Author Carol Steward & The Top of Her List! — 8 Comments

  1. Your mom sounds like a remarkably strong woman and it sounds like you have some great memories of her. I can’t wait to read Mended Hearts.

  2. I’ve been on the road and I’m so happy that Carol got comments! I think all of those who commented belong in the strong woman category!

  3. Hi ladies. I’m so sorry. I thought my post from earlier today went through. I appreciate so much the encouragement from my dear friends here. Next week I am starting a new proposal.

    Alex’s Choice is the 2nd of 3 books about three incredibly strong sisters who fall in love with three absolutely adorable brothers. The first book was Mended Hearts, which came out in November 2012, and the third book, Rocky Mountain Valentine, will be released in February 2012. This is one of my favorite series, so I was thrilled when the editors with the Heartwarming line asked if they could revise and re-release these books.

    Happy New Year!


  4. Thank you, Irene. I’ll do my best to meet everyone’s expectations this year. 🙂 I miss it. Too many years off and working as an editor for graduate students, I think.


  5. My best wishes and greetings to Carol today, and also a word of encouragement to welcome her back to the publication world. Family and work issues have kept her occupied, and she hasn’t been writing to her full potential. Having read some of her previous publications, I know that she has a great talent for writing. I encourage you, Carol, during this New Year to make your readers happy by resolving to have one or two books ready by this time next year.

  6. Hi ladies! Thanks for the comments and compliments. It’s always nice to start the new year with a new”ish” book on the shelves – even if it is a revision of “Courting Katarina” which was a Love Inspired published in 2001. This is the 2nd in a 3 book series. The first book, “Mended Hearts” came out in November 2012, and the third book, Rocky Mountain Valentine, comes out next month. This is a series about three very strong sisters, who happen to fall in love with three ADORABLE brothers. I absolutley love these characters.

    I am starting a new proposal next week. What are all of you working on now?

    And Happy New Year everyone! I can’t believe it’s already 2013. It seems like Y2K was just yesterday.

    (And I called to check on the precious puppy this morning, he’s happy and being spoiled rotten.)


  7. I love Carol’s stories. She’s an amazing writer and certain belongs in Lyn’s ‘strong women’ category. This book is a fine example of Carol’s abilities. I know you’ll enjoy it.

    Go Carol!


  8. What a sweet, loving story. I know Carol Steward and there’s a lot of her mom’s strength – amd courage – in her, too. It’s so good to have a chance to read her wonderful books again. We’ve missed that lately. You go, girl!

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