Lyn Asks the New Year Question — 3 Comments

  1. I think of them as the three h’s- my husband, my home, my health. But of course, the most important h would be the Holy Ghost. And that’s four , not three. But which could I leave out?

  2. I have to say my three blessings are my husband, my two grown children and their spouses and my two grandchildren. Of course as you said my salvation was my greatest gift! I’ve also had four instances where I almost died. God definitely has me here for a reason.
    That scripture is also special to me. God handles our prayers. It may not always be the way we want them answered but always in God’s plan for us. I know when I give my petitions to Him I can leave them with Him and have a peace and joy down in my soul. Always with thanksgiving for what He has done and will do.

  3. Of course, his sacrifice on the cross gave me Salvation and he has given me the gift of repentance so I can start over with a clean page and lastly He gave me the opportunity to live on this Earth with a wonderful family and friends.

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