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  1. Hands down, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson stands out as a classic for me. For the last three years I’ve read a series of scriptures that I put together for the Christmas story at our church Christmas celebration. This year I’m writing it out with a few extras and turning it into an actual book to gift them. I love reading the Harlequin Love-Inspire romantic suspense Christmas stories, and some of the older ones as well. I also love Debbie Macomber’s Christmas stories, and the Christmas Fiction series of stories written by Chautona Havig, especially Tarnished Silver. I’ve read them more than once. Merry Christmas to you and yours.:)

  2. When I was younger, I read Karen Kingsbury’s Red Gloves series, a set of 4 short books. They are all excellent! I enjoy rereading them, and I’ve shared them with others.

  3. Twas the Night Before Christmas is a classic and a favorite that was read almost yearly when I was a child and when my own boys were little. It comes second to the Christmas story of the birth of Christ though. When my boys were home, we always read this on Christmas Eve before bed. We wanted our boys to know why we have Christmas.

  4. When my kids were little, I started collecting Christmas stories. We put them in a basket and each night of December they took turns picking out a book and we read that story. We did that right up until New Years Eve. I wanted to foster a love of reading right from birth. This one book was a favorite of my daughter.

    Apple tree Christmas by Trinka Hakes Noble.

    Cranberry Christmas by Wende and Harry Devlin was my son’s favorite.

    These were cute stories that brought Christmas alive for them. Because of the first book, we always made “clove apples and oranges”. And because of the second book we always made fresh cranberry sauce for the holidays. I still have all 40 books that I read to my kids and now enjoy reading to my grandkids.

  5. My favorite Christmas story is “Scrooge”. It is even better as a movie especially the one with George C.Scott as Scrooge. It reminds me that the past can help form my future by making me a better person and giving to those less fortunate lifts my spirits.

  6. Cajun Night Before Christmas.
    I’m Cajun and my parents loved to read it to us. I read it to my grandchildren now, just like I did with my children

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