Cover Model #4 Choices–Then We’re Done!!!

This is the last one, the last cover model choice! This year. I know I’ve worked you all to the bone with all these cover models, but I promise I won’t be asking again for about another year.

This heroine’s story takes place during the First Gulf War 1990. So here is heroine #4’s choices:

Choice 1

Choice 1


Choice #2

Choice #3


Which one catches your eye? Snags your attention? Makes you want to know –What’s her story? Thanks–Lyn



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8 Responses to Cover Model #4 Choices–Then We’re Done!!!

  1. Tina Rice says:

    I like #2 the best of the three.
    Blessings, Tina

  2. Trixi says:

    I really love #2 model. She looks like she’s contemplating something and I’d love to know what that is.

    I’ve had a lot of fun weighing in on your heroine models, Lyn! It’s like being part of your stories. 🙂 Thanks for reaching out your readers in this way!

  3. Melinda M says:

    I like choice 2 . She looks like she is thinking and looking out so it could be who is missing that she is thinking or what they are missing doing.

  4. AliBossson says:

    Model #2 grabs my attention. She has a pensive, far-off look in her eyes…..there’s a story there.

  5. Carol Knudtson says:

    I was caught by the first one. She looks like she has a story to tell.

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