Author Susan Page Davis and Son Join to Write Seafaring Women of the Vera B — 23 Comments

  1. This book sounds like a great read! It looks like Alice has her hands full trying to keep everything/everyone going.

  2. I love the unconventional way the women got out of the brothels and taverns. Sounds like a wonderful story. Amazing what we women can do if we have to and if we want to bad enough. Plus we can do all things through God who gives us strength.

  3. Jenny, great to see you here. Thanks for your kind words. I think it is so neat that one of the Australian towns mentioned in the book has a family connection for you.

  4. I have read the book and loved it. I love its set partly in Australia and know the areas. (in fact one area is where my brother took his first steps). I can’t wait for the next book

  5. I think it’s a great idea. It needs to be addressed. Too many times certain stereotypes are shunned, But maybe God wants us to look a little deeper, below the surface. What circumstances put people in the life they become stuck in? A good question to answer.

    Loved the interview. Not only do I admire the heroine’s gumption, but Susan and her son’s, for addressing this.

  6. A very interesting idea! I hope the women and the ship make it to their destination.

  7. I would like to win this book. And the subject is a good topic for today.

  8. I want to add that I just reloaded the file for the paperback to the printer, so the paper edition has been “not available” for a couple of days, but it should be up and ready again by tomorrow (Wed.). We had found a few mistakes that we wanted to correct. So if you’re looking for the paperback, please don’t be disappointed. It really is available, and should be in place by morning.

  9. Absolutely, Wendy. Our heroine, Alice is from a background where such things would not be spoken of, but she is a strong and practical woman, and a woman of deep faith. Not all of the crew are happy about her overtures to them, but the message finds some open hearts and begins to sprout.

  10. I’ve loved Susan’s books for years, and this one written by Susan and her son James is no exception. They weave a wonderful story of a group of women who meet a tremendous challenge. I can hardly wait to see what they have for us next.

  11. I really enjoy Susan’s books. I do think this is a issue. I am reading a book now that has a woman that was raped and then started to prostitute herself. Unfortunately when she reached out to people in the church she was shunned. The book was set during the civil war. I do think it is an issue to deal with and deal with grace. Not sure if I am making sense.

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