The Debate Continues at our Place–Fresh or Artificial?

Here is my only book cover with a Christmas tree!


Do you think the tree on this cover is real or artificial? Well, since the book is set in 1868, I suppose it was real. We always had a fresh tree that my husband cut himself UNTIL our children were school age and we began to drive to Florida each Christmas to spend the holiday with family. That caused us to buy an artificial tree. It was a great one and looked so real. And lasted around fifteen years before we wore it out.

And we moved too and needed one of those new slimline trees to fit in our great room (that is not that big). But this tree is falling apart after only 7 years. We put it up Saturday and it shed more needles than any “live” tree we ever had.

So! I told my dh that we need to do a fresh tree next year. He is not completely convinced-so we’ll see!


My dh and I in front of the slimline tree before it started to “lose it.”–Lyn

To purchase, Her Patchwork Family, click here. Her Patchwork Family (The Gabriel Sisters)

Which do you have–fresh or artificial?

And why?–Lyn


Nancy Mehl’s  winner is
Sonja Nishimoto

Jessica Keller’s is
Valri Western

Linda Goodnight’s is
chris granville

Leslie J Sherrod’s is Dana Spille

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6 Responses to The Debate Continues at our Place–Fresh or Artificial?

  1. Dana Spille says:

    Thank you for the book by Leslie J Sherrod what a Blessing this is !!! Thank you again .Blessings ,DanaGirl

  2. Danie says:

    I think that it looks real and just by how pretty your cover it looks like it can be real.