New Book this Month

Winter Homecoming

Two wounded hearts, a little boy,

and a snowy northwoods winter


My newest ebook, Winter Homecoming, is the second in my Northwoods Past series.

I wrote this book after reading the true story of Dr Kate Newcomb, called the Angel in Snowshoes. Dr. Kate was one of those pioneering women in the early 20th century who defied convention and wealthy parents to become–of all things–a doctor. When her husband became ill, they moved to the wilderness of the northwoods for his health. She became a mover and shaker there and actually did snowshoe to patients.That’s her pickture below. For more info, drop by  www.drkatemuseum.org/


Dr Kate

Here’s the blurb:
Catching a freight train out of Chicago is no way to spend Christmas Day.
But Will Gustafson has run out of options. The Depression has cost him everything–his classy wife, executive job  and high society life. Now he’s heading home to the northwoods of Wisconsin to face the “I told you so’s” he deserves. On the freight train a homeless little boy attaches himself to Will like a lost puppy. Who is the boy and why is he alone?
On the day after Christmas in her Model T, Cass Newton picks up Will and the boy and takes them home with her. Is she crazy? But a new widow, she needs a handyman to help her weather the winter in her isolated cabin. She’s concealed her “delicate” condition from everyone but can’t deceive Will.

A baby is coming and Will wonders how he’ll handle this–when his lady boss refuses to see a doctor. Why not for heaven’s sake? He fights his growing attraction to this good but stubborn woman–so unlike the wife who divorced him. The three of them become an unlikely “family.” Yet what will happen when the snow melts and all their secrets are revealed?

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