Best-Selling Author Linda Ford & What Kind of Strength Do You Have? — 9 Comments

  1. My mother has been a pillar of strength for our family for years. A woman that draws on the strength she gets from God can meet all challenges. Linda’s books demonstrate that. 🙂

  2. LOL. I know. Just wondering if you had a wonderful insight into my life that I missed!!!

  3. Lyn she didn’t mind it to start with now she just hates the taste of it. even in the nursing home when she got pumpkin she would eat a little but really doesn’t like the taste. I am the same with turkey when I stayed with an aunt and uncle for a month we ate turkey probably 6 nights a week cos they could get it so cheap as they had friends with a turkey farm and it was just after Christmas. To this day I hate and cant eat turkey.

  4. Paula,
    Large families are a lot of fun. I love having as many of my children and grandchildren as possible come for the day. My next family day is at Easter.

    I’m anxious to see what Lyn considers my theme. lol

  5. Linda I love your dreams and how they came true for you, you sound like a wonderful woman and I like to read your historical books. I cannot imagine having so many children to raise but my Mom raised 9 of us and I did like coming from a large family.
    I would say the theme for your site is “Yesteryear” I liked the pics and of course your faith and foreverlove shine through your site.
    Thanks Lyn for sharing Linda with us today…
    Paula O

  6. Hi Jenny,
    Love your story about pumpkin. I can’t imagine eating it every day. Or turnips which was another standby in the Depression.

  7. Is Lindas Theme Faith, Family and a Forever love or is it the theme from the end of her bio Foreverness, commitment, the power of faith and the joy of family?

    I have to say I love Linda’s books I have read the first two of this series and am eagar to read Sally’s story. I love reading of the depression in Canada around the same time it was happening here in Australia. I know a little of it from what mum has said and how her dad would work at the local botanical gardens for food when times were really bad. Oh and how one of the few foods she wouldn’t eat or make us eat was pumpkin. It was one of those vegetables that everyone could grew and there was alot of during the depression and they ate it almost every day sometimes twice a day in various ways. Even now at 92 she doesn’t like pumpkin.

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