1. I think #1, they look ,”so in the moment”, & in love ,& love the little 1!

  2. The middle picture because the little girl looks sad in the photo and I would want to know why.

  3. I like the first one best. It looks like a more natural pose to me.

  4. Number 2 without the sunglasses.
    I wonder about the child’s expression. It is obvious of the mother’s love for the child and the gentleman’s care for the girls.

  5. Number 2 because although 1& 3 are good and joyful; 2 makes you feel the comfort of Momma’s arms.

  6. If I have to chose, it’d be #3.
    I find none of them particularly appealing and find #2 repellent… not a fan of pouring children.
    Good luck.

  7. Love the sweetness of #1. Both kissing the cheek of their daughter. Seems much more loving.

  8. I like # 1 because the family seems totally connected and focused on one another…

  9. My initial reaction was for #2 for the clarity. Then in reviewing all again, I liked the softness of #1 again. In pictures, 2 and 3 all have hair that are the same color but in deeper or lighter intensity. Only #1 shows the mail in a another color shade.

    One more note, I know this is a sweet romance, but it annoys me seeing three perfectly coifed and dressed individuals. What I’d like to start seeing are more candid front covers. Show the child making a funny face and the adults reaction to this.

  10. I really like #2 because the father still behind his wife and daughter, a stalwart guardian. The love in the family comes across stronger in this picture as well.

  11. #3 The child looks so happy & her parents look so loving, it makes me smile. I also like the background better. It’s a beautiful picture!

  12. # 1
    Reason: Just the way they are all positioned makes me wonder what is happening, has happened, or is what is going on.
    The other 2 covers, to me, were very similar – the first cover stood out.

  13. I like the middle one, because it emphasizes the faces and personalities of the people. Both the others are kind of faded by comparison.

  14. I like picture #3 because they are all smiling. It looks like they are all having fun together. #1 is cute, but the position of the adults, especially the woman, is awkward. The guy in #2 looks awkward, and the little girl looks grumpy.

  15. I like #1.
    It looks like the little girl is happy and the couple adore the child.

  16. I like the first one. I like how they are equally loving, caring and supporting their child. They are a unit. The picture makes me feel happy and hopeful!

  17. I love the first one! The child’s smile is precious and it makes me smile.
    Happy child-happy family! Love shines through!

  18. PHOTO NUMBER 3 IS THE WINNER :)! And here’s why:-

    Photo Number 1 is not the best because the stretched out poses are too awkward.
    Photo Number 2 is not the best because even though the adults are smiling –the child looks unhappy.

    Photo Number 3 is THE BEST COVER FOR YOU because both the adults & child’s smiles look genuine and their pose is natural to daily life.

    All the best :)!

  19. #3 – I believe that when a child laughs it reminds me when my Daughter was younger. She use to laugh so hard that you couldn’t help laughing with her. Those days were precious because they laugh without restraint for a short time.
    I also picked this because right now we need to see hope instead of sadness.

  20. Hello – I’m going with number 1; for whatever reason this picture depicts a happy family and seems more believable as a unit! I want to know more about them and it’s almost as if it’s too perfect! But as we all know , things aren’t what they seem .

    Thank you for this fun blog !

    God Bless

    Kara Perry

  21. I like the #3 option. The three of then look so happy and connected. I want to know the story behind the close relationships of this family.

  22. Photo 3 is best with little girl laughing between man and woman. Wonderful feeling of family joy.

  23. #1 got my eye right away because it’s a sweet family photo. It’s one you can never replace.

  24. I like #2. I wonder what’s the story with these people. I want to know more

  25. #2 catches my eye and makes me want to ask why the little girl looks sad

  26. I like all of them but especially #3 as it seems like a happy family and the child looks cherished and protected by both parents.

  27. #2-Emotions of harmony and joy! I would like to know more about a couple so in love with their daughter!

  28. The one with the child laughing. It
    brought a smile to my face. We all need
    happy images now.

  29. I like #2. Despite the look on the child’s face, the family seems more in sync. They are together, like a whole unit. The child looks as though she belongs to the couple, and they feel like an actual family. In #1, the woman seems fake, and somewhat disconnected to her child. In #3 I loved the woman and child connection, but the man looks like he’s trying to hard to be a part of something, as if he is a new boyfriend.

  30. #3 because I love the giggles you see of the little girl . And actually they are all laughing. It looks like he said something funny and they’re all enjoying it. Maybe he even tickled the little girl.

  31. I like number two because there’s obvious happiness and love and concern for each other in that picture. I would love love to have seen the father holding the child however because dad’s are such an important part of our lives.

  32. #2 photo brings up feeling s on being together as a family unit happy to just be with each other.

  33. Hi Lyn,

    Number 2, the little girl seems sad. Why is she sad? What is the story behind her expression?

  34. # Evokes emotion for me saying, “Read Me” ! It catches my attention! I love to read Lyn Cote’s books.

  35. #2 It reminds me when my daughter was little and needed a hug from Mom with Dad there to support us.

  36. I like 2 and 3. Three shows happiness all around.
    However, I prefer two. There is just a feeling of love emotion that speaks to me.

  37. I like the idea of #1 but would prefer the mom have darker hair or there be some color in the clothes. The picture is too washed out. I think I like all of them having the darker hair and clothes of #2 but not that the little girl looks sad. I like that both parents are kissing the little girl.

  38. I choose #2, because it evokes a sense of family love, of love of father for mother and child, and a sense of commitment.

  39. They are all sweet, but #3 is my favorite. The first picture you can’t see his face and the child looks sleepy/annoyed in the second.

  40. I like #3 the best. It seems to draw you in making me want to see what the family is all about.

  41. I love the third one. It just is so happy! They all look like they’re enjoying each other’s company.

  42. The first one looks “fakey” and awkward, to me. And #2 makes me wonder why the adults are so happy while the little girl looks so forlorn.

    I am most affected by #3. Everyone looks like they are responding to the same thing and to each other. They care about each other.

    Thanks for the opportunity to weigh in.

  43. The one photo that captures me and wants me to learn more is #3. The family seems to be enjoying their time together and maybe going on a picnic to celebrate something special.

  44. I love cover choice #1. They are all very cute and sweet, but #1 just called to me.

  45. Photo #1 probably sets the best tone for the story. What the story is I don’t know but I see these three persons acting as a threesome and happy about something at this point. The other two photos don’t quite get there, IMHO.

  46. #3 looks like the guy is trying to be part of the family but still an outsider.
    Great for a second-chance at love story.

    #1 looks like a complete family.
    Great for a family drama, maybe marriage issues while raising kid.

    #2 just doesn’t draw me in at all…

  47. My favorite cover is the 2nd one. #159763398 The reason I like this one best is probably the look on the little girl’s face as she snuggles next to mama. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  48. I prefer cover #3 – First of all the nature background is more relaxed than #2, the people look happy but not a phony happy like #1 with the nature background. The people in #3 look more natural, the other two covers the people are posing……….

  49. I like #1 with the child between the adults and each kissing her cheeks.
    It looks like they are having fun and are a family.

  50. None of them! #2 has the only sincere emotion on the girl’s face, yet the parents are grinning. The other two are too happy.

  51. I like the third one best. I see love in a family, excitement, and fun times together. I enjoy stories about strong families and how they can get through anything by pulling together. This cover makes me want to know more about this family. They look so happy, but we all know that happiness is temporary. Can the strong bonds carry them past the rough times in life and get them back to happiness again. I will be looking forward to reading a story about this family.

  52. I like #1. You can really feel the love of the family in that picture!!

  53. I like #3,it looks like a picnic or a fruit picking adventure is next up for this family .they are having fun on their way there.

  54. I would choose 2. It shows an intimacy that feels more real and personal. The first one just looks awkward and contrived. Number three the woman’s face is hidden and just seems like an ordinary and not memorable photo.

  55. #1 I feel like both adults are loving on the little girl, and she is happy about it

  56. I love the top one. A sweet, loving family in a beautiful, natural setting. It evokes beautiful memories of family times spent in the woods walking, observing creation and camping.

  57. #2. Looking at the little girl’s face she looks upset. It makes you wonder why?

  58. Number 1 looks like the little girl is about to be dropped. They look very uncomfortable.
    Number 2 looks to staged.
    Number 3 is my pick because they look more natural.

  59. I love the little girl being smushed between the two adults in the first picture. It made me smile. However the expression on the little girl’s face in the second photo pulled at my heart. The adults look so happy, but she looks like she is troubled and just wants to be held. So I guess it depends on what the story is about as to which I would choose.

  60. I like #2 – the up close picture of the family members embracing each other! This one catches my attention, makes me feel happy (warm and fuzzy!), and definitely makes me want to read more about them.

  61. I really like #1, they look fantastic and smoochy?
    Plus no real face is seen. I enjoy that so you came imagine who you want?
    Have a Blessed day & much luck finding what is best?.

    Thanks so much???
    Kathy in NC

  62. I like #2 but the little girl looks so sad.
    I like #3 too but the guy seems a little stand-offish since there is some space between
    him and the others.

  63. #3. It grabbed my attention because it’s the only one that all three people looked happy in.

  64. I love #3 as you not only can you see all the faces and they look so happy together. This picture makes me want to find out more about them as a family such as how they met and what is life like now.

  65. I like number 1 because both parents are kissing the little girl. But I really like the colors of number 3 and the fact everyone is smiling and looking happy. Thanks for the chance!

  66. I like cover 3 the best. Everyone looks happy and I would like yo know more about these people. This cover makes me smile.

  67. Without knowing the name of the book or what it’s about, I would pick number two. The look in the little girl’s eyes intrigues me to want to know what is troubling her. It tells me the book has some mystery and intrigue around her.

  68. #3 the pure happiness in the smile of this little girl reminds me of when my daughter was litte and the joy of my life.

  69. I like #2…it’s a close up so I feel more involved in their life, and It looks natural, #1 looks set up. #3 he looks set apart.

  70. #2 The little girl looks like there was something scary in her life but she is just learning to depend on these adults for care and safety. I want to know her past.

  71. I really like #1. There’s something about that little girl that pulls me in. #2 is my second choice. I don’t like #3 because I can’t see their faces. It’s more impersonal and doesn’t grab my attention.

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