Are You Feeling the Pinch of Inflation? — 10 Comments

  1. I try to combine all my errands in town to a one day trip, and I use coupons for items I know I would usually buy and use. I buy generic more than brand names.

  2. Try to combine errands to a day I must be out for a meeting or an appointment. Often grocery stores lower meat prices close to sell by date by a few dollars each morning (sometimes called a managers special). Having a meatless meal. Drinking more water, fills you up, smaller portions. Eating more fruits and vegetables.

  3. Thank your your ideas. I love new meal recipes! Keep em coming.?

  4. I have started watching the weekly circulars for the local grocery stores and comparing the prices. I pass 2-3 different ones on my way home from work so it makes it easy to stop and buy from the best priced location. Also we have taken to buying all of our meat in the family packs, even though there are only 2 of us, and breaking them down into smaller packages and freezing them. Last week was the best savings so far, one of the local stores had a one day only sale on steaks in the family pack for $5 a pound instead of $11.49. I’ve also bought more canned goods.

  5. buying lots of veggies from farmer’s market also check the clearance basket/rack for discounted produce and can goods

  6. here thr price of petrol is bad. over $2 a litre or about $8 a gallon. I don’t drive but Taxi’s have gone up by at least $2 a trip. thankfully my friend is back so about once a week we do our major shop. (I either walk or ride the bike to do other shops). I tend to buy on special. this week cat food is $5.50 on special which is about $3 off so will buy up to 10 packs. which gives food for about 2 months. The same with cereal it is on special at half price every 6 – 8 weeks so will buy up and have enough for several months. I do this with other canned foods and frozen foods. When Legs of lamb are on special (although its gone up again) I will buy a couple and put them in the freezer. I normally will have one about once every 2 weeks and I get several meals out of it as I do like it cold with veggies or salad. When I make tuna mornay I will make enough for several meals and freeze them. I do the same with spaghetti sauce which I can then have with differen pastas. I do check the roast chook (chicken) every time I shop as I often get a half one and at times if its been there a certain amount of time it will be half price. the last one was $3 for a half chicken and between myself and the cat we get about 4 meals. Often whole chickens will be marked down after 4 hours and I can get a good saving. My biggest exspence will be buying a load of wood for heating. I have enough for a few weeks (and am rationing it) I have an Oodie which is a oversized hooded sweatshirt with sherpa lining and the polar fleece outer and goes to the knees and is toastly (you can find out at that with a rug has been enough while we have been having milder days (unusual for this time of year) But wood has gone up due to cost of petrol.

  7. We combine all our errands to one day if possible. It depends on doctor’s appointments. That way, we are not using gas to run around. I try to purchase items I know we will need/use if they are on sale. It is challenging finding meat and vegetables at a reduced price.

  8. I’m a gluten free vegetarian and cook in bulk: Vegetarian Lasagna, chili, & bean & rice soup & freeze in individual servings. I also cook a large pot of brown rice& then freeze in individual servings; When I thaw the rice, I add whatever vegetables I have in the freezer, such as broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, diced peppers,& snow peas.

    I also check the clearance sections of produce, canned goods, dairy products, etc. Some weeks I find good deals; other times, it’s slim pickings.

    There is an Amish bulk food store near me w/ weekly specials, & lower prices on bulk items, such as oatmeal, raisins, nuts, rice, dried fruits…

  9. Yes we are. I am planting a big veggie garden to offset the grocery bill. Especially since my truck is in the shop and we don’t know what is wrong with it or what it is going to cost to fix it. God is good and He will get us through this. Have a lovely day.

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