Lyn Shares Her Most Memorable Birthday–(I Survived!) — 48 Comments

  1. My most memorable birthday was actually my youngest daughter’s. When she turned 40 she invited five women who had been mentors in her life to a reserved room in a nice restaurant for a birthday breakfast. She set up the tables with a different color rose for each woman and a box of truffles. As each woman arrived at the restaurant, she greeted them with a hug and showed them to their place at the table. After a delicious breakfast, she thanked each lady for being a special part of her life and read a scripture and a paragraph she had written about each one, and how they had impacted her life. She gave each one a copy of the tribute she had written, typed in calligraphy on decorative paper. There were lots of tears and laughter, and we all left feeling happy and blessed to have been a part of this special woman’s life. And I was so thankful to be her Mom!

  2. Hi, Lyn, My birthday is also in Feb. (the 11th). But my 35th was my most memorable one but not in a very good way. I got a phone call at about 6 am from my Dad to let me know that his Mom had passed away. She was my hero, kind, sweet, never said a negative thing about anybody. She gave birth to and raised 12 kids She had between 50-60 grandkids. On Sundays, we would ALL go over there to spend the day and eat lunch. I NEVER heard my grandma raise her voice or lose her patience.

  3. My birthday is in December, and since most people are busy with Christmas preparations, it often gets overlooked by friends and family alike. One year my husband said he was taking me out to dinner, but he wouldn’t tell me where. “It’s a surprise,” he said. As we drove toward the outskirts of town, I guessed numerous places we might be headed, but each time we passed one of them I had fewer places to guess. As we headed out of town and towards Mt. Hood, I guessed one spot halfway up the mountain, but we passed that as well.

    It had begun to snow, and after about half an hour it became a real blizzard. We could barely see the road and had to slow down to stay safe. “I’m sure glad you didn’t invite anyone else,” I commented, and my husband asked me why I said that. “Because with this storm, I know that no one else would have showed up!” He chuckled and said he guessed I was probably right.

    By the time we began the ascent to Timberline Lodge, I knew that our destination could only be the elegant Cascade Dining Room in the lodge itself. I was so excited because Timberline Lodge holds a special place in our family’s history, and this was indeed a treat.

    Once in the lodge, we climbed the stairs to the level of the dining room. I warmed myself in front of the massive fireplace while my husband went to check on our reservations. When he returned he said our table wasn’t ready yet, so we found comfy seating near the fireplace to wait. While waiting, I thought I recognized a friend of his from work, but he said I must be wrong. A few minutes later I saw someone else who looked familiar, and then another person and another, until I finally caught on. He had planned a surprise party! Finally, a small crowd surrounded us and everyone began calling out “Happy Birthday” and gathering for hugs all around.

    When we were called into the dining room, there were two empty spaces at the table, and I asked my husband who was supposed be there. He shrugged and said they must just be extra chairs, but I wasn’t that easily fooled, especially when it had taken half an hour to set up our table. Finally I blurted out, “I’m guessing Nancy and Dave are on their way since they are always late!” Sure enough, almost as soon as I’d said that, my best friend and her husband showed up at the table, laughing because they had overheard me.

    We all had a lovely time, and it was the first and last time my husband ever pulled off a surprise party for me.

  4. My 40th birthday was on a Friday. We were going away for the weekend to the coast. The boat was attached to the car and off we went. We were in the middle of a mountain pass when one of the wheels of the boat trailer came off & flew past us down the road. We came to a halt as the trailer shaft dug into the tar & slid onto the verge. Sparks were flying! It was a few scary moments. People stopped & tried to help but we needed a tow truck & someone said they had contacted one at the nearest town. We spent a few hours on the side of the road until the tow truck arrived. We packed all the fishing gear that was in the boat into the car & arrived at our destination very late so just went to bed!
    The next morning we were contacted by the repair company & told that our boat trailer would be repaired that morning. The rest of the weekend was lovely & made up for my unusual birthday on the side of the road! : )

  5. My most memorable birthday was my birth at least it was memorable for my parents & my great aunt who delivered me. My older brother was stillborn 11 months prior so they had some understandable concerns. Mom figured out I was coming & some discussion followed about which car to take as my great aunt’s had a wider back seat. Daddy was awakened multiple times as he was tired from working construction & then we were all on the way. It was close to midnight & there was a lot of traffic on the two-lane highway in Nebraska as the drive-in movie & a football game were just letting out. Daddy was quite nervous with the traffic plus all the activity in the backseat & hoping somehow all would go well this time. I was born somewhere on the way at 9# 6oz. & 25″ long (it’s on the birth certificate). Everyone was relieved when I loudly expressed myself.

  6. My birthday is the first of December and I had scheduled our wedding for the Saturday after Thanksgiving which would give my husband only one easy to remember special time. For many years that worked out just fine. My brother was in the habit of bringing our Mom to visit us for Thanksgiving and staying a few days to also celebrate my birthday. One year I recall asking the rhetorical question “where have all the years gone?” However one of our adult sons happened to be visiting us at home and put his hand in the air saying “here I am Mom!” And yes, he was right, all the years had gone into raising our children. That son has a knack for making memorable comments, but all six of our kids are memorable even if their comments are not.

  7. Wow, what a memorable birthday you had! Great reflexes! So glad you all survived. I won’t attempt to top this, but I’ll share a memorable birthday story from our family.
    My parents lived in a small rural town after they married. After two miscarriages, Mom was pregnant again and was expecting a January baby. They had only started to discuss the eventual half-hour car ride to the hospital for the delivery. The town doctor lived a few minutes’ walk away, but Mom went into labour two months early, and the baby arrived before the doctor did. I’m sure by now you’ve surmised that this was many many moons ago. That was the day I made my family debut–two days before my mother’s birthday. Surprise! Now we celebrate together.
    Wishing you many more happy (and uneventful) birthdays!

  8. My most memorable birthday was my 18th. I had just moved away to college- ‘on my own’ for the very first time in my life. I went to college in a town where a dear friend from church camp lived and I had been ‘adopted’ by her family. My birthday is in Sept, college started in Aug- so it was just about a month after the start of the new ‘adult’ adventure. I was sad most of the day, because I was away from my family and figured it would just be another day. My friend’s sister came over to my dorm and said I was to come to their house for dinner, so off we went. Her mom made the most delicious homemade spaghetti- real all day cooked sauce and huge meatballs! We sat and chatted for a bit, then, my roommate showed up (she was not friends with this family, so I was surprised she was at their house). The door to the dining room was opened and there on the table was a huge homemade birthday cake, with 18 candles and wrapped presents filling the rest of the table! They had put this all together without me knowing about it, and I had a most wonderful birthday. It stands out almost 50 years later as my most memorable birthday ever.

  9. One year husband took me to lunch on my birthday. We lived way out in the country. As we started driving I noticed signs announcing my 40th birthday. Then there was a surprise party where everyone dressed in black and dead roses were the decoration. There were a lot of prank gifts. My husband knew I couldn’t top that on his 40th birthday a few months later. I didn’t even try.

  10. On my 9th birthday, we moved from a small city to the country. My aunt and uncle and cousins were helping us move, and there was much drama about who was in which vehicle. Much to my mother’s chagrin, I would up in the car with the cake! And I didn’t realize it! (She was determined that I would have a celebration to compensate for uprooting me from all my friends.

  11. When i was afreshmen in high school i took a coconut cake to school for a party. Mother and i sat in the back seat and held the cake steady between us ( it was a three tiered extravaganza my mother made). Daddy took the
    Little street behind the high school so i could go in the back door. Just as he turned into the loading area
    A “kid” flew out the door. Daddy slammed the brakes. Our cocker spaniel, who went most places with took a
    Header over the back seat right toward the cake. Automatically mothervand i raised our arms and pushed into the
    Back window cavity. The dog’s face was so astonished that we would treat him this way! Of course “cake saved”
    But we were hysterical, daddy thought we were hurt, the dog was sulking which made it funnier. Best cake ever.
    And the story became a family legend.

  12. my most memorable birthday was the year I turned 45 when my daughter wrote me a beautiful poem and framed it with rose petals she had saved from my Mother’s Day bouquet.

  13. One birthday I will never forget happened when I was a teenager, like 13 or 14. My mom, brother, aunt, her friend and I went to a restaurant called Molly Murphy’s where the waitstaff dressed as different characters. I had warned everyone that they were not to tell that it was my birthday because I didn’t want to be embarrassed, only someone told. Our waiter was GI Joe and after the group sang to me and I blew out the candle on my cupcake. He told me to pick the cupcake up, so I picked up the plate. He then said that he just wanted me to pick up the cupcake itself in one hand then he took my other hand and stuck one finger in the cake and then in his mouth and then into a water glass. I was mortified. I didn’t speak to anyone for the rest of the night.

    Hope you have a lovely birthday this year!

  14. My 40th birthday was memorable in more ways than one. My twelve year old daughter planned a surprise birthday party for me. It was a Saturday and I remember that because I was a substitute mail carrier on a rural route and I always worked Saturdays. It was a very heavy mail day for me, more so than usual. On over in the later afternoon hours I started getting phone calls in my car from my daughter asking when I would be home. Back in those days I had one of those early bag cell phones. She called me several times and I started wondering what was going on. I found out later that the guests had shown up, stayed a while then left. A few trickled back eventually. When I did get home I was surprised but tired, dirty, and sweaty. I appreciated her efforts, such a sweet girl, still is!
    This year she’ll be 40 and her daughter will be 12…wonder if there will be another surprise?? LOL

  15. I had never seen the ocean…I was born & raised in MN, and have lived in OH for the past 38 years… My oldest daughter planned a mystery trip for my b-day; she got $39 tickets from Akron/Canton to Atlanta; then she got a rental car & drove me to quilt shops & to a nice restaurant for lunch, & we headed south… my youngest sister & her family had moved from MN to Fort Walton Beach, and, we arrived at their house in time for supper & to attend WED night Bible study! The next day my daughter drove me to Destin Beach–w/ the white sand! & I saw the ocean for the 1st time! We then drove to a “mystery” place & we went on a helicopter ride over Destin Beach–1st helicopter ride for both of us! The day was beautiful & the helicopter pilot pointed out a family run crab restaurant–YES, we ate there! My BIL fixed shrimp scampi that was made w/ fresh shrimp–SO, SO good! We then went another beach & collected sea shells! The next day we went on a dolphin tour boat ride, and to another restaurant where I tried grouper for the 1st time! It was a wonderful trip & so good to see & be w/ family too!

  16. Oh my, God was certainly watching over your family that day! I got married on my 30th birthday so that I would have happy memories of turning 30. That was 39 years ago and it’s made a lot of funny family stories since there was only one date for my husband to remember.

  17. My most memorable birthday was in 2009. My husband and I owned a restaurant at the time and didn’t get very much time away. My youngest son and his wife were expecting their first born and were planning on coming in to the restaurant for dinner. Mid morning our son called and said he didn’t think they would be up as his wife wasn’t feeling well. I’ve never been a big celebrate my birthday kinda gal so it was just back to business as usual. Later in the day my son called and said” If you want to be here when the baby is born, you might want to come now.” We got to the hospital in time to see our son bathing his new son! Best birthday EVER

  18. Oh my goodness. That was a birthday to remember. So glad that your son and Shadow are ok. NO I cant top this one. But I do have a very memorable birthday. Our two kids were 2 and 4. My husband took the two kiddos out to shop. To this day I will never understand how he was able to stop them both from telling me what it was LOL I opened it and started to cry. Our son got upset and started to cry. He didnt understand why mom didnt like the gift. And our daughter (2) seeing mom and her brother started to cry. Well my tears were happy ones. But the kiddos didnt understand this. My poor husband really had his hands full, but he gently was able to persuade them that it was ok. When I started to laugh and hug them all, the tears stopped. I had wanted a bread maker since we were married. Those two kiddos loved to help me make all kinds of breads

  19. Enjoyed your birthday story. My most rememberable birthday was my 30th. A week before I turn 30 a car came over on my side of the road and hit me and my 2 kids head on. God blessed us, the kids had minor injuries, I had torn ligaments and lacerations in left leg and bad bruising all over my body. They had to cut me out of the car but my children weren’t trap which I was always thankful for. On my birthday my husband was driving me back from the doctor’s office and there was a radio contest, if it was your birthday call in to win a prize. My husband looked at me and ask do you know anyone having a birthday today, I actually couldn’t think of anyone and he started laughing at me, I had forgotten that it was my birthday. So every once in a while over the years, he reminds me of that day when I forgot my birthday.

  20. 4 years in a row, I spent my Birthday in the hospital! I decided I did not want anymore Birthday’s.

  21. My 50th was a memorable one for me. My daughter planned a party, making sure all the important folks were in place, her siblings, her grandparents, and my brother and SIL. No surprise for the party but the gift was the surprise. In the final gift bag handed to me were all sorts of grandparent items…our first grandchild was being announced! We girls were all ‘screaming’ and joyful and my hubby was videotaping (yes, it was that long ago!) without a clue what we were so excited about. And 22 years later that 21-year-old granddaughter is a lovely young woman who has brought this Nana much joy.
    Happy birthday to you, Lyn. It would be hard to top your memorable birthday!

  22. Well I work for a CPA firm and my birthday is in April so I have had a surprise 40th, 50th, and 60th at work. But my friends really did an amazing job for my 50th. They all knew I didn’t want the typical black decorations, so they were all bright colors and upbeat and made me happy to see them.

  23. I am an achiever. Get kids there, pick up dry cleaning, prep for dinner…
    So after kids were grown and just me and my spouse, I learned to relax a bit.
    One birthday, I had a horrific headache. Deciding I was just going to go lay down, I received a very concerned look from my partner; feigning an inability to get our “reservation” cancelled. Reluctantly, I just threw clothes on, saying ok let’s go but also stating I may not be good company. Off we go, inly to arrive at a friends house. SUSPICIOUS. Sure enough a Big Surprise Party. Me, no makeup, dressed sloppily and a headache. By end of party my headache was gone and I had a wonderful time i realized I was just able to be myself and wasn’t able to “worry” if others were looking comfortable because I was just doing my best to be there!!!
    So I have, since then, learned to “just relax” better.

  24. My son & I were invited to our friends house for a Barbecue & I had to pick up my girlfriend on the way, on a Saturday. I believe it was my 40th birthday(long long time ago). Our friend had a big house with a pool( he was the church organist). There was about 10-12 people there. At the time I was using my crutches to get around outside & sometimes my wheelchair. The barbecue was great, we all brought something. I didn’t think my friend knew it was my birthday, my girlfriend must have told him. We all were still eating when all of a sudden he brought out a big cake & surprised the heck out of me, even my son knew(he was 13). I hadn’t had a surprise birthday in years, even from my ex-husband. Haven’t had one since. BTW both my cats were home sleeping & didn’t breathe a word about the surprise.

  25. I can’t remember anything specifically about a birthday, but your story brought back a memory. We had a sweet pet cockatiel. This little bird made herself at home and her cage was only used to sleep in. As we were getting ready for bed, she jumped onto the floor and caught her toenail in a loop in the carpet. She jerked her leg and it broke. We took her to the vet but there wasn’t a lot to be done. I am glad your story turned out better. But I do remember a birthday dinner that I had where we were waiting on my daughter and her son. He had hurt himself. He came to my party with a party arm in a cast. So I guess that was memorable!

  26. While at work I mentioned to a friend ‘today is my 40th birthday – feeling old! Wait – she said, you were born in ______ same as my birth year. That makes you 39, not 40! Good news…thanks to my miscalculation I got to be 39 for two years. From then on I had my husband calculate my age – LOL!

  27. Hi Lyn- thanks for sharing your birthday memory! I am also a winter baby with a birthday in January (which I happen to share with my mother). My 9th birthday was quite memorable. It was a Friday…First we had early dismissal from school because of a snowstorm so the cupcakes I brought to share with the class were passed out as each classmate left to catch their bus (instead of the party for the celebrant which is usually held in the afternoon). My family was also in the process of moving- not far, only 3 towns away. So that night after dinner at a Chinese restaurant we slept for the first time in the new (for us) house. We had a ton of snow that night & over the weekend, definitely over a foot. My parents were first time home owners and didn’t know much about heating/boilers which unfortunately was not working, so we were very cold our first few days in the new house till we could get the repairman to come. We also only had a garden shovel to dig out the driveway. Obviously we survived too, but memories were made! Happy birthday to you!

  28. The only thing memorable about my birthdays was that I was always ill….
    I can’t imagine a birthday like yours!

  29. When I was a kid, my favorite birthday memory was the cake my Mom would make. She would make a three tier marble cake with blue food coloring that looked like it had swirls of blue throughout the cake and would decorate it with blue icing since that was my favorite color. Each of us five children got the same type of cake but using their favorite color for their birthday.

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