In Time for the Holidays–Crockpot Stuffing Recipe

Out My Window-Fall

Autumn has given way to winter here in the northwoods of Wisconsin and I’m preparing to have family and friends over for Thanksgiving. MY HUSBAND LOVES DRESSING OR STUFFING. In order to have enough, I found this recipe for Crockpot Stuffing. Here’s a blog from a few years ago with that recipe and another by Amish author frend Marta Perry. Hope this comes in handy. Happy Thanksgiving!!–Lyn ?

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Lyn Asks A Timely Question–You Could Win a Free Ebook–Why not try?

Fiery Dawn 2014

The above photo is taken from my front porch on a November morning. The dawn had cast a fiery copper light onto the trees across the frozen lake. So far this year the lake is still liquid and blue but who knows when the skim of ice will begin to move over the surface and become like glass?

I’ve shared a photo with you and would like you to share with me. Every commenter will be entered into a drawing for copies of an ebook of mine. I don’t know how many I’ll give. It depends on the comments so please share more than one word. I’m really itnerested in you and your holiday.


Will you be cooking Thanksgiving or going to friends or family? Will you be traveling? And what’s your family favorite food or tradition for Thanksgiving? 

THIS WILL STAY OPEN TILL DEC 1ST. Please share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thanks-Lyn

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Want Some Sweet Romances Plus Sweet Cookies-for real?

Sweet Treats

?Do you like Sweet, Inspirational, Clean & Wholesome reads??

In LitRing’s latest giveaway, we’ve got over twenty books that fit the bill including Contemporary, Historical, Christian, Suspense, Romantic Comedy and Young Adult stories. Check out what’s on the shelves and enter for a chance to win a three-month subscription to Cratejoy for a Sweeters Cookie Box! What are you waiting for!

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Lyn Reviews Miranda James’ Murder Past Due

Murder Past Due (Cat in the Stacks, #1)Murder Past Due by Miranda James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the first in the series, CAT IN THE STACKS. I had started it with a later book and then went to the beginning. I liked Charlie Harris, the main character and archivist at a college in a small town in Mississippi and his LARGE Maine coon cat, Diesel who goes everywhere with him–and on a leash too.

The mystery revolves around a best-selling author, an alumnus of the college and old “pal”–make that an old enemy of the main character–who comes to town. But he doesn’t stay long–at least alive, that is.

I don’t enjoy a mystery that I can solve easily and this one had a wonderful cast of likely suspects. Note to self–DO NOT live in such a way as to amass a sizeable number who would be glad to see me dead. So far I think–hope–I’ve lived far away from the murder victim’s penchant for leaving human wreckage in his wake. But such people do exist and most of them don’t get murdered. Still…I wouldn’t chance it myself–Start mending fences, people! 🙂

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Last Few Days to Pre-Order To Love Somebody


On Thursday November 1st, To Love Somebody will go live and the pre-order price of $2.99 will increase to $3.99. Here’s a taste of the story:


New York City, November 1983

Through two horrific days and one long night, Leigh Sinclair had held it together. Until an hour after she hugged her little girl and watched a doctor give the child a sedative at the hospital and finally, thankfully, brought her here—home to her own bed. Then Leigh had fallen apart.

All her self-control dissolved in an instant, and she started shaking and couldn’t stop. Nate had led her from her sleeping child into the dark living room. He’d nudged her down onto her sofa. Murmuring, he’d sat down and laid her head against his shoulder. And slowly the trembling had ebbed.

Just a few weeks ago, Leigh had only known Nate Gallagher, NYPD detective, professionally. He’d made it clear she interested him, but she’d kept him at arm’s length as she did every other man. Then she’d needed him and he’d come through for her. Now he stroked her long hair with steady hands, giving her wordless comfort.

“It’s all my fault.” The words flowed out of Leigh’s mouth a second time. Through the crisis, she’d fought voicing this admission, knowing it wouldn’t help, knowing that guilt was natural and unavoidable. Yet all the while fearful that someone else—everyone else—would point accusing fingers at her.

Nate said nothing in reply, just continued stroking her hair. 

In her weakness, she felt the latent strength in his large rough hands. “I’ve always carried so much guilt about Carly,” she whispered. “Not just now. But always.” And I always will.

Little Carly’s face glowed in Leigh’s mind. Grandma Chloe always said Leigh’s little girl got her looks from Leigh’s grandfather, who’d died in World War I. That was because Grandma Chloe had never seen Carly’s father. Carly was the spitting image of her father with his fair skin, black hair, and gray eyes.

But Carly had never seen her father, either.

This fact never stopped gnawing at Leigh. She knew it had created an invisible barrier between her and Carly. Every time she looked at her, her daughter’s sober little face—her silent little mouth, those somber eyes that hid every thought—haunted Leigh.

“Everything will be okay,” Nate said at last.

Leigh gazed up at him. His face was guarded by shadow, but the moonlight illuminated the warmth of his auburn hair. She couldn’t form words, her mouth paralyzed.

I’ve stood apart from my daughter since she was born. Secrets separate us. Secrets I can’t divulge. Will I never break through to her, connect with her heart-to-heart?


The Carlyle Women-four generations, 

each facing the challenges of her time 

and each harboring her own painful secret~

This series is all about family’s and the secrets that divide them. Does your family guard secrets?–Lyn

To pre-order at the reduced price, please click here.


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Lyn Reviews Roxanne Rustand’s Montana Mistletoe

Montana Mistletoe (Love Inspired)Montana Mistletoe by Roxanne Rustand
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ll say right up front that Roxanne Rustand is a dear friend. But as always if I don’t enjoy a book by a friend, I just don’t review it. Not every book is for every reader–even those by a friend. But this book was for me. And it was quintessential Roxanne Rustand. A book set on a Western ranch with lively characters that nearly leap off the page.

Roxanne delights in creating a family of great characters with sometimes harsh backstories. As usual, by the time the couple wakes up to the fact that they are ready to love each other, we are all smiling.

I loved the cover because the model of the heroine actually resembled Roxanne’s daughter! I also loved it that Harlequin put it out in True Large Print so much easier for my tired eyes. So if you are looking for a sweet inspirational holiday Western romance, this book’s for you too!

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Did History Class Bore You?

If so, I get why.

History class often left out the “stuff” I find fascinating. How did events affect the people living then? History is just the story of life. I always end every historical with a Historical Note that tells the reader what was true history and what I made up within the real history. Here’s the one from my new book, Chloe’s story, Meant for Me.

Historical Note

“Wars are the locomotives of history” is a truth that can’t be denied. Wars force humans to make advancements in weaponry and medical technology. And they put the fighting-age generation through a fiery furnace that forever changes them and, hence, their society. To me, the twentieth century started with WWI and not the arbitrary date of 1900. A living example, Chloe led a completely different life before WWI than she did after it.

Also, two new amendments to the Constitution at the beginning of the twenties—women’s suffrage and prohibition–ushered in vast societal changes. Women started voting—a good thing. But the prohibition amendment actually had the opposite effect on society than it was supposed to—it closed the male domain of the old-time saloon, but the nightclub took its place and made cocktails popular for women as well as men. The generation that had been told they were fighting in the “War to End All Wars” returned from that first brutal modern conflict—with air battles, mustard gas, machine guns, and tanks—disillusioned and ready to drown their sorrows in bathtub gin. So criminals organized and reaped huge profits from speakeasies while the FBI grew stronger, trying to stop the illicit trade.

The “Lost Generation” of the twenties took nothing seriously if it could help it and flaunted its new freedom with bobbed hair, rouged lips, short skirts, and automobiles. For the first time, the name of Freud and the word sex worked its way into modern conversation. Couples stopped courting and started dating —shocking their elders by kissing people they had no intention of marrying. They danced the wild Charleston and the Black Bottom to honky-tonk jazz. Chloe, Roarke, Kitty, and Drake all portrayed the different ways Americans coped with this new age.

Finally, WWI was the first war in which American black men were drafted in larger numbers as citizen soldiers. Both the South and North were rocked by racial unrest when black men donned uniforms and shed a servile manner. Of course, Minnie portrayed the hope of the disenfranchised black population. She was born into poverty and Jim Crow, but Minnie had dreams and the will to make them come true. Go, Minnie! In the new century, Chloe and Minnie found a way to break through the barriers that had separated their families for generations and Chloe found her greatest joy in seeing her friend’s success.

In the subsequent stories in The Carlyle Women series, these many themes—tyranny, injustice, freedom, equality—will repeat, since they were the great struggles of the twentieth century and continue today. Just check the evening news.–Lynz

To read the first three chapters of Meant for Me, Book 1 of “The Carlyle Women,” click here.

To purchase, click here.


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Cover Reveal for Lyn’s “The Carlyle Women”


Before the end of September, I will be debuting Meant for Me, the first book in my historical series, “The Carlyle Women.” If you’d like to sample the first three chapters , please click the button above,

“New Read.” 

The Carlyle Women-four generations, 

each facing the challenges of her time 

and each harboring her own painful secret~

Bred to be the perfect Southern belle, Chloe faces the young 20th century and becomes more than she ever imagined~

Here is a “partial” sneek peak of all the covers.

The Carlyle Women-titles featured

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Lyn Reviews Zara Keane’s To Hatch a Thief

To Hatch a Thief (Movie Club Mysteries #1.5)To Hatch a Thief by Zara Keane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another delightful gem from Zara Keane! I love Whisper Island, Ireland–where else would the county club want chickens dressed like leprechauns to dance for them on Valentine’s Day??? What a hoot!
Of course there has to be a mystery–how about a missing diamond necklace? And you will NEVER GUESS where it’s finally found!
Great characters–great mysteries–great fun!
This is just a novella, but a delightful one! And only 99 cents!–Lyn

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