75% Off–Pre-order Ends Soon!

A baby girl’s future hangs in the balance.

A Heart of Stone

A Heart of Stone, Book 4, of my ‘Opposites Attract” series will be released September 20, this Friday! Until that day, it is on pre-order for 75% off. I rarely discount later books in a series, so don’t miss this! Click here for more info.–Lyn

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Why Not Enter to Win $25?



LitRing’s Swipe Right for Books Giveaway celebrates Lromance in all of its sub-genres and niches. And one lucky reader will win a $25 Amazon gift card to help them load up their TBR list with more romance books! Check out LitRing’s romance library and claim your chances to win here 



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My Book Meant for Me Honored!


I just received a notice that my book, MEANT FOR ME, has been recognized by Ezvid Wiki as one of

“10 Perceptive Historical Romance Novels Full Of Period Details.”

Among the others honored are many of my favorite historcial authors. If you’re curious, here’s the link: 


For more info about MEANT FOR ME, CLICK HERE.–Lyn


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Lyn Asks Her September Question

Now for the September question. The photo above is meaningful to me because gladiolas in late summer bring back sweet memories of my mother. Her birthday was the first week of September. We lived at the edge of town with a farm across the road. They grew gladiolas and had a stand on the highway nearby every year. A dollar for a bunch of glads. My brother and I always saved our nickels and dimes and bought her a bouquet for her birthday. Her friends knew this and gave her the large glass vase in the photo to hold this yearly gift. Now do you have something such as gladiolas that bring back memories of a gift given or gift received? Please share.I really enjoyed hearing from my readers–you. As usual I will choose a few to include in my monthly newsletter and gift an ebook to those few. I’d love to hear your stories!–Lyn


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Help Me Choose an Image



Which image would most likely cause you to click it to find out more about the book? A or B? Leave a comment and enter a drawing for a copy of my book Journey to Respect. THANK YOU!–Lyn

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Lyn Reviews Rhys Bowen’s Her Royal Spyness

Her Royal Spyness (Her Royal Spyness Mysteries, #1)Her Royal Spyness by Rhys Bowen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another great book by Rhys Bowen. I love Lady Georgiana Rannoch. Life has dealt her many blows-her parents divorce, her father ignring his children and land and then genteel poverty. But Georgie doesn’t just give in. She wants a life of her own and that means leaving the castle where her sister in law makes life miserable for her. She goes to the London house and learns how to take care of herself like making a cuppa. And she meets a man she shouldn’t fall in love with-:-) Darcy O’Mara, a dashing Irish peer who is so unsuitable she MUST fall in love with him. I enjoy the characters and the time period and OF COURSE the mystery. I LOVE THIS SERIES!

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To learn more or to purchase, click cover.

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Lyn Asks the August Question

Opposites Attract

Now for the August question:

What are you reading? (And you don’t have to say one of my books :-).

I want to know what others authors, especially the ones you always buy or check out at the library. Tell me about these authors. I’d like to find a few new ones too!

Please leave your comments. You might see them in my next month’s newsletter and perhaps win an ebook in my monthly drawing. Thanks in advance–Lyn

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Lyn Reviews Miranda James’ Arsenic and Old Bones

Arsenic and Old Books (Cat in the Stacks, #6)

Arsenic and Old Books by Miranda James

As usual I enjoyed Miranda James’ mystery with Charlie Harris and Diesel; this was truly a knotted mystery with many strings tied up in confusing patterns. Also as usual I enjoyed the setting Mississippi town and all the southernisms. However one word yanked me out of the story “bade.” I realize of course that is the past tense of “bid.” But it is such an unusual word to find in a modern story, that it jarred me each time it was used. That is my only criticism of this book. Otherwise it was great, great mystery and kept me wondering till the end. I also liked the short story at the end about how Charlie and Diesel met so another great mystery but Miranda James, please don’t fall in love with odd words. Please.

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For more info or to purchase, click cover above.–Lyn

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Need Help Choosing 2 Cover Models

Yes, I need your help once again choosing  2 cover models. I am going to update two of my book covers and need reader feedback. Both stories are Christmas novellas and I need two models. One story is more serious than the other but both include a romance and mystery. Ready?

Here are four choices: I need two!

Model #1

Model # 2

Model #3

Model #4

So do any of these catch your eye? Remember that I’m looking for two models who catches your interest–who makes you want to read her story. So please share your opinions with me! And thanks in advance! BTW, I will gift a copy of each novella to one commenter. So don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered into the drawing!-Lyn



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July Question-What Makes you Proud of America?

us flag

Every month I ask a question. Here’s July’s Question:

What do you most value about America

or being an American?

Please leave your comment on my blog and I’ll be holding a drawing and giving away a free ebook to a few responders. I look forward to reading your ideas!–Lyn

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