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  1. I have yet to find a garden that ‘gets m
    e’ more than God’s creative garden. No colors ever clash & few can match the brilliance and beauty of his creative display.

  2. My husband is in charge of our vegetable garden. I’m not a gardener at all LOL. My favorite outdoor activity is running. Gardening takes more patience than I have 🙂

  3. I have a side of my house garden of all different hostas. My front garden is a mixture of colour plants.

  4. My garden is primarily floral, but we have a lot of fruit trees as well – mostly in big pots. I like roses – but they have been slowly disappearing. I like everlife / live forever, dianthus, black-eyed susan, salvia, iris and german iris. My german (double blooming) iris have never bloomed again in the fall, but still enjoy the beauty each spring. The weather has been too hot for a lot of things, plus my work has kept me out gardening as much as I like. I tried tomatoes, but didn’t get enough to make it worth doing this year. My Jerusalem Artichokes did bloom this year, but I didn’t get to harvest anything.

  5. Garden? LOL
    My yard is a huge hill in front and an often soggy backyard that gets lots of moisture, but little sunlight! I do, however have a garden, but it is indoors. I have only successfully grown one herb, but I have an airplane plant which has its progeny scattered in the homes and offices of most of my former co-workers! My pride and joy, however are the beautiful African violets! SO easy to grow!

  6. We live in an apartment and get very little sun on our side of the building. I put a few potted flowers on the small deck in summer. I’ve never had any indoor plants (partly because I always kill them ?) Last fall my sister gave me a yucca plant. That thing is doing great and has doubled in size. It’s really nice having some green to look at in the midst of winter!

  7. I live in an apartment on the ground floor and have two small gardens that are all vegetable. One of the gardens always has greens that last year-round. I am purposeful in the planning and get seeds for what I like to eat.
    I do share greens with 4 neighbors when there are extras. I do try new seeds and find they don’t always grow! I enjoy gardening even though I am 78 years old. There were a few years where a garden wasn’t possible, but I have gardened most of my adult life.

  8. We have a small vegetable garden. This past summer, our best producers were the tomatoes. I was able to freeze quite a few quart bags of diced tomatoes to use in soups and sauces. We also for the first time, got some good cantelope. Nothing else did much this time. It seems each year we get a bumper crop of one item. Wonder what it will be this coming summer?

  9. I usually only do flower gardening, although occasionally I’ll grow tomatoes also.

  10. I have to admit that my husband is the gardener in our house. He has a garden where he grows tomatoes, peppers, onions and beans as well as blackberry bushes. He also enjoys planting flowers in the front of our house. We had some beautiful snap dragons this past summer.

  11. My garden varies from year to year but mostly veggies. This past summer I enjoyed many flowers that are to slow down pests and the plants thrived and other than grasshoppers it did well. Its fun to watch things grow

  12. I moved here in August to almost no garden and the bit I had I am trying to get rid off. Its got a pelegonium that is meant to keep mozzies away but doesn’t and stinks. and had gazania which I got out also.

    I have some portulacas, Merigolds, snap dragons, Petunias, cosmos, and some daisy bushes. I also have gladioli which are now starting to flower. I have some other plants like pelargoniums that are pretty from the other place. I have 5 it was 6 tomato plants in. I plant to put in pansies and tulips, daffidils and other spring bulbs next year. OH and someone gave me a rose so I have one rose. I hope to get more eventually. I am happy with how its looking considering I have only been here just over 19 weeks. My friend owns the place and is happy to see there is a garden cos a garden helps make a home.

  13. We have a small vegetable garden. This year we had great success with our tomatoes. I put up many bags of diced tomatoes in the freezer. Our watermelon didn’t do well. I got a handful of the best cantelope I have ever grown. I got a few small bell peppers but they were almost too small to use. We have grown corn and cucumbers in the past.

  14. We’ve been living in our house for 37 yrs. It was built on a sand and gravel pit. We can’t grow much of anything. My husband said when we buy another house we will take a shovel and dig a hole before we sign on the dotted line. But we’re still here and will remain here I’m sure plus our daughter and her family live right next door!

  15. I don’t have a green thumb at all, so I don’t garden. I tried and even managed to kill my cherry tomatoes. My mom has the green thumb and made us weed all her flower beds and huge veggie garden growing up. Because of that, I’ve never been interested in growing flowers. I did try veggies, but well, didn’t go well.

  16. Mostly veggie… right now I have tomato and cucumber plants growing… one tomato plant has two little tomatoes so far… weather is mild right now… they never work out for late spring and summer… too hot for them.

  17. I have blueberries and raspberries in WA. Hydrangeas and dahlias are my fav flowers. I inherited black eye Susan from my daughter so will see how they grow in the spring. I have a veggie garden in AK in the summer/fall. I like to grow cucumbers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and bush beans. I also have raspberry plants from my mom plants that we dug up from her neighbors. I’ve started red currants too!

  18. We have two large beds planted with wildflowers of several varieties. We used to plant begonias until the deer kept eating them down to the ground. We have azaleas but the deer keep them from blooming. We had twelve deer in our back yard the last two nights. I enjoy seeing them as much as the flowers.

  19. I grow for market so lots of vegetables. I have 3 large and 1 small hoop house and am still picking produce here in Ohio. Just started ordering seeds for the coming season. Love being outdoors.

  20. We live in the country with acreage that includes lots of woods with pine trees. Our soil is not the greatest, being mostly sand under the top layer. So over the 35 years we’ve lived here I had to get creative. We created some raised beds to grow a few veggies like tomatoes, zucchini and green beans. Then we added a flower garden area in the back of our house with lots of hardy perennials for each season… tulips, irises and daffodils for spring; yarrow, garden phlox, daisies and hostas for summer; hardy garden mums for for Fall. Sprinkled in are lots of peonies and lavender and lilies. We have a beautiful waterfall with rocks we collected around the Great Lakes, especially Superior, as we live in Michigan. Nothing is fancy, much is natural and many blooms are wild. It’s a small haven to enjoy from my yard swing or my patio. And wildlife abound in the woods so we often have visitors to the waterfall. We don’t mind sharing. Winter is fine but I’m already dreaming of those beautiful late summer evenings. Thanks for reminding us the shortest day is at hand with Spring sunshine just around the corner when the gardens come alive once again.

  21. My garden has “flowers that are basically impossible to kill” ….
    Hostas, Marigolds, Snapdragons, and Dianthus.

    Unfortunately, I have to finish fishing stones out of the ground, get new soil, and add new plants
    to get the garden back to where it was a few years ago.
    I’ve had a couple medical issues that made doing this basically impossible to do.
    Perhaps 2024 will have something turning around for me…

  22. I have a messy yard that I am turning into a garden inch by inch. I wish I had more time & money to devote to it ( said every gardener ever.)

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