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  1. Having the kids over for dinner… it’s really busy now because we are also planning our daughter’s wedding

  2. I will be housesitting for a friend. A needed place for a few days of quiet time to do some reflecting on what the past few months has had for me. You see my home burned up in the Carr fire in Northern California the end of July, which was so overwhelming since I evacuated 3 times from different locations. Was displaced for three months, then my daughter died October 22. She was only 48. Next was watching the debris cleanup of my home and surrounding homes which was very emotional. God is good, He keeps blessing me every day, with a temporary permanent place to love, good friends and families who love me and whom I love.
    Thanksgiving favorite food: pumpkin pie with fresh whip cream.
    Traveling: only a 35 minute drive
    Thankful for good writers like you. Love your books?
    I am thanking God for what He has done for me and how He is going to continue to use me. I am so blessed, the richest person I could ever be.
    May God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving season??

  3. I will be the sous chef in my chair as my husband does the cooking when he is home. I am disabled with RSD a nerve disease that I have had for over 30 years. Needless to day what i can do is limited and I am lucky to have married a man who loves to cook. He just won the chili cookoff for church and the gals at bingo want him to make chili for their bingo members and that is always a sellout. He says that his secret is no hot spice that his chili is very mild and a lot of meat in it so any age can eat it. So I am grateful that I married a man who likes to cook and also can and I can watch and clean up what I can.

  4. I’m living with daughter for the first time this year, so I will be helping her with Thanksgiving dinner. For the last nine years, I cooked the turkey at my house and brought it to hers. At least, at her new house, we have two ovens, but I may still cook some things on Wednesday. She does most of the cooking on Thanksgiving Day.

  5. The only immediate family I have are my two sisters. We live together. I normally cook for holidays but this year, our Thanksgiving lunch is being delivered. It will be the traditional turkey and dressing.

  6. My side of the family usually gets together at lunch time for our Thanksgiving feast. This year, my mom has the flu (but she calls it the “crud”), and one of my brothers and his wife has it also, so we may not get together this year. My husband and I don’t have any children, so we will just spend a quiet day at home, and take my mom some food, which we have done for a few weeks now. My husband’s mom has gone to be with Our Father.
    One of our favorite dishes is my mom’s chicken and dressing casserole. I gave her the recipe, but mine never turns out as good as hers does!

  7. We will be cooking our Thanksgiving dinner at home starting with smoking a turkey breast on Wednesday for ourselves as well as a family friend. We are trying a new recipe for our pies – combines 4 pies in a sheet cake pan – pumpkin, pecan, cherry and apple. We will also have green bean casserole, noodles, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, and whatever else we decide to add at the last minute. Looking forward to a quiet day with the family.

  8. This year will be the first time in 6 years that we will be with family. Our granddaughter and her husband will have thanksgiving at their apartment near Orlando about two hours from our home. Our daughter and her husband will fly from New Hampshire. Most of our family, except for our granddaughter, live in New England so we only see them in the summer. We will have turkey and all the fixings. Our favorite food is a casserole I make with sweet potatoes and carrots. I’ve made it for years. This year I will have to tweak it a bit as our daughter has to eat gluten free and usually it has flour and oatmeal mixed with butter on top. We are so thankful we are celebrating with family.

  9. My daughter in law and son will be cooking this year. They finished building their new house recently. Our daughter and family and our other two sons will come from about three hours away each direction, North and South. This will be the first time in ten years we will all be together at the same time.
    I’m guessing it will be traditional turkey with all the fixings. We will probably take fresh cranberry sauce. My son’s family has a lot of different allergies, and our ten year old grandson has diabetes, so they usually do the cooking.

  10. I love in South Alabama where we eat that good chicken dressing(not stuffing) and dumplings, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, Pecan Pie, Cakes, just to name a few. I will eat at my church next Sunday. With my family on Thanksgiving.

  11. Well we are one of “those” families that actually go shopping for Black Friday so our family (me, my sister and her family, my parents and before our brother moved to OK in July he and his family came) gets together on Wednesday before Thanksgiving after everyone gets home from work. My Mom actually cooks the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and noodles since most of it requires the broth from the turkey and the pies. My sister and I split cooking and bringing the remainder of the meal. We spend the evening together and celebrate my daughter’s birthday as well (which is usually the day before Thanksgiving). Then the members of our family who travel to the in-laws or soon-to-be in-laws can go to their homes for Thanksgiving. My husband and oldest daughter will get up about 2:30 am Thanksgiving day and travel 40 miles north to go pick up the newspaper with all the Black Friday ads. Since we live in a very rural area the one paper we do get does not have the ads in it. They will come back home and go back to bed. My husband and I will get up after sleeping in and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and go through all the ads making our list for each store (we call it making our battle plan). We will rest and relax. I will have made goodies to take in the car for everyone to snack on while we shop. I will also make thermoses of coffee to take with us. I also make a complete Thanksgiving meal so that when we get home on Friday we can have “leftovers”. We will eat on that all week-end. So it will be my husband (the designated driver, stand in liner and hauler to the car), me, both of our grown daughters (both still single), our niece and my Mom all load up in the vehicle usually about 3:30 pm on Thanksgiving day with Christmas music playing and drive the 1 1/2 hours to the “city” to start our all night shopping adventure. We usually take a break around midnight or 1 am and stop for a bite to eat and charge cell phones at McDonalds or IHOP and just sit down for a bit while we eat. By then we are all needing a break. Then it’s back out there. We usually end up getting home around 3 or 4 o’clock Friday afternoon with a packed vehicle, tired crew and a finished Christmas list. Once home and unloaded my husband promptly goes to bed and will sleep all night. I usually go through all the stuff and write down everything we got, for who and separated into piles by person all while having “leftovers” or pumpkin pie and coffee and watching either a Hallmark movie or a Christmas movie. So that’s how our family spends Thanksgiving.

  12. We have no family living close by, so several years ago we started the tradition of inviting friends who also had no family close to spend Thanksgiving with us. This year we’re hosting 26 people. Everyone pitches in with the food, but we smoke the turkeys and I always make pretzel bread. We’re going to set up a small photo booth area to take fun pictures and create new memories. We love the time of fellowship with our friends who are family to us.

  13. Lyn,
    I will we do the Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner this year it might be just me but I will be doing a Video Chat with my fiance and his family. I went from my kids growing up and moving on to there own lives to just me to have my fiance family excepting me into there family with out meeting just by what there brother and what is son told him I was a daughter in-law my first Thanksgiving with them I say that gave me me the reason to cook this year. I will be staying at home health issues prevent me from traveling. My favorite part of the meal is mash potato with gravy I could live on that and the fresh out of the oven apple pie with a scoop of ice cream on top.

  14. Lyn,
    I am cooking this year for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner I am hoping a few for a few friends to join me if not I will be doing a Video Chat with my fiance and his family. But no traveling for me this year. Our family Thanksgiving tradition dinners favor food is the I would hate to say but it is a compete family dinner with all the fixings and talk about all the memories of our family and growing up. But I usually have no deserts left or Three bean casserole left either.

  15. I will be going home (about 4 hrs. away) to visit with my sister’s family and hopefully to see my late husband’s family as well the day after for second Thanksgiving! My sister, myself and my three nieces will all gather to cook. My favorite savory dish is cornbread dressing. My favorite sweet dish is pecan pie. When we are all cooking we started a tradition of wearing antique aprons and getting a picture each year. The guys are all in the den watching football, so one of them has to take the picture during commercial breaks!

  16. We’ll have Thanksgiving dinner for family here and another Thanksgiving dinner with family away. Both will feature a not-to-be-missed dessert, pecan praline pie, otherwise known as “pudding pie” in the family lexicon. You can bet there are very few leftover pieces. Have a wonderful holiday, Lyn!

  17. We will be cooking for Thanksgiving. My mother and my husband’s mother are widows, so they are coming to our house for Thanksgiving. I think my family’s favorite food for Thanksgiving is Green Bean Casserole! Yum!! A traditon our family does is we have a Thanksgiving Journal and each year we try to have everyone write something in the journal of blessings from the past year or something they are thankful for. It is neat to look back and recount the memories of days gone by. 🙂

    Thank you, Lyn, for a chance to win one of your ebooks! I am really enjoying your new Carlyle Women series!!
    ~Alison Boss

  18. Hi Lyn! We’ll be having two Thanksgiving dinners, one with family at home before the holiday and one with family away. A must-serve food is pecan praline pie, known as “pudding pie” by the younger family members. Everyone gets a piece, and then it’s gone. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  19. This year we are going to my best friend’s, I will be baking a pumpkin pie and making my turkey rolls which are always a hit with anyone who eats them.

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