Lyn Interviews Author Leann Harris — 7 Comments

  1. True, Danie. God’s timing is perfect. And although we think we know how to order things, His timing is much better.

  2. Also, I want to thank Lyn for the opportunity to talk about my latest book. This book has a special place in my heart.

  3. I remember my old computer. I got so good in the commands, that I was faster than Word. But time marches on and we must live with what we have now. I also had a kneeling chair where all the pressure on your back was transferred to your knees. That’s gone, too.

  4. Great, Danie. I want to warn you not to add your email address to your comments. I get that info through my website anyway and spammers might pick it up. FYI~

  5. Hi Lyn,
    Yes, to answer your question, No I don’t like to wait and yes I’ve had too wait to get New Chickens. I finally got my chickens and I am so thankful that I waited because I got them cheep. So when I do wait for the right timing God rewards us with something so much more than we can deserve and that is his umpmost deserving love.

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