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Lyn Cote here at the beginning of summer~Yes, finally, the “white stuff” has all melted! And I have some interesting info for you.

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Now to hear from my readers! My May question was: Do you have a special memory of your mother that you would like to share?  

Here are a few of the replies I received:

Alison Boss:

I remember when I was about 7 years old, I asked my mother if I could bike to the Five & Dime Store. My brothers were both busy and so my mother didn’t want me to bike there by myself for safety reasons. I remember being so disappointed and hanging my head in sadness. Then my mother lovingly said, “Why don’t you come to my store?”. I raised my head in wonder and curiousity. My mother reached up to a cupboard above the stove and brought down various candy treats…pixie sticks, tootsie rolls, gum balls, etc. She laid the candy out on the counter as she explained that each piece of candy was a penny per piece. I was so excited and ran to my bedroom to collect my change from my bank. I remember thinking what a wonderful mother I had, who invited me to her special store! It was way more fun then going to the Five & Dime Store. I still recall that fond memory like it was yesterday. My heart swells with love for my mom, for her love & for the creative alternative she made for me that day. I still experience that moment of awe and wonder that she did that for me. It is that example that I have sought to emmulate with my own children…a creative & loving alternative when sometimes something just doesn’t work out. Thanks, Mom!

Jo Jones:

My Mother was on up in years and had quit traveling when I invited her to go to Maui with me. I said we would just lay around and I would rest up from my job. We did not rest. Every morning Mother go up and said where are we going today and we went somewhere on Maui every day.

Shirl Halverson:

Before I started school my mother stayed at home and got her GED cause she married at 15 and quit to raise a family. After I started she went to work to help get us out of debt as my father wasn’t too good at finances. I remember mom reading to me at nap time and this is where I’ve gotten my love for books. But most of all I remember the time she made a pencil can for my collection from a yellow plastic comet can. She drew flowers and a phrase I’ll never forget. “Pretty is as pretty does, But ugly is to the bone. She never explained the saying to me as a child but later I came to realize in her unspoken way she was letting me know that now matter what I looked like on the outside it was what was on the inside that counts the most. I learned not to let bitterness and anger stray me and form me into an ugly person. Mom was by no means predigest but years later we were taking a trip and in the conversation she told me that there are good and bad in every race. Mom’s been gone about 3 years now but her legacy lives on.

Lyn~ Thanks, Alison, Jo and Shirl. I really appreciate all the comments and these are just a few that told stories that caught my attention. I offered these readers free Kindle gift codes to one of my books. And if you didn’t go to read my memory and more from other readers, here is the link:

So what’s June’s question–”Have you ever visited a national park? If so, which one or which one was your favorite and why?” Here’s the link to weigh in and perhaps win a Kindle gift code.…-a-national-park Edit

Finally about my books and ones written by my friends. If you haven’t dowloaded a copy of one or both of my free ebooks, why not? And have you told a friend? I don’t know about you but when a friend recommends a book, I take a long look at it and usually end up reading it. Here is the link to my book page on my website. The two free ebooks are available there. 

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So that’s another newsletter. I hope I am including “stuff” you find interesting and helpful. Thanks for being a faithful reader and hope your summer is starting out well! Hope you have fun times with family and friends. Take time to enjoy the season. Blessings, Lyn Cote

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