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Lyn Reviews Martin Davies’ Mrs. Hudson and the Lazarus Testament

Mrs Hudson and the Lazarus Testament (A Sherlock Holmes & Mrs Hudson Mystery #3)Mrs Hudson and the Lazarus Testament by Martin Davies
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WELL WRITTEN and with the authentic voice of a Sherlock Holmes mystery. (Not the original which I have read but with the flavor of all the PBS TV movie versions). The idea of Mrs. Hudson being as clever as Holmes but with a different milieu of contacts is clever. And very believable. She’s a great housekeeper and astute observer. The story of the existence of a testament written by Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead is intriguing in itself. Most of us are curious about the next life which may be more “real” than this one. And one can’t overlook Flotsam or “Flotty,” Mrs. Hudson’s young assistant, who has the uncanny knack of catching hints and clues. Both females compliment Holmes and Watson. This was a great read! I highly recommend it to Holmes devotees and anyone who enjoys a 19th century British mystery. YES!

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Lyn Asks Why Do You Like Where You Live?

Here’s February’s question: What do you like about where you live? Or if you’re not living where you want to be—Where would you like to live?

Whenever I start a new book, I always choose the setting first because that will tell me much about the people, their jobs, their feelings about living rural or urban, etc. Maybe that’s screwy but that’s how I work! The photos here from outside my window. Guess which one is now? ‘-)  So tell me what’s outside your window and if you are living where you want to. Again a few commenters will be entered into a drawing for a free ebook.–Lyn

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So January is Gone!

So January is gone–already! I am trying to keep good thoughts about winter. We’ve had an amazing amount of snow–nothing record-breaking but still it’s a challenge at street corners to see what’s coming. People here keep saying it’s not been a bad winter. And I think-what are you talking about? We’ve got at least two more months to go! So how has your winter been?–Lyn P.S. JOURNEY TO RESPECT is on sale for 99 cents NOW but not for long! 😉


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Don’t Miss These Bargain Books! Ends 1/31/2020

Only Her Heart

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Need Feedback on Another Cover Model for New Book

Hi I need feedback so I can choose another cover model for a new book. I hope to have 4 new books out this year–a new 3 book romantic suspense series and another historical novel. So let’s get started. Please view the 3 models below and tell me which on evokes a response in you–a positive one of course.

My heroine is a young single mom–the kind of young woman you’d like to have as a neighbor so you could “mother her.” But she’s starting a new business, a coffee and sweets shop, in a tourist town so she’s not a “needy” heroine. I will choose a few commenters to give free ebooks to so leave a comment. I really need to know your reactions.

Here’s #1


Here’s #2


Here’s #3

So leave a comment–which one do you think I should use? THANKS IN ADVANCE!–Lyn

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Lyn Reviews Pat Simmons’ Lean On Me

Lean on Me (Family Is Forever, #1)Lean on Me by Pat Simmons
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Romantic, romantic, romantic–the chemistry between Tabitha and Marcus was real. Loved it. Also loved Aunt Tweet–the lovable woman whose memories are slipping away but whose imagination keeps spinning. When Marcus and Tabitha first meet sparks fly but not the romantic kind. But their true characters shine as God puts them to the test. Great read, romance and story of family.

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For more info or to purchase, click this cover. Paid Link

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A New Giveaway–Ends 1-8-2020

If you want another great fiction read to add

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Lyn Reviews Charlotte MacLeod’s Rest You Merry

Rest You Merry (Peter Shandy, #1)Rest You Merry by Charlotte MacLeod
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first Peter Shandy book I’ve read. WHAT A HOOT! I loved this book and so did my dh. I bought it because it said that it was a combination of Agatha Christie and P G Wodehouse–two of my favorite authors. And it was. A great mystery ala Christie tradition. And both erudite and slapstick humor ala Wodehouse (remember Bertie Wooster and Jeeves?–Well if you don’t, get to the library and check one out.)

The setting is New England, a small agricultural college. Since my dh pointed out that no one mentioned cell phones and the phones all had dials, that this was a pre-1990’s era book. I’d say around the 1960-70’s but it fits the characters. AND WHAT CHARACTERS THEY ARE! Somehow realistic and over the top at the same time. And I loved the dawning romance between Peter and the librarian Helen Marsh. If you want a mystery that is hard to solve and a fun holiday read, this book is for you! (Note: there is a very little profanity in the dialogue-I chose to overlook it.)

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I know the covers don’t match but if you’d like to purchase the book on amazon, click the cover witht he red snowflakes. Paid Link.

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Last Christmas Sale–Loving Winter 99 cents!

This is the last sale of the year for Loving Winter, one of my holiday novellas.  If you’re interested, click here.

After the 21st, you can click Books above and then Buy Books and find it there–on sale till 12/26.

merry christmas!–Lyn

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