Share Your Christmas Blessing

I’l like to share my Christmas blessing.

My husband and I moved to the northwoods of WI in the early 2000’s. On the first Christmas morning I witnessed something called sublimation. Not psychologically but in chemistry. Here’s what I mean.

I was standing at the kitchen window and looked out and I saw what looked like snow but special snow I’d never seen before. And the sun was shining brightly–not a cloud in the clear blue sky. Where could snow come from without clouds?  And it was the most beautiful snow I’d ever seen–like cascades of crushed diamonds–veils of them coming down in shimmering waves. I was transfixed. And when the blessing finally ended, the snowy ground glittered like a field of diamonds. I was uplifted, filled with joy. And this happened again on another Christmas morning. Twice–I was amazed.

My husband explained sublimation. Here’s the dictionary definition.

Chemistry.–to convert (a solid substance) by heat into a vapor, which on cooling condenses again to solid form, without apparent liquefaction.

He explained to me that the vapor was being translated into solid form–snow–without becoming liquid first.

Since it happened twice and both times on Christmas morning, i took it as a special gift from God–for all of us who witnessed it. Have you ever experienced a special blessing like this at Christmas? It doesn’t have to be from nature but from another person. Please share here. I will love hearing your special blessings. And will be giving a free ebook to a few randomly chosen commenters. And here’s a Christmas special for you. Loving Winter is on sale for 99 cents till November 26th!


Happily single, Winter Woodard is looking forward to a busy, fun fall and holiday season.  Clay Dixon, the very successful football coach at the local high school, has rebuffed all offers of “home-cooked meals,” keeping the female population at bay.  

Then bad things begin to happen. And unexpectedly Clay Dixon stands by her through a holiday season fraught with unnerving and destructive setbacks. Welcome to Steadfast, a small town whose people and mysteries you may never forget~



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13 Responses to Share Your Christmas Blessing

  1. Tammy Dodson says:

    My special blessing was finding out i was going to be a grandma to a very special baby girl. She is here now and she is going to be my only grandbaby. So i feel extremely blessed.

  2. Suzanne Elaine Steiner says:

    As a child, I remember a magical Christmas morning. We went to church services at 6:30am.
    It was so cold, the snow crunched under our feet. The service was sparsely attended at that early hour, but we filled the church with blessings. As we left, the snow sparkled as the sun came up. It was just beautiful.

  3. Linda B/ hotcha1 says:

    Hi Lyn! my you were so very blessed and I’m jealous. I can say that I ‘ve never had anything like that that happen to me in my life.

  4. Phyllis Scott says:

    I appreciate all the special Christmas events and non-Christmas blessings that have been written. I can’t remember anything specific at this time, however, any time God has shown up at unexpected times to me are special blessings. There was a time when my husband and I needed a specific amount of money to pay our taxes and a check should up in the mail, that we weren’t expecting, for that $1100.00 exactly not a penny one way or the other.

  5. Jamie Salazar says:

    This didn’t happen specifically at Christmas. My mom had a thing about pennies. My Aunt Helen (mom’s sister-in-law) collected dimes. My mom and aunt are both deceased (17 and 13 years) Last year, my cousin Mary died, Aunt Helen’s daughter and the oldest of their 5 kids (youngest is me at 54), passed away. While talking with Mary’s brother, sister, sister-in-law and my sister, we talked about dimes and pennies and what they meant to our moms. My cousin Barbara’s (Mary’s sister) husband had gotten up and came back a few minutes later, as he pulled his chair out, we all looked to see what he was doing, his wife, Barbara looked at him as said, did you put the dime and penny down there? He said no. There were a dime and a penny under the chair. I said to them they are here to make sure we are okay and telling us that they have Mary with them. Being the oldest, Mary of course talked to her mom all the time and my mom about half that time. It seems to me that now when I find a dime and/or penny it is because I need to think of them and that they are letting me know things are okay.

  6. This story has snow involved in it. I was twelve years old and it’s Christmas Eve and expecting my Aunt, Uncle and cousins for the evening. A sudden snow storm blows in and our visitors can’t make it, we were all disappointed. I have six other siblings waiting for this special evening. High winds cause the power to go out and we are wonder what was going to happen at church How would Midnight Mass go on with out power? So at midnight out we go to church (which is a street away from our house) in the dark. The church is mostly in darkness except for the glow candles light at the front altar. The candle light gave an ethereal glow to the church and there felt such a sense of peace. The choir sang sounded like angles, which added to that special feeling. The lights did come back on just as Mass was ending. Everyone after Mass talked about what a special event we had all been apart of. I felt that God touch all of us in a special way that evening. It is a Christmas memory that I talked every year because of the beauty and peace I felt that evening.

  7. Marilyn Liles says:

    My special Christmas miracle is about my mother. My mother had dementia and could not remember who I or my siblings were. My sister and I went to visit her last Christmas morning and the most amazing thing happened. She asked me where my father was (he had passed away 5 years earlier), then she ask about the rest of my siblings and our families. She told me she loved all of us, but she was very tired and ready to go home. Sadly after that statement she went back into her state of not knowing us or our names, but that was so precious that she knew us for a few minutes. She passed away several weeks later, but I have this wonderful memory of her sweet smile and telling me of her love. That was the best Christmas gift I ever received.

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and may God bless you again with your special snow.


  8. Carol Luciano says:

    After eleven & a half months in the hospital my 8 year old daughter who was treated for bone cancer was told on Christmas Eve day she had gone into remission and she’s be going home for Christmas. A beautiful Christmas Blessing. That was 21 years ago. ?

  9. Pa Ruhl says:

    When I was about 7 yrs. old, my mom, 2 brothers and sister went to live with our aunt. Times were hard and we had beed told.there would be no Christmas for us that year. My aunt had never had kids and.was quite strict….intimidating. We were playing downstairs in the finished basement on Christmas eve when we were abruptly called to come upstairs. Knowing that someone had done something to upset our aunt we meekly climbed the stairs and stood silently in the kitchen waiting for our reprimand, even though we had no idea why.
    We were asked to go in the livingroom and well,words cannot describe the joy that filled our hears! Laughter and tears… There was a glittering silver Christmas tree that turned and played music. Under the tree were presents. Some had only bows, some were wrapped in foil with ribbons, all were magical in our eyes.
    And my aunt had made most of the gifts. Personalized wooden hooks for our clothes, a doll cradle, building blocks and more.
    From thinking there would be no Christmas to all of this…The mostt memorable Christmas ever.

  10. Elaine K says:

    I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. One year I was driving to the farm for Christmas. It was a relatively mild day and had been very windy. I started noticing something unusual along the side of the road and finally had to pull over. There were God-made snowballs along the road. I’d never seen this before nor have I seen it since. I’m told the mild temperature made the snow perfect for snow balls and the strong wind moved the snow, rolling it into balls as it collected.

  11. Patty R says:

    Than you for sharing your 2 Christmas blessings. I just am appreciative of reading such miracles of God’s creation. We are fortunate to live on a lake where there are so many amazing critters to enjoy. For me the blue bird is especially heart rendering. I never had them in my backyard before and they are a relaxing fit for me. I surrender to peacefulness when I see them.
    Patty R

  12. Patty R says:

    Than you for sharing your 2 Christmas blessings. I just am appreciative of reading such miracles of God’s creation. We are fortunate to live on a lake where there are so many amazing critters to enjoy. For me the blue bird is especially heart rendering. I never had them in my backyard before and they are a relaxing fit for me. I surrender to peacefulness when I see them.
    Patt R

  13. Pat Schaff says:

    My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to live in Hawaii for a little over a year. We had a small apartment on the beach and loved to sit on the shore at night. One night we were gazing out and saw a Moonbow! It can be seen in the mist over the water if the moon is just right. The hues were all of shades of silver, it was amazing! As we shared what we were seeing, the others on the beach could not see it as you had to be sitting in just the right angle to get the moonbow. It was a huge blessing!

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