Author Virginia Smith & Is Patience Strength or Being Wishy-Washy? — 7 Comments

  1. My Aunt would have be the biggest blessing to me. She has went to be with the Lord, but I think of her every day! Wonderful post.

  2. Great article.Your aunt is amazing woman.My amazing person would be my aunt.She died in 1978.She was a great person.She had many health problems and one of them kept her homebound.But I can’t remember ever hearing her complain.She loved Hee Haw.I think of her often and wishes that she was still here for me to to talk to.I miss her so much.Thanks you all for sharing your stories..

  3. I love reading about the women who amaze you, ladies. Thanks for sharing your stories.

    And Ladette, thanks for the comment about the book cover. I love Emma’s smile on there too!

  4. Not sure we didn’t have alot to do with some of our relatives as I was the youngest of the cousins by around 4 years on mums side and about 8 on dads. (my brother is almost 5 years older than me.)
    I guess mum does. She didn’t go to far in high school had to leave but didn’t let that stop her. she always wanted to be a teacher. She ended up teaching sunday school and then when she was 50 she started a Junior Christian Endevour which she taught children and felt God gave her, her hearts desire when she got to teach later in life. She also used these skills to teach in bible studies with women who were often new christians or searching.

    I would love to win this book. Loved the first in the series and I love all Virginia’s books.

  5. My daughter Michelle. She is a twin and was diagnosed as hyperactive(that was a long time ago) She and her brother had learning disabilities and were unable to read in the seventh grade. They finally were tested then. She was unable to graduate with her class as she was pregnant at the time. They wouldn’t let her walk across the stage. She married the father of her baby. She got her GED and started working at a rest home. She took a class for Certified nursing assistant, then went to school to become a Practical Nurse. Still unsatisfied she took a course to become a Registered Nurse. She now works in the prison for women in York NE but that is not good enough. She is now studying to be a PA. She has taken all the college classes and only has about six weeks of clinical’s. Studying is very difficult for her but she just keeps going.
    I loved the story of your aunt. We could all learn from her. God bless!
    Glenda Parker

  6. Do I have anybody in my family that amazes me?? Hmmm… I haven’t given that much thought. I guess it would have been my Nanny who passed away a couple of yrs ago. She was a seamstress and mother of 8!! She died at the age of 92. How in the world she had the patience to raise 8 children (I have 5 and there are days…..) and continued to sew for her customers I don’t know. And of course, I believe she made most of her daughters’ (all 5 of them) clothes, especially the fancy stuff. I would love to have just even a half of her sewing ability!! After her own kids all moved out, she continued to take care of people… from her mother, to her sister, husband and so on…

    Btw, I LOVE that cover!! I love that the Amish woman is SMILING… you don’t usually see them with any emotion on book fronts. You know they have emotions just like we do!

  7. Great post and interview! I have to say my mom amazes me. She has overcame so many struggles in her life. She doesn’t let anything get her down and keeps her head up.

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