Help Me Choose My Christmas Novella Cover Image — 114 Comments

  1. Well since you said christmas, I would say #1 but if it is in a warmer place or some place that doesn’t get a lot of snow I like #2 the best.

  2. I like both #1 and #3, but I am leaning more towards #1. It draws my interest just a wee bit more.

  3. I love the joy on the faces of the couple in #3 making it my favorite!

  4. Definitely #1. I love the cold snowy feel in contrast with that kiss!

  5. I love the first. The colors pop and the couple is engaged with one another.

  6. I like 3. The joy on their face at the falling snow, brings a smile to me.

  7. My votes:
    First choice: #3. It shows such joy and enjoyment of the winter snow and happiness sharing the moment.
    Second choice: #1 It shows romantic love with a winter background.
    Third choice: #2: It just doesn’t suggest anything to do with winter to me.

  8. I absolutely love #1. It perfectly conveys the season and the warmth of being in love.

  9. I like #3. That cover would catch my attention more than the other two.

  10. I like #3 the best. The couple looks happy to be having snow at Christmas.
    Everything looks clean and fresh.

  11. I like #1, but I also like #3! I think I like #1 a little more though.

  12. I really like #3! They both look so happy to be enjoying the simplicity of snow.

  13. I absolutely love #3!!! It’s so much fun to look at and puts me in a happy mood! Love those types of covers.

  14. I like #1, it is very magical looking. Christmas is a special time, and a lot authors put out books then, so you need a cover that sparkles like #1!

  15. Images one and two say Christmas to me. Three just kind of says winter is here and they are out for a stroll. My favorite is image one by far.

  16. Definitely 3. You can see their faces and it’s joyful. Two looks awkward. One looks one dimensional.

  17. #2 if your characters are sophisticated

    #3 if you want an open, joyful, simple feel. Love it even better if his coat was a darker colour like navy blue

  18. I would choose #1 first because the blue reminds me of the big blue bulbs that used to be on our Christmas tree and the touch of red used on her hat/scarf seals the deal ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. #1 is definitely my first pick for a good romantic story and the the snow just makes it perfect. #3 is my second choice because it is a very happy picture in the snow. #2 doesn’t really say buy me like the other two do. Snow on the cover is a definite must.

  20. I really like #1 but #3 is a close second. I would read both just by the cover. #3 makes me think older guy but that is the water mark over their heads making me see grey hair.

  21. Hi!

    I really like #1 picture of the couple, it would need to be more “Christmasy” if the background was ? trees or even the same back of #2 picture.

    Cant wait to read it!


  22. I like #3 the best! The joy and happiness on their faces draws me in and makes me want to read the story to see what put those emotions there.m

  23. I like #3 the best but I like the colors and especially the pop of red from the hat on #1.
    Thank you for asking for our input!

  24. I like #2 the best.
    The colors are beautiful and the lights in the background are great.

  25. I like #3 the best because the colors and pose are different from other Christmas novellas. #1 I also like but it is too similar to Denise Hunter’s book.

  26. I like all 3, but number 2 speaks out to me the most. Their warm loving emotions jump off the page.

  27. I like number three. It has a different feel to it; it doesn’t shout “typical romance novel” and instead makes me want to know what the book is about.

  28. I like number one best and then three. I like the snow and background as much as the couple. Three needs a little more in the background.

  29. #1 looks like he is sucking her upper lip
    #2 looks like they are giggling

    My choice is #3

  30. I love no 1 the most. A beautiful snowy setting but they look genuinely like their oblivious to the cold and present in that moment of loving intimacy celebrating their love. ๐Ÿ™‚ Romantic christmasy celebration love closeness I love it

  31. My eye was drawn to #3. It is simple, had a winter vibe, and was not overtly screaming “romance novel cover.”

  32. Hi,
    They are all nice but I prefer the third. We get enough of red and white at that time and the softer shades are beautiful, besides which we can see both people’s faces and they are enjoying the weather.

  33. I personally like number TWO the best. I always like the lights at Christmastime.

  34. My pick is #2. It has a sophisticated vibe to it and the Christmas lights it the background are a really nice touch!

    #1 and #3 are cute, but they look too similar to some of the covers Denise Hunter has used for her winter themed book.

    Have a great day,

  35. #1 Is my top pick
    #3 is my second choice

    #2 Is very similar to Meghan Gorecki’s Christmas novella Wrapped in Red.

  36. Thanks for the comments, evetryone! These decisions are so important and difficult!

  37. I really like the colors, character positions, and wintery mood of #1. Though the watermark clouds their faces a bit making it harder to evaluate, I don’t care as much for the artistic rendition of their faces…not as professional looking, as the following two.

    #2 is very nice–and a bright color to catch the eye…though not as unique as the other two.

    #3 has a joyful mood and attractive characters…but not quite as bright as #2…

    So I guess I am on the fence, but leaning toward #3. It will be fun to find out what the consensus it! All of them are really nice, honestly!

  38. I like #3, it seems to say they are thanking God for the miracle of snow….

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