Have You Ever Visited a National Park? — 30 Comments

  1. I am blessed to live in NH we have the white mountains. Where we have many state parks. As a child and as an adult my father took myself and my sister and three brothers there to hike,and to have a barbeque. I lost my dear sweet daddy this Febuary. So these memories are painful but so treasured. He was my best friend since, well birth so him and I use to go holding or to the mountains as adults. The views and conversation was amazing., treasured in my heart. Being disabled from Multiple Sclerosis I have not been able to drive. So with my father gone so will the white mountains both echoing strongly in my mind. Because I love each of them differently of coarse but love none the less!

  2. Last summer, my family visited Yellowstone. It was absolutely breathtaking! We hope to visit there again someday.

  3. I quite fell in love with the great smoky mountains as a child, and still love them 60 years later, even though I have been back only once.

  4. My favorite isn’t One, but many. My family and I fulfilled a goal of mine from grade 5. I wanted to see the Grand Canyon ever since I did a report on it. But until my own children were about that same age, I didn’t get to go. We packed up our camper and took 2 weeks… We camped near Bryce Canyon. A campground called Kodachrome Basin. We toured all of the National Parks in Southern Utah, then we moved up and camped overnight on the Great Salt Lake,Into Southern Idaho to Lake Henry State Park and on to Yellowstone and Then Theodore Roosevelt National Park in ND. Years later now, I live 12 miles from the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt park. A gorgeous area in North Dakota.

  5. The most impressive national park? Ooo, that’s as hard as my special memory of my mother. We have been to at least 30 of the US National Parks. Of course, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Glacier Bay are very spectacular. But so are Yellowstone, Redwoods and Mt. Rushmore. The people of American Samoa were very friendly, but the weather was so hot and humid, we could not enjoy it so much.
    Funny story: It did not involve me, but my father-in-law, who was at Mt. Rushmore before it was fenced off. He actually climbed out onto Jefferson’s nose! Yep, he had a photo of it. That was so very long ago that it was not photo shopped.
    Touching story: We had a German teenager staying with us one summer. Of course we took her to beaches, Disneyland, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Yosemite. At the end of her stay, my husband asked her what she liked best. She said,” Dinner conversations around the table. My parents and older brothers are so busy we seldom eat together.”

  6. I have been to Mt. Reiner in Washington. Fabulous views, something you will never forget. We were there on July 2nd and it snowed. None of us were prepared for the weather change. Had to visit the gift shop to buy jackets.
    Even with the cold and snow in July I would make the trip again.

  7. Yes I have and a few actually, but our fav was the Grand Canyon on,y because it was on our super family road trip back across United States from California to Virginia after my last deployment. We were PCSing (moving) from city to another (San Diego to Norfolk) and since our boys were 5 years older we made an awesome trip out of the cross country trip. We stopped at the Grand Canyon and it was EPIC the rock formations were so amazing. Our boys were impressed. I love visiting National Parks – as a Veteran I’m lucky to have that discount too. Also we live in an area with SO many in our area too.

  8. I have been to several, but my favorite was Glacier National Park in Montana. The pristine beauty and the wildness of nature was astounding.

  9. We did a National Parks tour in 2001 – Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, etc. It was all spectacular, but if I had to choose a favorite it was probably Yellowstone – seeing Old Faithful and even got fairly close to a buffalo!

  10. I have been to quite a few National Parks. I have a Senior Pass for the National Parks and it has been wonderful to visit so many beautiful parks. My favorite is Yellowstone and I have been there three times. The first time was in 1988 during the big fire. My husband and I were there with our four young children, ages 4-9. We were lucky to rent a cabin within walking distance of Old Faithful. We went over several times to watch the eruption and it was spectacular every one. Our kids were so awed and excited by that experience. We were back in 2010 and 2015 and each trip was wonderful. We were able to see the recovery from the fire and so many wild animals. I hope I have a chance to go back another time.

  11. I’ve been to Mt. Rushmore, Glacier National Park, Sequoia, and to the Grand Canyon twice! Love the Grand Canyon!! It always makes me think of a church! Like it’s a hallowed place! It’s kind of got a hush around it! ? Anyway, it’s beautiful!!

  12. I have only been to MT Rushmore. Now that I am retired it is hubby and my goal to visit more of our nation’s parks.

  13. When we were newlyweds, hubby was in the Navy. We were stationed at Homestead just outside the Air Base. We took a car self tour of the Everglades. We would stop at the exhibits and walk into the glades and read the information posted. The one I clearly remember was the one with spiders hanging all over the place! It was a beautiful day, though and very interesting with wildlife that didn’t hide.

  14. I’ve been to 29 national parks. Vacationing in these national gems has been the goal of my husband and mine especially since our children have become adults. It’s hard to name a favorite but the parks in Utah are breathtaking and fairly easy to do more than one during a week of vacation. Zion probably ranks high up on my scale of favorites. Our most recent this year was Biscayne Bay in FL but we arrived shortly before they were closing. 🙁

  15. I’ve been to most of the western national parks. Yosemite is my favorite because it was the first one I ever visited. I stayed in a cabin and got up at the crack of dawn to take pictures when there weren’t a lot of people around. It was neat watching the sun come up over the mountains

  16. We have been to a number of National Parks from one coast to the other. There are still many more we would still like to visit
    This year we have been to the Grand Canyon. Later this summer we will be in Glacier,, The Tetons, maybe Yellowstone, Dinosaur National Monument . Glacier is probably our most favorite! The Grant Tetons would be next.

  17. I live 5 minutes outside the Olympic National Park in Port Angeles, WA. We live in a slice of heaven, it is 30 ish minutes from sea to mountains.One year, on the last day of school, I took my four little children out to Ediz Hook where there was a low tide. They frolicked on the beach finding treasures from the sea. Then we drove into the Olympic National Park and arrived up on the mountain at Hurricane Ridge. What a majestic view as it was a clear day. That June we were fortunate to still have some snow on the ground so of course we had to have a snowball fight. The deer were out, a few fawns, squirrel sightings…it was such a fun ending to the school year. You should come to the Olympic Peninsula and visit the Park, not only by Port Angeles but also out west to the Rain Forest, see the giant Elk herds, the clear blue rivers and the most impressive Bald Eagles!

  18. I have been to the Great Smoky Mountains National park as I only live 10 miles from it. It is a wonderful place to visit. I have also been to the Everglades, Grand Canyon and any others on I-40.I also saw one in northern CA that I don’t remember the name. (senior moments). I love the Great Smokirs best. I never get tired of visiting.

  19. I have been to a number too. Glacier NP is one that always comes to mind for me when people ask me about NP. It is just so breathtakingly beautiful.

  20. Every year our family went to Yellowstone National Park for a week. We camped and had a great time. Most of the time my moms parents came with. One year, on the way to the park we stopped and dad picked up some “special” sausage. He was the only one that would eat it. Dad was good about putting food stuff in the trees out of reach of critters at night. But one night, he put his sausage in a cooler on the ground because he was going to have it “tomorrow” Mom tried to get him to put it up in the trees but he wouldn’t listen.My grandparents had their own tent. Well that night our Lady dog woke us all up barking. There was a bear outside rummaging around our campsite. So there was us four kids frightened, huddling together and mom holding the dog with one hand and dad with the other. Now she had it hard there. Both dad and the dog wanted to get outside the tent. Well the bear finally left and mom convinced dad that there was nothing to do until morning. So we all tried to go back to sleep. Us kids had the dog with us and boy it never felt so good to have her with us. Anyway, the next morning when we went outside, we saw the mess the bear made of our campsite. Dad saw that his sausage was missing and oh my goodness, he was mad. Well we followed the bear tracks and in doing so we found bits of sausage here and there. As you can guess, this just made dad madder. Finally we came to a spot where the bear had just left the sausage all mauled up and in pieces. That bear didn’t really want dads sausage, it was a super HOT sausage. Oh my goodness, I have never seen dad so hopping mad. Dad didn’t even take the pieces to get rid of. He stormed back to the campsite and vented to no one in particular. We knew a lot of the people around us for years. And for years no one ever let dad live it down that he wouldn’t listen to his wife and put ALL the food in the trees. It became a big joke about dad, his sausage and the bear that he couldn’t strangle. That was the last time dad bought that particular sausage. Dad never lived down the story about him and his sausage. Good times.

  21. I’ve been to quite a few national parks and loved them all for different reasons. Arches national park is great but my favorite is Hawaii’s Volcano national park.

  22. I have never been to any National Parks but always wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park. Now I am not able to travel so will just have to visit it through PBS tv shows.

  23. Lets see, I’ve visited Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Olympic, Capitol Reef, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Badlands, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Canyonlands, Glacier, Grand Canyon North Rim, Niagra Falls,Sequoia,Seguaro, and the Northern Cascades. We will visit and stay a week at Rocky Mt in September.

    I loved Zion. So impressive with the drive through tunnel the views,. We were able to get a day pass to hike TheSubway, The Narrows was a challenge. Hurricane Ridge Drive in Olympic was pretty. we saw a glacier. Glacier was nice too. We went on a 3 week long trip for our honeymoon visiting the parks out West. My son works for the park service and lives in Moab, Utah. We also love to hike the San Juan Mts of Colorado.

  24. I have also been to Niagara Falls several times, but it is a State Park not a National Park. There are 60 National Parks.

  25. Hi Lyn! What a great way for this avid reader and traveler to reminisce her travels. Hubby and I love road trips and have driven coast to coast. We have visited these 9 National Parks: Grand Canyon, Sequoia, Badlands, Great Smokey Mountains, Death Valley, Mammoth Cave, Petrified Forest, Indiana Dunes, and Gateway Arch. Indiana Dunes are the closest to home, so we love taking summer road trips through the winding streets. A family friend had a summer home there, so we visited often. The Great Smokey Mountains remains my favorite vacation destination. As a retiree, I love driving through the foliage shaded curvy streets listening to the rippling brooks. Never gets old. Thanks for making me remember the wonders of our beautiful country. Best wishes.

  26. I have been to the Everglades, Nigeria Falls, Delaware Water Gap Then there are National park like places such as the National Zoo, Ellis island and Statue of Liberty.

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