Have you heard Barnes and Noble is holding a free book sale now till the end of February? 

If you have a Nook or the Nook app on your laptop or tablet, you can now download a variety of books for free. Here is the link to this special promotion.

My own book Journey to Victory was chosen as one of the booksIn addition to getting the first book in a series free, 
the second one will be available for 25% off the regular price. 
That means Journey for Honor is a bargain too!
Book 1-FREE
To purchase click here.
BOOK 2 25% OFF!
To purchase, click here
There are two things you should know:
1-You must shop from the website 
www.bn.com, not your Nook. 
2-And you need the promot codes 
to be able to get the discounts
and here they are in caps.
NOOKBASHFREE to get Book 1 free
NOOKBASH25 to get Book 2 for 25% off
There are no limits to how many times these codes can be
So if you have a Nook or the Nook app (click here
for the link to getting the app), get busy and SHOP!


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