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  1. Thanks for sharing your strong woman story too. It’s a blessing to have strong mothers who have encouraged us by their examples. Thanks for reading my interview, Sandra. Always fun to have you join in the conversation.

  2. Ann: Much like you, my mom was a strong person. She found out that she had no circulation in her left leg and was told that eventually she would lose that leg. Well I want you to know that she fought hard and she kept ker leg until the day she died. She lived in pain for the rest of her life. She was a great example to me. She showed me that no matter what kind of pain you are in and you have determination you can overcome anything. I want to be that kind of woman.

  3. My thanks to Ann for being my guest. I’ll let her choose the winner and will post it the lucky person’s name this weekend!

  4. It all sounds so wonderful. ANGEL SISTER is a book I know I will treasure.

  5. I would absolutely love to win a copy of your book. I haven’t been able to read any stories about the Shakers, would love to be able to learn about them. Thanks for the offer.

  6. Thanks, April, for coming out to give Angel Sister such a nice shout out. And also for reading the Shaker stories. THE BLESSED is going to be a little different since it’s going to be set during the Shaker’s Era of Manifestations. A very interesting time for them.

  7. Hi, Susan. You’re probably an antiques expert now then. I grew up with antiques all around me, but we didn’t think of it an antiques. It was just our old furniture. LOL. So glad you’ve enjoyed the Shaker stories. You might want to check out Judith Miller’s newest book series since she’s writing about the Amana colony.

  8. Avid readers are some of my favorite people, Juanita. Without you, us writers would be up a creek without a paddle. Thanks for reading.

  9. Hi, Peggy. Thanks so much for reading my books. And what a great thing to know that you read them to your grandmother. I hope when I get 100 (I’m hopeful) and my hand’s too shaky to write any more and my eyes too dim to see that I’ll have someone who loves me enough to read to me. What a blessing you must be to her!

  10. Thanks, Rose, for stopping by. I’m sure your book when it comes out in September will also have a strong woman character for us to love and admire. And I am so glad you liked Angel Sister. Because this book is a story from my heart, I smile big time each time somebody says she or he enjoyed Angel Sister. Thanks so much. I’m smiling again.

  11. Ginger, isn’t it a blessing to have moms who are strong and passed some of that strength on to us. The Depression years made them know what was really important in life and they could get by.

  12. Please don’t enter me as I have already read it and MUST say it was terrific and I would recommend it strongly.I have so enjoyed your Shaker stories.I am waiting for THE BLESSED to come out.
    Lyn,I just ordered SHELTER OF HOPE from Amazon and it is still $1.65.
    Thanks for the info,

  13. Ann I just love your books. While growing up my mother kept telling me about the depression, and since she was an antique dealer every weekend the family would travel surrounding states lookin for antiques. My favorite trip was to Amana, IA and to eat & visit the colonies. Your books about the Shakers remind me of those trips.


  14. Would love being in the drawing for the book, so love books. Some of you are professional authors, and I consider myself an avid reader, lol. So enjoyable after you authors do all the hard work. Juanita W

  15. Ok, here’s my email in the comment in case you needed it again.



  16. love ann’s books would love to be included thanks these are great books that i take to calif to read to my 100 yr old grandma well shes 99 till end of may,,what a women ,,,,,thanks peggy ptclayton@aol dot com

  17. Please don’t enter me in the bookdrawing as I want someone else to have the chance to savor this story of love and perseverance during hard times. As I’ve told Ann, I love all her books, but this is my favorite! I just had to stop by to thank her for this great read and to thank Lyn for her strong leads in “The Women of Ivy Manor” books, an unforgettable series. Here’s to strong women!

  18. Wow,

    After reading about Ann’s mom, I thought about my own, who also grew up during the Great Depression. Fighters, one and all, I think. Thanks for sharing, Ann.

    I would love to be entered to win Angel Sisters.


  19. Finding a book that echoes life of that time period, as well as an intiguing story with Christian values and morals is rare, and this book sounds like it does all those things. I would love to win a copy!

  20. She is a new to me author. I’d love to win and read this book. It really sounds good.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  21. I’ve been out grocery shopping for me and my mom. So fun to come in and see all your nice comments waiting for me.

    Barbara M, Margie & Jane – It’s good to see some of my reading friends here. Thank you so much for reading my books. And even better, talking about reading them. A writer can’t beat that word of mouth advertising.

    Marianne – Good to hear from you in Arizona. Hope you have a chance to read my book.

    Rita & Marla & Wilma – Glad you came by to read the interview and to take a chance on winning my book. Hope one way or another you’ll get a chance to read my story about my Merritt family.

    Edna, our mom’s are special and even though I’m blessed to still have mom, I don’t have the mom she used to be. Everything is so hard for her now with her fading memory. I hope your memories of your mom make you smile when you think of her every day.

    Lisa – I know what you mean about sisters. I’ve got two sisters and we’re different. But at the same time we think a lot alike about plenty of things. And we love getting together to talk books. Hope you and your sister enjoy your times together.

  22. Great interview. I haven’t read any of your books yet. Winning would be a great way to read one of your books for the first time.

  23. Barbara and Wilma,
    Include your email in a comment. Using (at) and (dot) so spammers can’t harvest your email addresses.
    Edna, Thanks for tweeting! I’m sure Ann appreciates it.
    And this book (love that cover) just sounds wonderful

  24. Great interview; I’d love to win this book. This form won’t allow the substitutions in the email address.

  25. Please include me in the drawing for this great book.
    I like the fact that she brings out different personalities of the
    sisters in this book. I have two sisters and some people mix us up, but if they are around us long, they might mix up our names, but they know the difference in us. I also think that it is neat that she is telling a story similar to her grandmother’s.
    Lisa Nelson

  26. I would love this book, enjoyed the review and the tale of her Mom, I miss mine so much, she has been gone over 30 years and there is not a day that I don’t think about her.


  27. Thanks for the interview, Lyn and Ann. i would love to win this book. thanks for the chance, mitzi_wanham[at]yahoo[dot]com i am in Arizona

  28. Please count me in. I love Ann Gabhart and your books. I reviewed a book for Ann in the past.
    God Bless you both.

  29. This book is already on my wishlist!!! I would love an opportunity to win it!!!

  30. I’ve read all of her Shaker books and just love them! I learned so much about the Shaker lifestyle which I knew nothing about before. I can’t wait to read Angel Sister. Please enter me in the drawing.

    (This form won’t allow me to use the (at)(dot) substitutions)

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