her tenacious niece, a new book and A PARTY & PRIZES!!! Here’s Shanna:


Amanda and PeeGee 2

“I’ve admired the tenacious spirit of my niece since she was a little girl. Amanda never let anything stand in the way of what she wanted to do and she’s worked incredibly hard to chase after her dreams.

Her adventures over the years took her all over the country. She worked on a racehorse farm in Kentucky, herded cattle on a ranch in Montana, and eventually returned home to Oregon where she trains horses. Perseverance and grit are two characteristics easily associated with her.



That unwavering will to succeed reminds me of Alexandra Janowski, the heroine in my latest book, The Christmas Calamity, releasing tomorrow (Nov. 13) as the third installment in the Hardman Holidays series. Like Amanda, Alex is strong and determined to do what it takes to thrive and make a difference. On her way to California, Alex’s wagon breaks down so she temporarily fills the role of schoolteacher in the town of Hardman, Oregon, while the blacksmith makes repairs. A prestidigitator by trade, she is a master at creating illusions and guarding her heart.”
Preorders are available now for The Christmas Calamity for just $1.99 on Kindle. Reserve your copy here:
In addition, the first book in the Hardman Holidays series, The Christmas Bargain, is available for free downloads Nov. 13! Click here.

Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund®

Now through Dec. 24, Shanna is donating 10% of the net proceeds from all her book sales to the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund. The JCCF is a non-profit organization that assists rodeo athletes who’ve sustained catastrophic injuries and are unable to work for an extended period.

Prize Basket

You’re Invited to PARTY!

You’re invited to join in the online Cowboys & Christmas Facebook Party Thursday, Nov. 13 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (PST). Drop in anytime during those four hours to enter to win great prizes, chat with guest authors, and more! Here’s the link to the party:

Enter to Win Prizes!

To enter the drawing for an Amazon gift card, autographed books, chocolates, original western artwork, and more fun goodies, fill out this form.
About Shanna Hatfield

A hopeless romantic with a bit of sarcasm thrown in for good measure, Shanna Hatfield is a best-selling author of sweet romantic fiction written with a healthy dose of humor. In addition to blogging and eating too much chocolate, she is completely smitten with her husband, lovingly known as Captain Cavedweller. Shanna creates character-driven romances with realistic heroes and heroines. Her historical westerns have been described as “reminiscent of the era captured by Bonanza and The Virginian” while her contemporary works have been called “laugh-out-loud funny, and a little heart-pumping sexy without being explicit in any way.”
She is a member of Western Writers of America, Women Writing the West, and Romance Writers of America.

Find Shanna’s books at:
Amazon UK:
Barnes & Noble:

Follow Shanna online:

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Author Fran Baker–My Husband’s WWII Experience in HOT STEEL

Author Fran Baker

My guest today is author Fran Baker who is sharing her husband’s WWII experience in the ebook HOT STEEL: The Story of the 58th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
Edited by Fran Baker.  I am honored to feature this true story of bravery here during the week celebrating Veteran’s Day. One of the most wonderful things that the new self-publishing possibilities is that stories like these can be preserved. Here’s Fran:

My husband, Vincent E. Baker, is one of a fast-dying breed –

a World War II veteran who landed on Omaha Beach on 6 June 1944 (D-Day) and fought through 8 May 1945 (VE-Day).
The 58th Armored Field Artillery Battalion fought in North Africa and Sicily before Vincent joined them in England in January 1944. At that point he was a second lieutenant, having graduated from Officer Candidate School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Fighting as a forward artillery observer from D+1, he was wounded five times, was awarded two Purple Hearts, two Bronze Stars with the “V” device for valor, the Bronze Arrowhead for D-Day, and five campaign stars. He was field-promoted to first lieutenant.

D-Day Renuions

Vincent and I attended both the 40th and 50th anniversaries of D-Day in France, where he was reunited with a family with whom he had become acquainted during the war. We later spent time in Bastogne, Belgium, the sight of the Battle of the Bulge, and in Fontenoille, Belgium, where the 58th was bivouacked while waiting to receive their new equipment after suffering devastating losses in that terrible battle. But it wasn’t until 2014, when Vincent was appointed a Knight in the French Legion of Honor, that I realized it was time to put the stories I’d heard from him and his fellow soldiers as well as the information I’d gathered from after-action reports, diaries and transit notebooks into an ebook in order to preserve the story of the 58th for historical purposes.Hence, HOT STEEL: The Story of the 58th Armored Field Artillery Battalion.

Hot Steel

To purchase, click here. Hot Steel: The Story of the 58th Armored Field Artillery Battalion

The ebook follows the 58th from activation in the United States

through Operation Torch in North Africa, Operation Husky in Sicily, and, after several rigorous training missions in England, from D-Day through VE-Day. It doesn’t glamorize the war, but neither does it repel the reader with gory details. It’s simply an account of the adventures, misadventures, triumphs and tragedies of a group of men – a band of brothers, if you will – who answered their country’s call and then got on with the rest of their lives.
My goal was not to write the history of World War II. I just wanted to imbue the reader with a sense of closeness to the action and to the men who went into that action. If I’ve succeeded even half as well as the 58th Armored Field Artillery Battalion succeeded in helping to rid the world of a monster, I’ve met my goal.

BIO: Fran Baker is the author of sixteen romance novels, with a new one in the works. Her five (to date) Regency novels have spent almost a year on Amazon’s Comedy of Manners bestseller list. She invites readers to visit her web sites at and

Again I’m so happy and honored to share that this new ebook is available. In the past I’ve featured other true stories by authors who are preserving history for us all. In case you missed these:

LEAPIN’ DEACON the story of a parachute chaplain in Viet Nam by his daughter

WAR LETTERS, ELEANOR MY DARLING the WWII love letters between author Marsha Bauer’s parents

And finally author Jeane Westin recounts the women in her family surviving the Great Depression of the 1930’s

I’m in the process of reading HOT STEEL. And it’s very near to me since my father–though in the infantry–participated in the same theater of war as Fran’s husband–North Africa to Italy to England to France. I never got to talk to my dad about his war experiences, so this is a meaningful journey to me.

QUESTION: Is there any family history that you would like to preserve?–Lyn

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Lyn Reviews Author Lily George’s Regency Romance & Giveaway

A Rumored EngagementA Rumored Engagement by Lily George

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Rumored Engagment is the first book I’ve read by author Lily George, a relatively new Love Inspired Historical author.

I am a real fan of Regency romance, having cut my teeth on Georgette Heyer’s Regencies as a teen.

I enjoyed Ms. George’s sweet tale. Her heroine Susannah Siddons was sympathetic, which means I liked her and wanted to read about her. And I found the situation a bit different from other Marriage of Convenience stories in that the hero left for the sea after the sham engagement.

I had some trouble warming up to her hero Daniel Hale. He seemed so immature compared to Susannah, but that was exactly the problem between them. Daniel had to face growing up.

A coming of age tale for the hero is unusual.

I also was intrigued with how Ms. George kept the story moving with just mundane village happenings. That’s not easy. However, the use of “’twas” was a really problem. It kept pulling me out of the story like a flat note. So I hope Ms. George will remove that from her “dictionary” before her next book.

So would I recommend this read? Yes, if you enjoy Regency romance and a lively heroine.

I have a slightly used copy. Leave a comment and be entered into a drawing to receive it.–Lyn

View all my reviews


To purchase, click cover.

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Lyn Interviews Mystery Author Linda Hall & Giveaway!

Linda Hall

My guest today is author Linda Hall, a longtime online friend. She’s an interesting person who writes great mysteries. BTW, Linda is offering a free coupon for STRANGE FACES, her short story collection via her newsletter. To sign up for her newsletter:
Here’s Linda:

1-Share one fun or interesting fact about your life or books.
I love the water and I love swimming. So, it’s a good thing that my husband and I spend our summers aboard our sailboat, Mystery. It’s our summer cottage.

2-Why do you write?
Simple answer – I write because it’s what I do. It’s about the only thing I can do sort-of well. Every so often I think about “retiring.” I usually entertain that thought for around five minutes before I’m wildly plotting away again. Actually, I can’t think of another thing I would rather be spending my days on. I grew up reading the mysteries of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, so it would be natural that when I grew up, writing mysteries would be what I would do pretty much full time.
I didn’t begin by writing novels. In my early adulthood I was a journalist and wrote feature and news for several newspapers, but in my entire life, all of my jobs have had something to do with writing.

3-In what ways does your heroine show strength? And where does she draw this strength?
Oh my! My heroine Em Ridge has so much strength and strength of character. Night Watch opens eighteen months after her husband’s tragic death, and Em feels vulnerable and sad. She feels she can’t do anything right. She is wrong, though. First of all, she is physically strong. She has spent most of her life in and around boats, mostly sailboats, teaching sailing, and  working around them. She can out race almost any sailor around.

Since her husband’s death she has earned her boat delivery Captain’s License which allows her to deliver boats—usually luxury yachts—from Point A to Point B. It takes a certain amount of inner strength to captain a boat and manage a crew. You must have a certain amount of authority and command, and as Em says, “Democracy may work well on land but at sea the captain is The Captain.”

Yet, she doesn’t always feel particularly strong. What strength she has comes from a deep reservoir inside of herself. She has left the God of her childhood and the beliefs she grew up with. In that aspect she is searching. She is still searching. It will take several books in the Em Ridge Mystery Series before she gets that part of her life sorted through.”–Linda

Night Watch

To purchase, click here. Night Watch: An Em Ridge Mystery

Desolate Maine shores… Murder… And peace slipping away on the outgoing tide…

For yacht delivery captain, Em Ridge, having a billionaire’s daughter go overboard on her first captaining job is not a good beginning. The sailboat is new, state of the art, her crew on this trip include two close sailing friends. But an unknown fourth, who can’t even tie a bowline, and the unruly owner’s daughter turn the idyllic trip into an adventure not wanted.

Two years ago Em buried her husband, her soulmate, her sailing buddy, and with him buried a secret. As hours on the open seas slide by, secrets are resurrected that tie Em’s past to a present, awash with murder and deception.

Will Em’s career go overboard? Will the investigating detective help her or hurt her? And why does the best boat delivery captain on the east coast pull at her heart strings?

The oft foggy coast of Maine holds secrets it does not want to give up, and a lot of bodies can be hidden in The Pine Tree State’s largest city.

Thanks, Linda. QUESTION: Do any of you sail or have ever been on a sailboat? I’ve only been once and that was on a small lake in Iowa, a loooooong time ago. Don’t forget Linda’s offer of the digital short story collection!–Lyn


For more about Linda online:
Twitter @writerhall

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Lyn Reviews Marta Perry’s The Forgiven & THE WINNERS of the Scavenger Hunt

The Forgiven: Keepers of the Promise: Book OneThe Forgiven: Keepers of the Promise: Book One by Marta Perry

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Forgiven is not the first novel I’ve read by award-winning author Marta Perry so I wasn’t surprised at how well written and thought-provoking the story was.

Marta Perry knows what she’s doing in creating characters that spring to life within the pages of her novel. One doesn’t need to be Amish to face the problems that young widow Rebecca Fisher and Matthew, the prodigal nephew, do.

Juxtaposititioned to the present is the old family story of Anna Esch and her sweetheart Jacob facing the challenges of being Amish during WWII.

As Rebecca reads of Anna’s struggles to keep faith in a tumultuous time, she finds the strength to face the challenges of single parenthood and making her own way.

I received an Advanced Reading Copy of this novel from the author who is a friend. HOWEVER, my review is honest. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading Amish or inspirational fiction

Do you enjoy reading Amish novels?–Lyn

View all my reviews



Erin Connor


Heather Hart

Lynne Tidei

And the winner of my $5 amazon gift card is Carla. Here’s her thank you:

Hi, Lyn!
Wow!  I can’t believe it!  I don’t usually win anything!
Thanks so much for letting me know!  I did receive another email with the gift card information.  Thanks so much!  I really enjoyed the scavenger hunt and learned about so many authors that I had not heard of.  There are quite a few books on my wish list, including several of yours.  I will use the gift card to purchase one of the books!
Thanks again!

Congratulations to these ladies. And thanks for your participation. Look forward to the Spring Scavenger Hunt!

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Welcome to the Autumn 2014 Scavenger Hunt. You have arrived at Stop #6. The hunt begins at noon (Mountain Time Zone) on October 17, 2014. You may have arrived here before the start which could mean all of the sites aren’t ready quite yet. Once the official start has begun, you should go to Stop #1 and then work your way through the sites, gathering clues and entering bonus giveaways, until you reach the final stop which will also be on the site of Robin Lee Hatcher.
The hunt ends on Sunday, October 19, 2014 at one minute before midnight (Mountain). That means you have all of the weekend to finish it, so take your time. Enjoy reading the exclusive content the authors have prepared for you. You will collect a CLUE IN RED at each stop. Write them down as you go. At the end of the hunt, you will enter the clues into a Rafflecopter form. (The answer will make sense, even if you aren’t familiar with the quote.)

The hunt is open to international entries. The grand prize is a Kindle Fire HDX. Two runners-up will receive a new release from each of the participating authors.

Robin Lee Hatcher has prepared a “cheat sheet” with direct links to each author’s post in case a site goes down or a link gets broken. We hope there will be no such issues, but just in case, please make note of the URL for the Participating Authors & Stops page so you can check back and be able to complete the hunt.



Jody Hedlund

 Lighthouses, Lakes, and Love . . . Oh My!

By Jody Hedlund

Over the past year I’ve become obsessed with lighthouses.

It all started when I began to do research for a lighthouse series my editor asked me to write regarding women light keepers who worked in Michigan lighthouses.

Michigan is a peninsula surrounded on three sides by Great Lakes. As a result, Michigan has gained notoriety for being the state with the most lighthouses. It has over 120 compared to 500 total nationwide.
Since I live in the middle of Michigan, I’m within a couple of hours driving distance to many lighthouses. So of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do hands-on research.
Accompanied by my two teen daughters and my mom, we drove up the coast of Lake Huron. We stopped first at Sturgeon Point Lighthouse and climbed all the way to the top of the tower. The view over the rocky isthmus and lake was stunning.
Sturgeon Bay

Our second stop of the day was at the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse.

Old Presque Isle
This 40 foot tower and unattached keeper’s house provide the setting for my novella, Out of the Storm, and first lighthouse book, Love Unexpected. The remote wilderness setting drew me to this tiny lighthouse along with the stories behind some of the women keepers who lived there.
Finally, we made our way to the New Presque Isle Lighthouse which was built further north to replace the old crumbling one. Thankfully both the old and new structures have survived the passing of time and the harsh weather and now remain testaments to their once important role in saving lives.
New Presque Isle
After my research trip, I began to understand the appeal lighthouses have. Not only are they beautiful and picturesque, but they bring back a sense of nostalgia, poignancy, and romance that few other historical markers do.

The Attraction to Lighthouses

 They’re rich in historical details and stories. They’re wrought with danger and death. And they’re just plain fun to explore. Climbing the winding staircase, reaching the top, and peering out the tower windows (or in some cases going out onto the gallery) is breathtaking.
The men and women who lived in the lighthouses faced deprivation, isolation, and often great losses. Every time I visit a lighthouse, I gain a deeper appreciation for the people who devoted their lives to serve their country through manning the lights.
This past year, the Christian band, Rend Collective, wrote a song titled, “My Lighthouse” in which they compare God to a lighthouse.
If you have a minute, watch the video on YouTube here. The song has such an awesome message!
Here’s the chorus:
My Lighthouse, my lighthouse?Shining in the darkness, I will follow You?My Lighthouse, my Lighthouse?I will trust the promise, You will carry me safe to shore
The truth is that amidst all the darkness that life brings, God is there. He radiates a sliver of hope, a shining beam that cuts through the darkness and keeps us afloat. Is God your Lighthouse?

As a gift to you

Outo f the Storm

(and to get you excited about lighthouses), I’m offering a FREE copy of my recently released lighthouse e-novella, Out of the Storm. Go to one of these sites to download the FREE e-novella today: Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

Question for YOU: Do you like lighthouses? Have you ever visited one? If so, where and what was it like?

CLUE: We cannot enter

Here is the link to Jody’s site, Stop #7

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Author Miralee Ferrell & Her Daughter’s True Story & Book Giveaway

Miralee and horse

My guest today is author Miralee Ferrell and she has her daughter’s true story to share. BTW, SHE’S OFFERING A COPY OF DREAMING OF DAISIES SO LEAVE A COMMENT TO ENTER THE DRAWING! Here’s Miralee:

“Marnee Ferrell, my nineteen-year-old daughter, had been hired to do a man’s job on a 75,000 acre cattle ranch in dry, rocky, central Oregon. She sat on Ricky, her Morgan gelding, and surveyed the herd of about twenty-five head she must move from the pasture to the ranch house, eight miles away. Very little fazed this horse; not deer, snakes on the road, steep hillsides or cars zipping by. He’d never been around cattle before this job, but Marnee hadn’t hesitated to try him on a new adventure.

Marnee Ferrell


She urged the mixed group of cows and calves toward the wide gate. They were moving nicely when a spotted cow with twisted horns defected from the herd and bolted the opposite direction. Ricky didn’t hesitate. He leaped after the cow as though it were a game.
Marnee pushed Ricky to turn back the cow—the rest of the animals were infected by the same desire to escape. Cows have very little sense, and they plowed through and over the tight, razor-sharp fence. By the time the last one reached the remains of the fence, it had been torn down, with the cattle running up the shale-covered sides of the canyon.

Ricky Bigger2


Ricky was incredibly quick and Marnee was depending on his agility as she bent low over his neck. She needed to get far enough ahead to turn the leaders—the rest would fall in behind. She ran Ricky up and down the  steep canyon walls, jumping brush and sliding on the treacherous loose shale. While coming down one hillside she prayed Ricky wouldn’t misstep. The ground was so steep her stirrups dragged in the dirt, and she held them up to clear the rocks. She hit the bottom of the gully and gained the lead, heading off the offending cow, and the rest followed.

The next mile or two the cattle calmed as they returned through the broken fence and up the road towards home. They followed an old road, fenced on both sides, but someone hadn’t closed a gate. The cow with twisted horns ran at high speed through the opening with the rest on her heels.

Again Marnee and Ricky charged after the herd. They spent another frustrating hour pounding over treacherous ground, avoiding holes and jumping brush, as they brought the cattle back onto the trail. Pushing cattle with no one riding point is tricky, but the ranch was short-handed with only one other experienced rider in another location, so Marnee had no choice.

With growing frustration she pushed her sweat-soaked horse. The cow that caused the trouble was decidedly unhappy. Three times she’d been deterred from returning to her pasture. As Ricky and Marnee took a breather, the fast moving, bawling cow spun, ran, and rammed into Ricky’s chest, knocking him backward. Shaken from the attack, Marnee kept her seat, then dismounted to ascertain Ricky hadn’t been gored. Thankfully, the cow’s horns were turned inward and didn’t do any damage. Ricky calmly moved forward and bent to his task as Marnee again collected the herd.

Both horse and rider were covered in dust, sweat and scratches from the rugged terrain they’d covered that five-hour day, but satisfaction poured through Marnee as she and Ricky arrived at their destination.

Marnee is like Leah Carlson, my heroine in Dreaming on Daisies—a young woman who is running a ranch almost single-handedly—with a tenacious strength and determination to win out over very high odds. She’s forced to succeed or lose the ranch, due to her father’s heavy drinking—but she’s constantly slammed with numerous trials that send her emotions reeling. But like Marnee, Leah never gives up—she’s a strong woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to work for it. “–Miralee


To purchase, click here. Dreaming on Daisies: A Novel (Love Blossoms in Oregon Series Book 3)

Dreaming on Daisies—Just Released—Part of the Love Blossoms in Oregon Series
When her father’s debts, brought on my heavy drinking, threaten Leah Carlson’s family ranch, she fights to save it. When handsome banker Steven Harding must decline her loan request, he determines to do what he can to help. Just as he arrives to serve as a much-needed ranch hand, Leah’s family secrets—and the pain of her past—come to a head. They could destroy everything she’s fought for. And they could keep her from ever opening her heart again.

This is historical romance that offers hope and healing to the deepest wounds in a woman’s past.

Miralee Ferrell is a multi-published, award-winning author of 11 books. She lives in the Pacific NW with her husband of 42 years, where they enjoy working in their yard and garden, riding horses and playing with their dogs. Two of Miralee’s books in the Love Blossoms in Oregon series are currently on sale—with Forget Me Not (Love Blossoms in Oregon Series)
offered 99 cents on all ebook formats until Oct. 14.

So what did you think of that true story??? Miralee must be very proud of her daughter.

QUESTION: Has your daughter or other family member ever done something you were proud of?–Lyn

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