1. Honestly not drawn to any of them, #1 one eye is bigger than the other which just would be too distracting. Maybe 2 only if I was into suspense because she looks scared, and 3 looks like one of those bosses you hate. Sorry can’t really help here.

  2. I would definitely choose number 1 because she looks serious and reflective as if she has something on her mind or maybe a secret from her past. Number 2 looks afraid as in a horror or murder story and number 3 looks arrogant and sneaky as if she knows something and plans to use it against someone.

  3. # 2 if the book is about a girl/woman who is very frightened. The other two are rather blah, but #3 might be ok if main character is someone in charge and watching in a challenging way.

  4. #2 would make me pick up the book for a closer look. The other two do not catch my eye and I’d pass over both.

  5. #1 she seems to be insightful
    #2 she seems frightened at what could happen next
    #3 she seems to envoke confidence, “ I know what you did & you’re going to get caught…the truth will come out!”

    Hope this helps

  6. Number 1: looks very sad. Won’t choose. Number 2 if base of book is a mystery then thats the pick. Number 3 If book is a women who is puzzled by events in her life then thats the pick.

  7. #2- Caught my attention immediately-makes you think there’s an interesting story behind her look.

  8. The emotion shown by #2 draws the viewer in. As well, the darker lighting emphasizes her expressive eyes.

  9. #2 Model makes me wonder what she is looking at and thinking about. I want to read about the book she is on the cover of.

  10. I agree with ausjenny that #2 is the girl. Number one just looks too young to me and #3 I like for her age, but not her expression.

  11. #2 with the darkness next to her face, makes this image more suspenseful looking. Those wide eyes, what does she see coming?

  12. #2 with the darkness next to her face, makes this image more suspenseful looking. Those wise eyes, what does she see?

  13. #3 because she looks kinda like me with dark hair and pale skin. Ha! Plus, she seems a little older – also like me!

  14. I like number 2 she has a look of suspense or danger happening.
    number 1 looks intense but almost angry and 3 has that disinterested look like shes trying to guard her look and looks like a reporter. Where as Number 2 really has a look of something going to happen.

  15. Number 1. She looks formular. I seem to want to find out who she is and know what makes her tick. Those eyes are amazing.

  16. Picture #1 the model’s expression to me is one of intense scrutiny
    Picture #2 the model looks apprehensive and like she has to keep looking over her shoulder
    Picture #3 the model’s expression is thoughtful as if she is deep in thought

    I would say #2 makes want to know just what is going on the most

  17. #1 is the winner for me. She looks cautious and thoughtful. #2 looks like she is being pursued, and #3 looks like she has given up, or frozen. #1 makes me want to know what is going on.

  18. I like model pic #2 because it makes me want to find out more about her expression.

  19. Definitely #2 for me. Her expression makes me want to know more and what she is hiding behind that expression.

  20. Number 1 looks interesting, but number 2 makes me want to know more about what brought that look to her eyes. Is it surprise, shock, fear, watchful ess. That one would make me look again.

  21. #1’s eyes look a little ‘off’ to me. #2 grabs me and screams, “Read my story!” and my definite pick. But #3 is nice, homey, determined looking lady.

  22. Model # 1 caught my attention and held it. Her eyes are captivating. The expression on her facial expression is serious as if she is analyzing or thinking deeply. She is appealing and her expression indicates confidence and intelligence.

  23. #1 it is the “eyes” that draw me. #2 looks frightened. #3 looks like the girl next door.

  24. I like #1. She looks very focused, and like she has a question that needs answered immediately and correctly. Expressive eyes that speak for themselves. Number 2 looks very young and scared to me, while # 3 looks a little ticked.

  25. #2 caught my eye. It makes me wonder what see is seeing that causes that apprehensive look on her face.

  26. I like Model #3. The picture makes me wonder what is happening. #2 looks scared to me

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