Help Me Choose an Image — 14 Comments

  1. A
    I like to know more about a book before I chose to read it. I think the detail about the man she has fallen in love with being a half breed would make me want to read the book right away.

  2. B as it looks more historical and I like East meets West. It makes me want to read it. A looks more like now and it was hard for me to see the blurb because the sky and it our blue. The B picture blurb stand out.

  3. I also wanted to say but hit enter too fast, that The dwellings for Native Americans shown on the cover for A, more depict what the header about the story implies. At least to me it does.

  4. I much prefer B, Lyn—-The tepees and half-breed would not entice me and that’s what caught my eye with A. With B I noticed the book first and I also like the feeling of the West with the old buildings and blue sky background!!!

  5. I think B. I like it a lot more than the teepees. They make it kinda confusing. I would love to see her in the middle, with the building on one side and the Teepees on the other. They would have to be big, just a hint of each faded in the background. If that were possible.

  6. B. Not only to I like the set up better with the book on the left, I am drawn to the background. I would have ignored A if I’d just randomly seen it.

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