What to Do When Google Reader is Gone

I don’t know if any of you noticed

but one othe major RSS feed services, Google Reader will cease to exist in July of this year. So how will you receive your subscription to this blog and any others you follow. Here’s the info.


March 19, 2013 · by Paul Chaney

“Google announced last week that it is retiring Google Reader, its longstanding RSS feed reader application, citing a decrease in use. The announcement created a furor across the Internet.

The article goes on to give 6 Alternatives to Google Reader


Of these suggestions, I chose Rolio

and have successfully signed up to receive this blog and about 4 others that I follow. I didn’t find it difficult to do. I just needed to enter the URL’s or web addresses (links) of the blogs I wanted to continue following.

I’d like to offer you another way to continue to follow this blog. Would you like to receive it as an email? If so,………..

please type your email into the top left slot where it says:

Subscribe to Receive Blog Updates by Email

Also notice the Send to Kindle button below. If you’d rather read my blog on your kindle, just click that button. BUT that won’t send it to you automatically. You must come each time to make the switch.

Also I’m just starting an occasional enewsletter. Look to the top right in the banner. In the red frame, just type in your email address and I’ll add you to my subscription list. I don’t send out a lot of e-newsletters, just when I have something my readers would like to know–such as a new book coming out or any special offers.

I’ve noted a drop off of comments and I think the end of Google Reader has already separated me from some of my readers. So I hope this helps us keep in touch. !–Lyn




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  1. amyc says:

    I would love to receive emails for your blog and newsletter. Campbellamyd at Gmail dot com