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  1. I had two rescues and both so different but they use to play with each other. Libby likes to be on the bed Henry was more independent. When I moved he stayed well he went back to the area 4 times and is now being cared for by neighbours a few doors down from where I was. Even sits on their laps longer than he ever did for me.
    Libby like me to play with her but will play with her toys on her own. She likes to be on the bed under the covers and is a pain. She tends to take over half the bed. Only “toy” she had brought is a dead mouse. Thankfully here she doesn’t venture out much at night. But she does want me up on her time this morning again before 4am she will tap me on the head often gets the eyes or mouth thankfully no claws, but she will carry one for ages will go to sleep for 10 mins or so and start again. I normally will hold out to 6am especially on these really cold mornings.
    Henry was an independent cat happy to play on his own. if he wanted attention he would ask for it but it was always on his time.

  2. I just lost my oldest dog 2 weeks ago after a year and a half cancer battle. Now I just have a 12 year old Golden Retriever who we just found out has bone cancer. Neither of them have played with toys much over the last several years. They would play with each other when they felt playful. Now the one left just wants to snuggle which is fine since we don’t know how long we will have with him. I also have a 30 year old horse but she doesn’t “play” either.

  3. Hi, Lyn,

    We’ve had a cat now for 8 years; he moved in with us when he decided not to move when his family (nex door neighbors) relocated. My husband scared him to death early on, yelling in surprise at finding Sneaky peering into his face from my pillow. Now Sneaky will sometimes sleep on our daughter’s bed, but never gets on ours. He doesn’t take toys to bed.

    He will play aggressively with the “bird” toy (feather suspended by cord from a wand) when he’s in the mood. Also, if so inclined, he likes to “hunt” us by leaping out from beneath furniture to surprise us. Recently he’s taken to climbing and leaping indoors; we’ve had to dust the top of a couple tall cupboards he now likes to scale (to prevent him looking like a feather duster that’s been well-used). And my husband is trying to thwart Sneaky’s use of the scanner as a bridge to the front windowsill by putting all his computer paraphernalia atop it. Solution? Clever Sneaky wriggles beneath the computer monitor instead!

  4. Our baby likes to sleep with us also. I love it!! We have found toys in our bed the following morning. It’s either been a plastic milk ring or a nerf gun bullet. I tell my husband that I must have slept well cause GusGus didn’t wake us up while he played. ?

  5. The fun just started….I had 2 sisters and when one wanted you to wake up she would take her red ball with a bell in it and hit it against the bathroom door until you tell her your up….
    Sadly I lost one in November but her sister just celebrated 21 years. ( she is the one with the red ball). As my husband said 21 years with a two year old.Right now she is angry she can’t go on the back porch so she is taking her toys and sending them down the cellar.
    Enjoy your boys

  6. Yes, my kitties have their favorites they carry around, play with and sometimes bring on the bed! I am on my 8th & 9th cats (as an adult; this doesn’t count the many growing up,) and they have all been taught to shake hands – – – for a treat of course – – – and many other tricks including “high five.” “up,” “spin,” and “kiss” (may favorite of course! Suggestion: if you throw the mice & other toys, you may find you have a “fetcher” & they will engage with you more. A few of my previous cats were great fetchers to the point that Antonio would grab an 8 1/2″ X 11″ piece of paper and bring it to me to crumple up into a ball and throw it for him to fetch. They give MUCH love, don’t they?

  7. After 171/2 years my kitty had to be it down sadly but since I had her from a guestimated 4 weeks old which when her mother brought her to us literally, they start to do that at that age because my kitty used stop asking me to play too it must be born in them

  8. We have two rabbits one male the other female. She chases him around the hutch, the cube and even the run. She will even pinch his kale but then they snuggle up and groom each other. So funny to watch

  9. How fun your two are. I have two rescued feral kitties. We got them when they were both six months old. It was the first public appearance for our gray/white socks girl. Nickel (half Russian Blue, half american short hair). And the third public appearance for our black/with a little white splattered all over girl. Feather (American Short hair) No one wanted a black cat. Oh my goodness. I grew up with cats. Well we adopted them both. Well as it turns out after a few days our little Feather comes out to play with my husband. The gray girl stayed hidden. When they both came out when we were in the room, we let them out to part of the house. And then soon to the whole house. You know how that goes. Feather stayed by us all the time. Her meow was more of a squeak. And Nickels meow was more of a chirp. It took 8 months for Nickel to allow me to touch her. And another 6 months for to allow me to pick her up. I had made a game of picking her up and putting her down soon after. They are both now six years old. Nickel is 7 pounds and Feather is 13 pounds. And they are both huge attention hogs. LOL Feather still has my husband as first. And Nickel now has attached herself to me. We also have one of those ball things you showed, only we split them into two. one at each end of the house. They dont really play with them too much but Nickel likes to sleep in the middle. They love to sleep together, especially in the sun. And yes, I am giggling, they do find some of the funniest positions. They both love to sleep next to me. Feather though will be on the bed and look out the door. As soon as my husband comes in though, it is like, “Good dad is now ready to go to bed” and she then moves over to me. Feather will bring many toys up to the bed and drop them off for my husband. My husband did not grow up with cats. And the one cat we had before, chose me totally. So this was new to him and he did not understand it. I have had the wonderful privilege of helping him understand a lot of things with the two girls. One time I went to bed early and neither of the two girls came to bed with me. Well as it turns out they had hunted and played catching a real mouse. My husband said he had the privilege watching them. He came to bed. And Feather jumped up on the bed with the mouse at my feet playing. It was dead. My husband took care of it. I am so glad I had a sheet over my feet. LOL God has really blessed us with these two girls. He knew what two kitties we would need and why. Thank you God. We do not tire of their antics.

  10. Hi, Lyn! I have 15 cats, several from abusive or neglectful situations, a couple from life-threatening situations. Some are related, most aren’t. They like to play with toys, especially balls, and love to steal toys from my two great-granddaughters. Several like to bring me toys or leave them next to my computer chair for me. I have two that sleep on my bed, even though they don’t get along great. The rest roam around the house.

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