Author Jean C Gordon & One Day at a Time-

Jean C Gordon

Author Jean C Gordon is my guest today. Her heroine in The Bachelor’s Sweetheart is a unique heroine. Jean is offering a copy of her this newest book but you’ll have to wait till it’s released August 1st. Watch for the QUESTION below. Here’s Jean:

One Day at a Time

Tessa Hamilton treasures the security Schroon Lake in the Adirondack Mountains and her grandparents who live there have given her. The only child of dedicated missionaries in Africa, Tessa had an almost nomadic childhood. The contrasting serenity Schroon Lake provided, along with the unconditional love of her grandparents and her faith gave her the support she needed to overcome an alcohol addiction she developed in college. She’d tried too hard—and in all the wrong ways— fit in with other students who came from traditional backgrounds.

An Unintentional Secret

After she completed rehab, Tessa moved in with her grandmother in Schroon Lake to run the family movie theater her grandfather had left. She never intended to keep the fact that she’s a recovering alcoholic secret. It just worked that way. The new friends she made at the singles group at Hazardtown Community Church didn’t find her abstinence from alcohol strange because they don’t drink either. But she does attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in neighboring towns, rather than in Schroon Lake. And she knows her being a recovering alcoholic could affect her buddy status with Josh Donnelly, who grew up with an alcoholic father who was essentially the town drunk, and the partnership Tessa and Josh have formed to renovate the theater.

The Reckoning

When Josh’s long-missing father returns to town, now a year into recovery, Tessa knows she has to come clean with Josh and risk losing not only her best friend, but also their blossoming romance. She also believes that to have any future together, even just as the best friends they are, Josh has to hear his father’s amends. He also has to accept that she’s an alcoholic, the same as his father is, and that his father isn’t going to “ruin” her as he ruined so many things for Josh and his brothers when they were growing up. Josh has to see that she has the same potential to tempt his father’s sobriety as his father has to tempt hers and to “ruin” things Josh cares about.

This book was the hardest I’ve written and, ultimately, the most rewarding to me. I’ve experienced firsthand with my youngest brother the toll alcoholism, any addiction, takes on family and friends. The book is dedicated to his memory.”–Jean

The Bachelor's Sweetheart

To purchase, click here.

Here’s the QUESTION to be entered into a drawing for a copy of Jean’s book in August. How does a person overcome prejudice OR not let the past ruin the present?–Lyn

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Twitter: @jeancgordon

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PS. Last week’s winner of a digital or audio copy of Renee Ryan’s JOURNEY’S END are Connie Saunders
 and Diana Holvik. Congrats!

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Becky Wade’s Porter Prize Pack and $100 Cash Card Giveaway

Her One and Only Becky Wade
Meet Dru Porter, former Marine, expert markswoman, and black belt—who also happens to be assigned as a bodyguard to star NFL tight end Gray Fowler. Don’t miss the final Porter family novel by Becky Wade, Her One and Only. Gray starts receiving death threats from a stalker, and Dru is determined to find his stalker. Every secret that leads Dru closer to the stalker also draws her closer to Gray. As the danger escalates, they’ll survive only if they can learn to trust their lives—and their hearts—to one another.

Join Becky in celebrating the release of Her One and Only by entering to win her Porter prize pack and $100 cash card giveaway!

her one and only - 400

One grand prize winner will receive:


    • A copy of Her One and Only


  • A $100 cash card



  • Follow Your Heart tote bag



  • 24 oz Tervis Wonder Woman Tumbler



  • The Blind Side DVD



  • Necklace with star charm



  • Porter Family navy jersey



her one and only - prize collage

Enter today by clicking the icon or ENTER LINK below. But hurry! The giveaway ends on May 31st. The winner will be announced June 1st on the Litfuse blog.

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Author Teresa Morgan & Food for Angels


My guest today is author Teresa Morgan. Here’s a bit about her:

Now empty nesters, Teresa Morgan and her husband live in Washington State. They have two adult children and one granddaughter. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and is an craft addict.

Teresa shares a recipe

Food for Angels


1 cup butter (do not substitute)

3 cups powdered sugar

2 tsp vanilla

4 eggs

2 boxes of vanilla wafers

1 pint whipping cream or 2 containers of Cool Whip, partially thawed

2 cups crushed, well-drained pineapple

Cream together then set aside:

1 cup butter (do not substitute)

3 cups powdered sugar

2 tsp vanilla

4 eggs

Crush the two boxes of vanilla wafers into fine crumbs and press one half of them into the bottom of 9” x 12” pan. Spread sugar mixture over the crumbs. In a chilled bowl, whip the cream. Or, if using Cool Whip, soften and spread over sugar mixture. Next, spoon or sprinkle 2 cups of pineapple over top. Cover with remaining crumbs.

Cover pan with foil and chill for 24 hours. It’s rich, so it serves 12+

That sounds yummy. I’ll give it a try. Now here’s  Teresa’s latest book, No Greater Gift.

No Greater Gift


Grace Ryan works to untangle clues left by her late grandparents—clues involving a WWII conspiracy that could tear her family apart.

History professor Grace Ryan returns to her hometown expecting to help her grandmother turn her journals and memories of WWII into memoirs. She arrives to find her grandmother being loaded into an ambulance. When she begs Grace to find the truth about a decades-old crime, whispers the word treason, then slips away forever, Grace is left to separate fact from fiction. Then, an unwelcome inheritance strikes at her already fragile family bond. Though God’s voice seems silent, He sends someone to stand in the gap for her.

Erik Petersson, unjustly accused of infidelity, suffered through an unwanted divorce and the loss of his children’s love due to his former wife’s bitterness. A physicist on sabbatical, he agrees to help Grace dig through her late grandfather’s scientific papers. As he struggles to win back his children’s love, he and Grace are catapulted into a quagmire of truth and lies that could destroy any chance at a future love or happiness.

For more online:

Teresa Morgan Mountain Brook Ink

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Author Renee Ryan & a New Adventure into Fiction


Renee Ryan

Today my guest is author Renee Ryan who is sharing her new adventure into fiction. Renee has written for Love Inspired Hsitoricals and now is writing for the Waterfall, the Christian imprint of Amazon. Renee is offering one digital copy and one audio copy of her first Waterfall release: Journey’s End. So be sure to look for the QUESTION and leave a comment to enter the drawing. There will be 2 winners. Here’s Renee:

Thank you, Lyn, for inviting me to stop by today. I always enjoy chatting about my latest release. With that said, JOURNEY’S END is a bit of departure for me. It’s my first book with my new publisher, Amazon’s Waterfall Press. The story is set in 1901 New York City and features a strong, street-tough heroine, Caroline St. James. Caroline grew up on the dangerous East End of London. As such, she learned to do whatever necessary to survive at a very early age.

death bed revelation

When Caroline’s mother is on her death bed, she tells Caroline about her wealthy grandfather living in New York City. Richard St. James has refused her mother’s pleas for help through the years. Thus, Caroline decides the old man needs to pay for the abandonment of his only daughter. She journeys to America solely to ruin the man whose refusal to help his own flesh and blood resulted in her painful, premature death.


Caroline is both physically and mentally strong. Weakness of any kind equals death in her world. She is making this journey to America for one reason and one reason only—to seek justice for her tragic mother. Or so she tells herself. But when she arrives in New York City, and puts her plan into motion, she quickly discovers that what she really wants is revenge.

questions herself

This insight into her character leads her to question the woman she is, at the core. She must come to grips with her personal motives and then live with what she discovers. Is she a woman of faith, who believes the Lord when he says Vengeance is Mine? Or is she a woman who believes the end justifies the means? As her journey progresses, she learns to embrace forgiveness and ultimately leaves judgment to God. It’s not an easy journey, and she is tested throughout the story, especially by the hero, an upright man who’s never taken a misstep and stands beside her when her true motives are revealed.”–Renee

Journeys End

To purchase, click here.

Book Blurb

Having grown up on the mean streets of nineteenth-century London, Caroline St. James is used to fighting to survive.

So when her beloved mother—abandoned and ignored by her wealthy family—suddenly dies, the scrappy twenty-two-year-old devises a plan to right this terrible wrong. With nothing to lose, she sails to New York to find the man who turned a cold shoulder to her mother’s suffering: Caroline’s grandfather. To settle the family score, Caroline infiltrates her grandfather’s privileged world, hoping to sabotage his business from the inside.

But as she sets her plot in motion, she meets Jackson Montgomery, a virtuous man who is struggling to recover from a family scandal of his own. As their friendship grows, and Caroline begins to piece together the motives that led her family to turn its back, she is forced to make a decision: Should she risk everything in the name of justice? Or can she look toward the future and let love and forgiveness guide her instead?

I am intrigued by the difference between revenge and justice. QUESTION: What’s the difference? Is one right and one wrong? Why or why not? Leave a comment and be entered into the drawing for either the digital or audio copy of Journey’s End.–Lyn

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PS- Last week’s winners are Ann H Gabhart’s cozy mystery goes to
Kathleen Friesen
Michelle Karl’s winner is
Carla Lake

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Author Ann H Gabhart & Her New Cozy Mystery

Ann Gabhart

My guest today has been here before sharing about her wonderful Shaker novels. Now Ann H Gabhart is writing a cozy mystery series! And you know how I love them. Ann is also offering a giveaway of her book to one commenter. So watch for the QUESTION below. Here’s Ann:

Meet Malinda and Michael Keane from Hidden Springs   

My name is Malinda Keane, and while I am not the deputy sheriff of Keane County, I am his aunt and the protector of not only him but of our town, Hidden Springs. Michael would tell you he doesn’t need my protection and I suppose he would be right. At least now. But there was a time when he did.

life-changing event

You see when he was fifteen, he was gravely injured in an automobile accident that killed his parents. For weeks, he was in a coma, and the doctors gave little hope for his recovery. He thinks he survived because I moved into his hospital room and refused to let him go without a fight. I did pray for a miracle morning and night and every waking moment in between, but I wasn’t the one who brought him back to life. That was the Lord. He still had things for Michael to do in this world and for that, I was grateful. I am grateful. Great is Thy faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23 helped me look each morning for new blessings from the Lord.

no coddling

Michael had a slow recovery and I was there with him every step of the way. But you can be sure I didn’t coddle him. Young people do not need to be coddled. Since I have been teaching algebra to high school students for more years than I like to admit, I know a thing or two about what makes a young person strong. It is not making his or her path continually easy. A child needs to be challenged. They need to overcome difficulties on their own. Life is not always easy. It certainly wasn’t for Michael, but each new challenge he faced and overcame made him stronger.

not my choice for his career

I’m so glad Michael is back in Hidden Springs. I can’t say I’m pleased that he decided on a career in law enforcement. I would naturally prefer he had chosen a profession that did not necessitate him carrying a gun. But he made that choice and he feels strongly about keeping the peace in Hidden Springs and Keane County.

strength and living

He claims he gets his strength of character from me, and perhaps he does. At least in part. I never married but I do have a son. Given to me through the tragedy of the death of my brother and his wife. That’s how life can be. Sorrowful things happen. Terrible events occur. People die. But then, those who are left behind pick up the pieces and go on living.

a choice

What other choice do we have? And sometimes in the process of continuing on, the Lord blesses us with joy and love and purpose. I know the Lord saved Michael for a reason, for some special purpose, and someday he will reveal that purpose to him. Until then I suppose Michael will continue to keep the peace in Hidden Springs and I will continue to pray for his safety.”–Ann

Murder Comes Mail

To purchase, click here.
Deputy Sheriff Michael Keane doesn’t particularly enjoy being touted as the hero of Hidden Springs after pulling a suicidal man back from the edge of the Eagle River bridge in front of dozens of witnesses—a few of whom caught the breathtaking moments with their cameras. But the media hype doesn’t last long as a new story takes over the headlines after photos of a dead girl arrive in the mail. Michael feels like anything but a hero when he becomes convinced the girl was murdered by the man he saved. With a killer one step ahead, things in Hidden Springs begin to unravel. Now Michael must protect the people he loves—because the killer could be targeting one of them next.
Thanks, Ann. I look forward to reading this series. Sounds like a winner. Now for the giveaway drawing QUESTION: Has hardship or loss made you stronger? Yes or no?–Lyn
For More Online:
Twitter: @AnnHGabhart
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Author Jill Lynn & Her Texas Heroine

Jill Lynn

My guest today is Love Inspired author Jill Lynn. She’s a relatively new author and I think her newest book sounds realy interesting. She’s offering to giveaway one copy to a commenter so don’t miss the QUESTION below. So here’s Jill Lynn telling his about her Texas heroine:

craves adventure

Lucy Grayson is young, full of life, and craves adventure. Moving to the small Texas town her sister lives in seems like a great choice. But once there, she meets Graham Redmond and his daughter. She takes a vested interest in Graham’s daughter and all of their lives are affected.

loves freely

Lucy loves freely and without caution. At first, she is careful of being hurt, though she doesn’t even realize she’s protecting herself. She loves big—as long as things don’t get serious. In so many romances, one of the characters doesn’t want to love because they’ve been hurt. Although this is true for her, she’s oblivious to it. Lucy simply thinks she’s not a serious person and therefore won’t pursue a serious relationship.

quirky and fun

Lucy is quirky and fun. There’s never a dull day when she’s around. But even more than that, she loves to invest in others. Graham’s daughter Mattie is shy and quiet, but Lucy pours into her and makes such a difference in her life. While she’s hoping to help Mattie, the same happens for her. Her life is better because of the little girl’s influence.

not good enough?

Lucy has many strengths, but she begins to doubt them as the story progresses. When she’s deemed “not good enough,” she struggles against those lies. She strives to believe what God says about her and to trust in his plan—not her own strength. Trying to do everything herself is definitely a downfall of hers. (I have no idea where she gets that quality from.)

chooses to love big

Willing to change, Lucy begins to open up and continues to love on the people in her life. Even when she believes she won’t get the happy ever after she wants, she chooses to love big. It’s one of my favorite things about her.

I hope you enjoy Her Texas Family as much as I enjoyed writing it.”–Jill

Her Texas Family


Her Texas Family: Falling for the Single Dad 

Moving to a small Texas town, Lucy Grayson is looking to live life on her own terms. When she agrees to take a job in Doctor Graham Redmond’s office, the two instantly clash. The same can’t be said for the widower’s daughter. They quickly form a bond when Lucy begins teaching the little girl to dance.

Graham soon realizes how good Lucy is for his daughter—and for him. Yet his late wife’s parents don’t agree. Their ultimatum to choose between them or Lucy fills Graham with despair. He can’t let his daughter lose her grandparents…but he also can’t lose the woman who could complete their family.

Her Texas Family is in stores now and available online.



Barnes & Noble:

Jill Lynn Buteyn is a co-author of Just Show Up with Kara Tippetts, and the author of Falling for Texas and Her Texas Family (as Jill Lynn). A recipient of the ACFW Genesis award for her fiction work, she has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Bethel University. Jill lives near the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her husband and two children. Connect with her on Facebook:, Twitter:, Instagram:, Pinterest:, and at

Thanks for being my guest, Jill. I love a quirky heroine.To be entered into the drawing, here’s the QUESTION: Do you enjoy one too?–Lyn

PS-The winner of Michelle Karl’s book is Diane Silk! Congrsts!

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Lyn Reviews Becky Wade’s Her One and Only

Her One and Only (Porter Family, #4)Her One and Only by Becky Wade
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the fourth Becky Wade romance I’ve read. LOVED IT!!

I think what is most compelling about this romance and the others is the VERY REAL TRUE-TO-LIFE characters and such INTERESTING CHARACTERS.

This is the story of Dru, the youngest Porter child, the only daughter, much younger than her amazing older three brothers. Dru has spent her life trying to catch up and beat her brothers. This took her into reckless challenges, including the Marines and now finds her working as a protection agent to a football star, Gray Fowler.

Gray Fowler is a nice guy–he works at being a nice guy and a top notch football player. He keeps everything light and easy with everyone–his teammates and girlfriends. But for some reason Dru Porter gets to him.

At first he teases her–a woman bodyguard–and tries to make light of the situation that he’s being stalked and threatened with death notes, but soon it becomes all too real. And Dru must fight her attraction as she tries to protect the man she’s beginning to fall in love with.

Because it is a romance, of course, love wins the day, but what a story!

I know Becky slightly and I received a copy of her book to review, but I only do honest reviews. I love Becky’s books!

If you’re interested, here are my reviews of the first 3 books in the Porter Family series.

Undeniably Yours
Meant to be Mine
A Love Like Ours

Do yourself a favor and get one of these great romances!

To purchase, click cover.

View all my reviews

For more info, click here

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Author Michelle Karl & Latte, Anyone?


michelle karl

My guest today is new to me, author Michelle Karl, but she has a really interesting recipe for you! She is also offering a giveaway for US & Canadian readers, one signed copy of the book. Be sure to answer the QUESTION BELOW. Here’s Michelle:

Hi, everyone! My thanks to Lyn for hosting me on her blog today—I’m happy to be here talking about busy lives, staying nourished on the run, and about my hero and heroine in my latest release, UNKNOWN ENEMY.

Between family, friends, work, and other tasks, it can become difficult to remember to eat right—to nourish the body rather than simply shove the closest “food” into our mouths just to get enough energy to make it to the next thing on our list! When I was attending university *cough*mumble* years ago, I had such a hard time starting the day off right with a healthy breakfast.

My main character, Ginny Anderson, undoubtedly struggles with the same thing. She’s working hard on progressing her career at Gwyn Ponth College, which requires steady and intense focus, a lot of energy, and little time to eat well (or remember to eat at all!).

A few years ago, I discovered what I think is the perfect breakfast option for those on-the-run days—whether you’re on the run from a bad guy or just trying to get the kids to school on time—from the site Elana’s Pantry (

chai latte ingredients

It’s a protein-rich, dairy-free Chai “Latte”, and you can read the full recipe right here: Elana’s Pantry Chai Latte ( As long as you have a blender & a travel mug on hand, it should take no more than 2-3 minutes to throw together!

The chai latte contains some key energy-giving ingredients for a long, busy day:

  • Protein: Two raw eggs (if you’re concerned about consuming raw eggs, you can substitute a protein powder, but you do add boiling water to the mixture)
  • Healthy fats: Coconut oil
  • Antioxidants: Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves

I also find that the warming spices in this recipe help to soothe anxiety and bring a sense of calmness during a busy morning. The recipe calls for all these ingredients to be blended together with a bit of water and your choice of sweetener. I love using dates because of their rich, natural sweetness, but you may prefer stevia or another nourishing ingredient like coconut sugar or maple syrup.

This “latte” is so quick to throw together and even froths up like a real latte once blended. I like to pour it into a travel mug and sip throughout the morning on my travels. You could also change up the spices for the season—pumpkin spice in autumn, anyone?

Just blend and drink—and enjoy the boost of energy from a delicious, healthy breakfast while you’re on the go! I’d like to think Ginny, my main character, would love it. –Michelle

For More Online:



Twitter: @_MichelleKarl_

Unknown Enemy

To purchase, click here

Book Blurb:


For professor Ginny Anderson, translating a set of ancient tablets could be the coup of her career—or more danger than she can handle. Someone doesn’t want the secrets of the artifacts to be revealed…and they’ll kill to bury her discoveries. But former Secret Service agent Colin Tapping refuses to let anybody hurt Ginny and appoints himself as her protector—whether she wants one or not. Colin has made mistakes in the past, and keeping Ginny safe could be just what he needs to prove he’s still a capable agent and win back his job. But is he willing to risk paying the ultimate price to reclaim his former life?

Thanks for that recipe, Michelle. I don’t know if I’ll try it. My dh makes me breakfast each morning. So QUESTION, readers, what to you like to eat for breakfast? Or do you pass on “the more important meal of the day?”-Lyn

PS: The winner of Erica Vetsch’s book from last week is: Bree Herron, Congrats!

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Author Erica Vetsch & Norwegian Recipe


Erica Vetscht

My guest today is author Erica Vetsch, a very fun person and good author. Erica is offering an ecopy of her book His Prairie Sweetheart or print copy (US Only). So don’t miss the QUESTION below. Here’s Erica:

Hi, Lyn!  Thank you so much for hosting me here at your online home!

And hi to Lyn’s readers! My name is Erica Vetsch, and here is

my author bio:

Erica Vetsch is a transplanted Kansan now residing in Minnesota. She loves history and romance, and is blessed to be able to combine the two by writing historical romances. Whenever she’s not immersed in fictional worlds, she’s the company bookkeeper for the family lumber business, mother of two, wife to a man who is her total opposite and soul-mate, and avid museum patron.

But like every author, there’s so much more to me than a few lines in a bio! I love to quilt and cross-stitch, and sew baby garments for a local charity, and crochet, especially baby blankets. I read every night before I go to bed, and I LOVE watching TV, especially police procedurals like NCIS and Castle and Elementary.

I’m thrilled that my first Love Inspired Historical

is releasing in May. I was awarded a contract through Love Inspired’s Blurb2Book contest held in 2015. The contest was held in three stages, first a 100 word story blurb, then a synopsis and sample chapters, and finally a complete manuscript. At each stage, the editors narrowed their choices, and finally, out of more than 300 entries, seven were awarded contracts. You can believe there was some serious squee-ing and happy dancing when I got the call from my agent that His Prairie Sweetheart was chosen!

His Prairie Sweetheart

To purchase, click here.

Here’s a bit about the story:

After being jilted at the altar, Southern belle Savannah Cox seeks a fresh start out West and accepts a teaching position in Minnesota. But between her students’ lack of English, the rough surroundings and sheriff Elias Parker’s doubts and distrust, Savannah’s unprepared for both the job and the climate. However, she’s determined to prove she can handle anything her new town throws her way.

Elias gives it a week—or less—before the pretty schoolteacher packs her dainty dresses and hightails it back home. But no matter how many mishaps he has to rescue her from, Savannah doesn’t give up. Yet the real test is to come—a brutal blizzard that could finally drive her away, taking his heart with her…

Norwegian Americans

One of the fun things about writing this book was getting to delve into the rich and amazing history of Norwegian Americans in Minnesota…not only the clothing, the language, and the customs, but also the FOOD! I have developed quite a fondness for lefse, a Norwegian potato pancake/crepe. In order to prepare lefse properly, you need some specialized tools, like a corrugated rolling pin, a lefse turning stick, and a lefse griddle, but if you don’t have these things, then you can do what I do, which is to buy lefse at the grocery store or enjoy it when one of the church ladies makes it and brings it to share!

In my story, my heroine enjoys lefse very much, and I thought you might like to see what goes into making it.

Norwegian Lefse Recipe


10 Lbs. Russet Potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks
1 Lb. Unsalted Sweetcream Butter (room temperature)
2 1/2 Cups All-Purpose Flour


Boil Potatoes until tender. Rice the cooked potatoes into a large bowl, cover, and refrigerate overnight. Allow potatoes to come up to room temperature, then using half the potatoes at a time, add  half the flour, half the butter cut into chunks, and half the salt, kneading until everything is well mixed. The dough should form a ball without sticking to your hands or cracking when pressed. Add more flour or butter if needed to get the proper consistency, and be sure to taste as you go. Lefse should taste like potatoes, not flour! Form the finished potato mixture into golf-ball sized pieces. Rub flour into a pastry cloth, making sure you have enough so that the lefse won’t stick, but not so much that excess flour sticks to your lefse.

Roll out your lefse to 1/8 inch thick. Cook the lefse on the griddle until bubbles form and both sides are browned, then place the hot lefse on a damp towel to cool, covering with another damp towel until ready to serve. I love warm lefse with just butter, but traditionally, they are spread with butter and sugar and rolled up, or used as a flatbread to eat lutefisk…which is a whole other Norwegian culinary experience!–Erica

For more online:


Facebook Author Page:

So glad to have you for a guest, Erica. And her’s the  QUESTION to answer to be entered into the drawing for an e or print copy. Have you ever tried lefse? Or does your family have an ethnic or regional specialty that you love?–Lyn

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Author Julianna Deering & A Trifle Recipe

DeAnna Dodson-Julianna Deering

My guest today is author DeAnna Dodson AKA Julianna Deering. You know I love a cozy mystery and she has a new one out. And I persuaded her to share a somewhat different recipe with us, a trifle. Here’s Julianna:


Quick English Trifle


2 round layers of white cake, baked and cooled (8 or 9 inch)

1/4 cup white sugar

2 pints fresh strawberries

1 pint fresh blueberries

2 bananas

1/4 cup orange juice

2 cups milk

1 package instant vanilla pudding mix (3.5 ounce)

1 cup heavy whipping cream

12 maraschino cherries

1/4 cup blanched slivered almonds

Add milk to pudding mix with milk and mix. Cut the cake into 1 inch cubes. Sprinkle sliced strawberries with sugar. Cut the bananas into slices and pour orange juice over them.

Line the bottom of a large glass bowl with half of the cake cubes. Layer half of the strawberries, half of the blueberries, and then half of the bananas on top of the cake. Top with half of the pudding. Repeat the layers in the same order.

Whip the cream to stiff peaks and spread on top. Add cherries and almonds on top.

Sounds delicious. Now here’s the scoop on DeAnna’s latest cozy.

Dressed for Death

Julianna’s heroine Madeline Parker (now Farthering) was eager to try genuine English trifle when she came to visit Hampshire in Book One, Rules of Murder, so Drew obligingly took her to visit the local tea room. She has had a fondness for the treat ever since. Of course, this is a somewhat modern (and easy!) version for people like me who don’t cook for the sake of the public welfare.

I’m sure if it had been available in the 1930s, Madeline would have been thrilled. But since Farthering Place has a full-time cook, Madeline doesn’t have to cook unless she just feels like it. She claims to be a worse cook than I am, but we’ll see about that.”–Julianna/DeAnna

Also, writing as Julianna Deering, The Drew Farthering Mysteries:
Rules of Murder, Death by the Book and Murder at the Mikado (now available)
and Dressed for Death (March, 2016) from Bethany House

Sign up for Drew’s News

Thanks for the recipe, DeAnna, and sharing about your latest cozy mystery. I love a British mystery and the historical setting adds so much!–Lyn

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