Lyn Reviews Miranda James’ Arsenic and Old Bones

Arsenic and Old Books (Cat in the Stacks, #6)

Arsenic and Old Books by Miranda James

As usual I enjoyed Miranda James’ mystery with Charlie Harris and Diesel; this was truly a knotted mystery with many strings tied up in confusing patterns. Also as usual I enjoyed the setting Mississippi town and all the southernisms. However one word yanked me out of the story “bade.” I realize of course that is the past tense of “bid.” But it is such an unusual word to find in a modern story, that it jarred me each time it was used. That is my only criticism of this book. Otherwise it was great, great mystery and kept me wondering till the end. I also liked the short story at the end about how Charlie and Diesel met so another great mystery but Miranda James, please don’t fall in love with odd words. Please.

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