Author Janet Tronstad & Loves Lost and Found & a prize! — 7 Comments

  1. Debbie — that’s fantastic!! You’ll want to read ‘Small-Town Moms’ then as that’s what starts the whole story (stories really as we follow each of the sisters).

  2. Hi Janet and Lyn:
    Janet, I love your Dry Creek Series. I can really relate here as I found my birth family and 6 half-siblings after a short search a couple of decades ago.

  3. When I was nineteen, I thought I was in love,but time shows all.Love wasn’t meant to be.But when,I was fourty two,I find “my knight in shining armour”and one true love.Although,I must say sometimes his armour is in need of a little shining. My daughter adores him,and thinks of him as her “Dad”. I had a lost but I found a treasure in my wonderful husband.

  4. April — don’t worry about writing anything. It’s as much fun to just drop by eHarlequin and read what others have come up with. And I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my books! Thanks for commenting.

  5. What a delightful experience.But, sadly I can not write anything so I hat goes off to all of the wonderful writers out there. I have a lot of your books Janet and have enjoyed them all. This book sounds awesome.Have a Blessed Day

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