Lyn Asks the July Question and Also What about “Harry?”

(The view from my front porch–happy summer!)

My July question is: (NOTE: I discuss “Harry” toward the end.)

Have you come to any new realizations or truths over the past months, such as what is really important in life?

Or how can I make life better for myself and those around me?

I’m going to give that some thought myself. I think it’s a good question to ask from time to time. And now’s the time!


I’m writing a holiday novella, titled BENEATH NORTHERN LIGHTS, I’ve named my hero Harry. One  of my critique partners objects and says it’s an old man name. My Harry is third in the line of Harry’s so it’s a family name.

So my second question is: Should I stick with Harry or change his name and if so, what? Remember I’ll be giving away ebooks to a few commenters.

And don’t forget, I’ve been writing hard and here’s my latest book.



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Journey to Peace

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Want to Win a Gift Card? Great Summer Reads?


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Lyn Reviews Charlotte MacLeod’s Something the Cat Dragged In

Something the Cat Dragged In (The Peter Shandy Mysteries)Something the Cat Dragged In by Charlotte MacLeod
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love Professor Shandy and the Balaclava Agricultural College characters. Ottermole, President Svenson, Harry Goulson and so many more. This story begins with, of course, Edmund, the cat who brings in something to Mrs. Lomax (Professor Shandy’s cleaning lady). She thinks at first it’s a mouse but it’s really retired Professor Ungley’s toupee. This professor sadly will not need it any more. Charlotte MacLeod combines humor and murder once again in this intricate tale of political hijinx. Ms. MacLeod has gone to her reward but left behind a legacy of humor that still delights. (Warning: a few swear words included but mild by today’s standards–I just read them as blankety-blank. ‘-)

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Lyn Asks the June Question

Every month I ask a question because I want to know what readers are thinking. So what’s my question for June, you may ask? Here it is:

Do you always finish a book whether you’re enjoying it or not? Or do you put it away? Or throw it against the wall? ‘-)What kinds of thing causes you to stop reading or dislike what you’re reading?

This should be very interesting to me as an author! I try to write books that stick to your fingers, meaning you find it hard to put them down. I like to write books that call to you when you do put them down. So think over the question and let me know your thoughts!  BTW, I guarantee that the majority of my readers will be not be able to put my latest book down. Why not look at it and see what you think.

Thanks, Lyn


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Bitter Autumn

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Lyn Reviews Hannah Schrock’s The Amish Cradle in Honor of Mother’s Day

The Amish CradleThe Amish Cradle by Hannah Schrock
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m not a big fan of Amish fiction but I do occasionally sample one that’s a bit different. The style of this story reminded me of a storyteller sitting down by the fire and telling the story of the life of one Amish Cradle. At first I didn’t know if I’d continue the story or not. But the main character engaged my sympathy and attention and I read on. The story of a cradle made for one baby but used in successive families was very touching. And each family had a deeply moving story. So yes, I do recommend The Amish Cradle. Not just to fans of Amish stories but to anyone who enjoys a moving story of real life not just amid the Amish.–Lyn

PS: If you subscribe to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, this is free. If not, it’s 99cents—A BARGAIN!

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Lyn Asks for Help Choosing a Cover Model or 2

My new historical novel JOURNEY TO PEACE will come out in June and I need help choosing a cover model. Here are the three choices. Please choose one and tell me why he catches your attention and causes you to want to read his story.




Did you notice a difference? This is the first time I’m using a male model for one of my books. The story is about twin brothers, Johnny and Callum McKuen. If you’ve read JOURNEY TO RESPECT, you’ve met Johnny. So what do they look like?

And believe it or not, I’m also trying to choose a model for the 3rd book in my new Northern Shore Intrigue series, FATAL WINTER. As you could guess from the title,  someone dies in this romantic suspense title. Here are three choices for my cover model. Which one entices you to want to know her story?







As usual, a few commenters will receive free ebooks. THANKS–Lyn

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Hope you are all safe and well

My husband and I are safe at home in Wisconsin. And I hope you are keeping safe too. I came across this series of videos focusing on prayer during the week preparing for Good Friday and Easter. I hope they will lift your spirit in this time of stress–God bless you and your loved ones and our nation.–Lyn


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Lyn Asks the April Question

Here is the April Quesion: Are you a pinch cook? Or a recipe cook? Or a little of both? Or a non-cook? ‘-) I define a pinch cook as a cook who walks into the kitchen examines the ingredients in her pantry and fridge and comes up with a meal that she creates, kind of like a ‘play by ear’ musician. Or do you only like to cook from recipes that you carefully select from favorite cookbooks, family favorites or food show? Or both? Or not at all? I really want to know. And I do have a reason that has something to do with writing fiction for asking this! ‘-) Lyn

PS-As usual all commenters will be entered into a drawing for a free ebook.

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Enjoy Sweet Contemporary Romance?

Enjoy Sweet Contemporary Romance? Then this group promotion is for you! You have a chance to win a NOOK ereader and 20+ sweet contemporary romances! You can see that my book, ONLY HER HEART, is included. Why not click here to enter.


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Lyn Reviews Martin Davies’ Mrs. Hudson and the Lazarus Testament

Mrs Hudson and the Lazarus Testament (A Sherlock Holmes & Mrs Hudson Mystery #3)Mrs Hudson and the Lazarus Testament by Martin Davies
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WELL WRITTEN and with the authentic voice of a Sherlock Holmes mystery. (Not the original which I have read but with the flavor of all the PBS TV movie versions). The idea of Mrs. Hudson being as clever as Holmes but with a different milieu of contacts is clever. And very believable. She’s a great housekeeper and astute observer. The story of the existence of a testament written by Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead is intriguing in itself. Most of us are curious about the next life which may be more “real” than this one. And one can’t overlook Flotsam or “Flotty,” Mrs. Hudson’s young assistant, who has the uncanny knack of catching hints and clues. Both females compliment Holmes and Watson. This was a great read! I highly recommend it to Holmes devotees and anyone who enjoys a 19th century British mystery. YES!

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