Lyn Reviews Vanetta Chapman’s Dead Wrong

Dead Wrong (Agatha's Amish B&B #1)Dead Wrong by Vannetta Chapman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dead wrong by Vanetta Chapman is a delightful murder mystery. Her characters are likable and realistic. The beautiful Texas Hill country is a wonderful setting and I loved the attitudes of the characters. Agatha Lapp inherits a B&B from her late brother. She is a good person, not a goody goody. There is a difference. I also liked her neighbor, retired detective Tony Vargas, again so believable, so human, so sympathetic. I enjoyed every part of Dead Wrong; it was not predictable. And I liked especially that at the end all the red herrings were explained. I don’t like it when dubious clues are left hanging. To me, that’s sloppy writing. So thank you, Vanetta, for another great read!-Lyn Cote

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Lyn Reviews Helen C Johannes’ Children’s Book

Frederick Fly-CatcherFrederick Fly-Catcher by Helen C. Johannes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you’re looking for a whimsical fantasy to give that special child for the holiday-this book is for you!

In disclosure, I am a friend of the author, Helen C Johannes. (This is her first children’s book but she’s an award-winning author of fantasy romances for adults.) And I received a complimentary review copy. But this is my honest review.

First of all, I loved that Frederick is such a REAL frog! So many little details about a frog’s life and world are interwoven into this intriguing story. And this creates a great contrast for the moment that magic enters Frederick’s life!

A human tears into the swamp chased by more humans. AND EVERYONE KNOWS THAT HUMANS ARE TROUBLE!~

Before Frederick can blink his big eyes, he’s carried away into the human world–a castle even!
Of course, there is an evil sorcerer. Doesn’t every castle have one? ‘-)

I’m not going to give away the plot. What fun would that leave for you and the child you give this to or read this to?

It’s available in ebook and print.

My final comment: Not every frog becomes a prince but Frederick is a prince among frogs! See if you and that favorite child don’t agree!

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Lyn Asks the December Question

I don’t think anyone can disagree that this is going to be an unusual holiday season, meaning Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.

My December question: In this time of covid, what holiday traditions in your family and friends are you going to preserve?

Personally I’m going to keep the ones important to me. First of all, the Christmas tree. Always the start of our holiday. We’ll buy it after Thanksgiving and put it up in the living room where we can enjoy it.

Here’s one of our tree and I’m enjoying it with our two cats. We lost Tricksy, the black and white one, in August. RIP

GIFTS? A few mostly just little remembrances to open on Christmas morning. No children in our house to open gifts. But my sonin another state will send us photos of our granddaughter on Christmas morning.

And of course my nativity scene will adorn the fireplace mantel as always.

photo by

So you see I’m doing what I always do, yet I’m already planning my holidays to be safe but not lose my holiday spirit or those treasured traditions.

So what are you doing, keeping which traditions alive this year? Let’s encourage one another! Wishing you special Thanksgiving blessings-Lyn

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Lyn Reviews Charlotte MacLeod’s The Plain Old Man

The Plain Old Man (Kelling & Bittersohn, #6)The Plain Old Man by Charlotte MacLeod
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At first I was overwhelmed by the many characters who were at Sarah’s Aunt Emma’s house to take part in the play. But then I realized it was me not Charlotte MacLeod, I was distracted. I started over and all was well. WHAT A MYSTERY! A huge oil painting of a Kelling ancestress goes missing. For various reasons Aunt Emma doesn’t want the police called in. But when one of the cast is found dead in his bathroom, events take a nasty turn. But Sarah and her fellow Kellings are up to the task! Seeing Sarah in hot pursuit literally of the bad guys was thrilling and a hoot at the same time.

Only Sarah Kelling Bittersohn would do this craziness! I did miss Max who was away on business in Europe. But this was an excellent who dun it. I love it when I don’t figure out the villain till the very end. And it wasn’t till the final pages that I twigged it. I enjoy current mysteries but sometimes I get tired of magical cats, recipes and heroines that get themselves into tight spots with a murderer and get beat up or almost killed. Charlotte MacLeod is different. And I love her (posthumously of course.)

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The Plain Old Man (Kelling & Bittersohn, #6) by Charlotte MacLeod | Goodreads

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Need Help Choosing Another Cover Model or Two-Please!

FIRST MODEL: If you haven’t read my blog, titled “Can a Grandmother Be the Heroine of a Romance?” click here. And read about my new romantce-mystery, UNCERTAIN SPRING, which will have a grandmother as the heroine. (So glad many agreed with me!) It will debut in the spring 2021. Here are the choices of cover models.

Please tell me which one “draws you in” and makes you want to read more about her and what she’s thinking. Be sure to tell me why too. I like to hear reactions. When you leave a comment, you will be entered into a random drawing to receive a free ebook, Precarious Summer, Book 1 in the series.





SECOND MODEL: I’m also preparing to release a new romance earlier in 2020 so I need your help with a cover model. My heroine is the daughter of immigrants from Mexico and is a single mom. A real sweetheart! Here are the choices that I found: Which do you like?






So which is your favorite? Your #2?

Thanks! I really appreciate hearing your choices and reasons.—Lyn

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Kindle Unlimited Giveaway-Lyn’s Included

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LitRing recently updated its Kindle Unlimited library with books available to everyone! Won’t you help celebrate by entering the Treat Yourself to a Book Giveaway? Go here now to peruse the books and get your chances to win a Kindle Unlimited subscription, too >>

And if you aren’t a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, that’s okay–we have info on how you can claim your FREE trial of this exciting program.

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Lyn Asks the October Question-Can a Grandmother Be a Heroine of a Romance?

I’m beginning to write my next romantic suspense in my Northern Shore Intrigue series. My heroine is an early fifty-something widowed grandmother. That’s why I asked my question in the subject line. Here’s the first page of the book. Does it grab your interest? Do you mind that Lois is not in her twenties?

Chapter One of the First Draft of Uncertain Spring

Driving north late at night, Lois blinked to keep herself awake. Just a few more miles. I shouldn’t have been surprised by the snow. But she’d never come to the shore of Lake Superior in March, early March at that. The familiar ache clutched her heart. Florida had been…different, odd-feeling this year. All her usual activities, even golf, had palled. Evie’s twelve year old voice played in her mind, “Grandma, I wish you were here.” That phone call had instantly made everything clear—at last.

A sudden blast of wind and snow caught her car and her attention. She slowed and kept her focus on the yellow line in her headlights. The wind batted her car as if it were a rowboat in a storm, not a Lexus SUV. She drew a deep breath as she glimpsed landmarks that said her lake home waited just ahead. She turned down the long lane to her house, her headlights illuminating the triple garage doors ahead. She sighed and slowed, aiming her door remote. The door rose. 

Something leaped up against her window. She shrieked in shock. Slammed on the brakes.

Outside her window, a dog barked with something like panic in his tone. The large black lab braced his front paws against the edge below the window, and continued barking. She noted the panic and the frenzy in his tone. Something clicked in her memory. Her own childhood dog had barked just like this, summoning when her little sister had fallen out of the tree and had been knocked unconscious.

Lois turned off the car and cautiously opened the door. “Hey, fella, what’s up?” she said, automatically slipping into her speak-to-dog voice that she hadn’t used in years. 

The dog sprang away and then halted. And then looked back and with his body beckoned her to follow.


So what do you think? Does a grandmother deserve a second chance at love? If you leave a comment, I’ll enter you into a drawing for the ebook, Precarious Summer where Lois first appears as my heroine’s mother. Thanks for the feedback!—Lyn Cote


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Lyn Asks What’s New on Kindle Unlimited


My “The American Journey” series is what’s new on Kindle Unlimited!  (FYI~Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s subscription service for ebooks)

The series of four books begins in 1775. Book 1, Journey to Victory is the story of Christiane Pelletier who survives the chaotic Revolution. Daughter of a French courtesan to frontier wife to companion of Lady Washington, Christiane moves into the heart of the American rebel elite.

Book 2, Journey to Honor 1795-1805 is the next generation, Sarah Eastham, Christiane’s only daughter. A scandal she doesn’t deserve forces her to leave the thirteen states along the Eastern coast and settle in French colonial New Orleans. There she carves out a life that wins respect that lasts long after her death. And a love with honor.

Book 3, 1825 Journey to Respect, is the story of Sarah’s stepson, Rafe McKuen. Does Rafe belong with his mother’s tribe or on his father’s plantation? As he chooses between two lives, Eastern lady Eve Holcombe prepares for an unexpected journey west — but God soon leads them to each another…

Book 4,1827 Journey to Peace, is the story of Rafe’s twin half-brothers, Callum and Johnny McKuen. Identical twin brothers-stained and separated by an unjust scandal~Two young beauties in jeopardy~Will they learn to trust before it’s too late?

What one reader had to say about Book 1:

5.0 out of 5 stars

Beautiful piece of work.

I am not sure I know the words to describe this beautiful piece of work it has to be one of the most well-crafted historical I have read this year. Christiane life is recorded in detail in a well written an amazing book. In this story, there is love, death, fear, sorrow, and happiness all mixed in a page-turning story. I also have the second book in the series and I cannot wait to start it. This book is so complex that I can see it as a great movie project. The characters are a rich blend of appealing and complicated natures that portrays the emotions of the people during this time in history. I am so glad I read this work and I am delighted to recommend it for your collection.”

Three generations

A family’s saga

A young nation’s story

If you subscribe to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, you can read these for free. If you’re not a subscriber, you can try Book 1, it’s on sale for only 99 cents. Click here for more information.–LynLYN COTE JOURNEY SERIES

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Lyn Reviews Charlotte MacLeod’s The Convivial Codfish

The Convivial Codfish (Kelling & Bittersohn, #5)The Convivial Codfish by Charlotte MacLeod
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

YES, I READ ANOTHER CHARLOTTE MACLEOD MYSTERY! And what a title, THE CONVIVIAL CODFISH!!!–a colorful, unique mystery featuring the savvy couple Sarah Kelling and her new husband, the interantional art investigator, Max Bittersohn. As usual, Sarah’s prominent Boston relatives provide another cousin who draws the newlyweds into a murder. (I’m so glad my family doesn’t have this knack.) This time it’s cousin Jem Kelling, the distinguished Exalted Chowderheadof this group of Codfish–older men who like to get together, drink a lot and act like fifteen-year-olds. Harmless enough–until one of this decides to murder…indescriminately. NO one can think why. Exciting moments. Scary moments. And then Max solves and unmasked the killer–literally. Highly recommend this and the other in the series!

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Lyn Asks the September Question~


Now for the September question: School days, school days, dear old Golden Rule days—Now that’s a blast from long past. Anyway any memories of a favorite teacher and what she or he did to make you like to go to school?

I remember many good teachers–Miss LeFevre, Mrs. Greene, Mrs Williams, Mrs. Crawford. Mrs. Crawford made the biggest impact on my life.

If you’ve read any of my historicals and many of my contemporary stories, you know that I write books with many different kinds of people.That is due to Mrs. Crawford. My first writing mentor was my Junior-year English teacher, Mrs. Doris M Crawford, one of my first African-American teachers, who spent an hour after school every day that year teaching me how to write. I had asked her at the end of the first class—“I want to be a writer. Will you teach me how?” 

Her gift of time and taking an interest in me made all the difference. I just wish she’d lived to read my first published book but she died of cancer when I was in college. But I often feel as if she is standing at my shoulder as I write.

So what teacher made a difference in your life–or do you have a particular favorite fun memory of school days? Either is good. And as usual, those comments I choose will appear in my next newsletter and be offered a free ebook. I waiting to hear from you!–Lyn


PS: My book BITTER AUTUMN is on sale for 99 cents through Aug 18th.

Vengeance can be dangerous~Grey Lawson returns home after serving a seven-year sentence for vehicular homicide while under the influence. Trish Franklin, the first female deputy in the county, is the niece of the man Grey’s reckless action killed. Then a rash of copycat accidents in the eerie fog-shrouded evenings mimic Grey’s original crime. People wonder is Grey acting out some sick compulsion of his own. How can Trish solve this series of near fatal accidents before someone is seriously injured or killed? And sort out her feelings for the man her father hates?

For more info, click here:  

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