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  1. Wow, Judy! Thanks for sharing your story. I’m amazed at your strength and, yes, God is good!

  2. So glad you drew on God’s strength, Judy. We never know what we might have to face. God bless.

  3. I was pushed to my limits when I was a caretaker for my husband who was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. I still worked part time because we needed the insurance, my folks stayed with my husband while I was at work. I don’t have a clue to when I slept. My husband’s hospital bed was set up in the living room and I slept on the sofa to be near him. This was truly one of the hardest 4 months of my life. (He lived only 4 months after his diagnosis) Bob went from a vibrant man down to a man who could barely function in the end. I was by his side when he drew his last breath. We had celebrated our 8th anniversary two days before he passed away. I prayed for God’s healing touch daily for Bob. Bob received his healing when God called him home.

    Judy B

    P.S. I’ve also survived brain surgery, breast cancer, death of my Mom 23 months ago, and my first marriage of 25 years ended when my husband left me for another woman. Can I say God is good? You bet He is!

  4. What an awesome testimony, Dana, of God’s grace being sufficient enough to step in at our weakest moments – and carry us to purpose and peace. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Dana, Many of us have experienced a season of stress. So glad you found healing and hope.

  6. Yes when my mother passed away in 2000 from lung cancer mesothelioma { she was not a smoker she got cancer from the place schooled she worked at for over 20 years as a teachers aid .I got sick right after she passed away and had to have surgery for gallbladder .With helping to take care of my mother while she was sick ,taking care of my family it was too much on my body I lost A LOT of weight and the chemicals in my brain got out of whack .I started to have panic attacks and got very depressed I want to die because I thought not living would have been better .But God step in and healed me !! He showed me me that I had things to do like raising my children and a job to do for His kingdom reaching those who are lost ,tell them them about His goodness . I made a promise to Him in 2001 that I would go where He wanted me to ,say what He wanted me to say and Do { help } those Her wanted me to help .I am doing my best to full fill that promise . Thank you for your time and Blessings DanaGirl Spille

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