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  1. I am very late. but I am an aussie and I volunteer for the church. I also am part of the local Hospital Auxiliary and we raise money for the local hospital. the hospital has an aged care section which we have provided some shower chairs and other comfortable chairs. Helped with redoing the maternity rooms. With covid we haven’t don’t as much but we do have a trading table (food, plants etc) coming up in a few months to help raise more money.

  2. I volunteer at my church doing anything that needs done. I also do work at the church’s thrift store and the other local thrift store. I help out by registering people when the blood drive comes to our community. I also do anything needed at our local senior center. I have worked the lunch desk, set up for special occasion meals, called BINGO, open/close for Sat exercise, pick up & deliver food from the food rescue to the senior center distribution, and other misc jobs.

  3. In response to your question yes, I volunteer at my church, sing in choir and volunteer for womens ministry. We make homeless bags to sell. We feed the homeless etc. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  4. I’ve been volunteering to work with children at church since I was a teenager. I currently volunteer to teach Sunday school once a month at church and for 30 weeks per year I volunteer with the children at Bible Study Fellowship which is an international multidenominational Bible study. Also in 2006, or whole family moved across the country to be a part of a Katrina Relief ministry in Louisiana. We saw God work in so many ways during our time. Our oldest son is still involved in a crisis ministry that grew out of that disaster. Our initial trip was volunteer, but when we came back long term, we became missionaries.

  5. Thank you all so much not only for sharing here but for volunteering in your communities. Brave and God bless!–Lyn

  6. I have volunteered at one of our local hospitals prior to COVID. Hoping to be able to return soon!

  7. Yes; I used to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Now (since the COVID shutdown) I help with a food distribution program that helps families get through the weekend. Around here, a lot of kids are on school lunch programs, but left on their own for the weekend. With the kids out of school for the most part, all the programs have been modified.The local food bank donates much of the food, and we volunteers help it get to the families who need it.

  8. I volunteer at a local hospital. For 8 yrs I was on the front desk escorting people to where they needed to go. Then I had to stop to help my husband with our painting business. In 2003 I returned but this time at the new cancer center building. I escort, take labels to lab, get blood samples from 2nd floor Dr’s & bring down to lab, whatever is needed so nurses & other staff can have more time to do the work only they can do. I spend 4 hrs. once a week.

  9. I volunteered every year my daughter was in elementary school. I stopped once she went to high school. We helped alot where we camp with kids & adult activities but everything has stopped due to the virus.

  10. I’ve prepared and served food at a soup kitchen. My husband’s office participates in “Wills for Hero’s” where attorneys prepare wills for first responders and wounded warriors free of charge. I go along to serve as a witness. Unfortunately, the pandemic affected these volunteer opportunities. Hopefully, things will start up again soon.

  11. I have volunteered with Hemophilia Newfoundland and Labrador, raised money for Cancer, Heart and stroke Foundation, helped someone who couldn’t read, volunteered at the school library and with the school breakfast program.

  12. I think for me helping out my neighbors and often family pretty much takes up much of my time. I’m not complaining but Thankful that I am able to help out and volunteer at their time of need..

  13. I help with Awana Club and youth group at my church providing rides for youth who may not be able to attend otherwise and just be there to listen as well. I’ve also helped with laundry when people can’t get out due to being a caregiver and can’t leave. I liked to provide cookies and paper goods to families dealing with loss of loved ones and overwhelmed with all the people who come and go from their home.

  14. Yes, I volunteer when I can. I have been on the media crew for my church for decades… before all the high tech we have now. Currently, I create the slides and images for the announcements and sermons. The hugest volunteer episode for me was when I volunteered to go to Iraq as a civilian worker in 2008. It was wonderful and scary and faith building. I knew God had told me to apply, so I did. I was there for almost a year. And I was able to show Christ to others… not allowed to talk about Him, but certainly show His spirit.

  15. I’ve volunteered for Make A Wish for 11years. I’ve planted starters in pots with my grandson. I’ve repaired children’s books. I’m crocheting hats, scarves and baby blankets for homeless people/babies.

  16. I started volunteering at age 16 as a candy striper. Most of my volunteer work these days are through my church. We have worked in the yards of widows, painted inside local schools and helped clean up and collect items for tornado victims (and we’ve had several).

  17. I volunteer as a church musician at 2 churches and babysitting 2 grandchildren, ages 5 & 2½ at least 35 hours/week–& daughter is pregnant & due in December…

  18. Yes, I volunteer with the Dirty Farmer’s Market. We offer healthy lunches and desserts for donations only, and offer pay it forward for those feeling generous enough to help others buy fresh produce from local farmers.

  19. Yes I volunteer. In fact this Thursday we are resuming our monthly meal for the visually impaired . It is called Open Hands.
    We gather at the church about 9:30 and prepare a home cooked meal complete with desert. The people arrive in time for noon. We have a short devotional and even entertainment. We even feed the entertainment and the drivers. Then clean up til about 1:30 or 2:00. We also have speakers on topics that might interest the visually impaired. Once we had a demonstration of how to vote if you are blind. The newspaper covered that one. We live in a smallish town, so we have around 30 or a little more for lunch.

  20. I do. Before we moved to Florida, I volunteered at the local hospital. Since moving I have volunteered with our church for Serve Day, when we go out into the community and help in various areas. As well, I spend Thursday mornings at the Boutique in our church – a place where those who need clothes can come and have them for free. We also have a few housewares, etc.

  21. Yes I help run our church’s Movement and Music program for preschoolers (0-5 yrs) on Thursday mornings and I also volunteer at our local Riding for the Disabled (RDA) by mucking out the paddocks each day (Mon-Fri), bagging the poo to be sold and 2-3 weekends a month my daughter & I feed the horses at RDA in the weekends.

  22. I have for most of my adult life visited assisted living and nursing homes to do mini-concerts. (I’m 68 years old now, so that’s about 40+ years.) I sing hymns and other Christian music for them. It has been disappointing that I haven’t been able to do this since the Covid restrictions began last year. I miss so much being able to visit with these sweet folks. They like to sing along to the songs they remember, and they always express so much appreciation afterwards when I go around the room and hug and talk to each one. Every time I leave feeling blessed by them. I hope that I’ll be able to get back to these visits in the coming months as more Covid restrictions are lifted.

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