Where Do You Buy Your Print Books?


Unexpected DestinationsWeeks ago I asked the question: Do you prefer print or ebooks. I received many replies to my newsletter and a few here. If you’d like to read them or add one, here’s the link to that blog. And here’s my reply to those who responded.

I appreciate your responses. But I need to let you in on why ebooks are so plentiful and print books are less available. In 2007 Amazon released the first Kindle. And not long after that happened, the Borders and Waldenbook stores that had been in nearly every mall in the US folded. Take a moment and think about how that impacted publishers and authors. They lost HUGE amounts of selling space. Since then, Barnes & Noble has been near bankruptcy and has shut many stores and has reduced the bookshelf space in favor of toys, etc. Walmart is another major bookstore and it has also begun to reduce the space it holds for book sales. So authors and publishers have moved to ebooks which don’t take up physical shelf space in a store. I don’t expect this trend to change. Market forces are at work. So now you know–the rest of the story.

My November Question is related to my reply to the opinions. 

If you prefer print, would you buy print books through amazon.com? You see it would cost me about double to upload my books in print form onto Amazon.com. I need to know if it would be worth it. After all, I want my readers to read my books in the form they prefer, but I’m also living on my writing income. You see my dilemma. So what’s your reply?–Lyn

PS-The book above is one that I have published in both ebook and print. For more info, click here.

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Lyn Reviews Samantha Price’s Amish Scarecrow Murders

Amish Scarecrow Murders: Cozy Mystery (Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries Book 20)Amish Scarecrow Murders: Cozy Mystery by Samantha Price
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first Smantha Price book. I bought it because the title intrigued me. I liked the characters and the story line kept me interested. A series of murders from the past–is someone mimicking them OR has the original murderer started again? I thought the idea of two elderly sister slueths was good but I wish the sisters’ dialogue had been more character-driven. I couldn’t tell the two sisters’ dialogue apart just by hearing it. That’s my only reservation. A solid intriguing mystery.

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For more info, click cover.


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A baby girl’s future hangs in the balance~when Cash’s only sister leaves guardianship to her best friend instead of him. Unwilling to take the matter to court, Cash and Jane face the situation. Jane lives in a small northwoods town while Cash owns a Chicago multi-million dollar construction company. Share custody of a toddler–how?

Much to Jane’s dismay, Cash finds a way. Jane’s secretly in love with Cash but he only sees her as an obstacle. And after his mother’s abandonment and a failed engagement, he has a heart of stone. Will Jane hold so tightly to the baby that Cash finally loses patience and sues for custody or will Cash open his heart to Jane and all the love she has to give him?

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Lyn Asks the October Question

Out My Window-FallNow what’s next? What’s the October Question? I received this email after my Special Edition September newsletters.

“I don’t want the e books. I want the real books of Lyn Cote. I have trouble finding them…” 

So of course,  my next question- which do you prefer reading print or ebooks? And why? The second part is the most important. And I have a lot to share with you about why print books are getting harder to find. A lot has been happening in the book industry in the last decade or more. I’ll discuss that in my next newsletter, coming out Oct 22. If you haven’t subscribe to my newsletter, why not? Click here to enter my monthly contest and be subscribed to my newsletter.–Lyn

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More Bargain Books–ENDS OCT 5TH!

Over 20 Inspirational authors have joined in a great Christian Romantic Suspense bargain barrage! Don’t miss this. To see what’s included, Click here  

Only Her Heart

BE A FRIEND-Tell a friend!–Lyn



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Another 75% Off–Now Summer’s End!

Summers End

As I’ve said, I rarely discount later books in a series, but here’s one for you! Summer’s End is on sale through the 30th. So Don’t wait! Click here for more info.



These two are also on sale for a limited time. Why not gift one to a good friend? Click here for more info and to see other authors in the same promo. What a deal!–Lyn

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75% Off–Pre-order Ends Soon!

A baby girl’s future hangs in the balance.

A Heart of Stone

A Heart of Stone, Book 4, of my ‘Opposites Attract” series will be released September 20, this Friday! Until that day, it is on pre-order for 75% off. I rarely discount later books in a series, so don’t miss this! Click here for more info.–Lyn

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Why Not Enter to Win $25?



LitRing’s Swipe Right for Books Giveaway celebrates Lromance in all of its sub-genres and niches. And one lucky reader will win a $25 Amazon gift card to help them load up their TBR list with more romance books! Check out LitRing’s romance library and claim your chances to win here 



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My Book Meant for Me Honored!


I just received a notice that my book, MEANT FOR ME, has been recognized by Ezvid Wiki as one of

“10 Perceptive Historical Romance Novels Full Of Period Details.”

Among the others honored are many of my favorite historcial authors. If you’re curious, here’s the link: 


For more info about MEANT FOR ME, CLICK HERE.–Lyn


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Lyn Asks Her September Question

Now for the September question. The photo above is meaningful to me because gladiolas in late summer bring back sweet memories of my mother. Her birthday was the first week of September. We lived at the edge of town with a farm across the road. They grew gladiolas and had a stand on the highway nearby every year. A dollar for a bunch of glads. My brother and I always saved our nickels and dimes and bought her a bouquet for her birthday. Her friends knew this and gave her the large glass vase in the photo to hold this yearly gift. Now do you have something such as gladiolas that bring back memories of a gift given or gift received? Please share.I really enjoyed hearing from my readers–you. As usual I will choose a few to include in my monthly newsletter and gift an ebook to those few. I’d love to hear your stories!–Lyn


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