Author Laurie Kingery & Different Kinds of Strength — 10 Comments

  1. Always very good to see, this was apparent a brilliant post. In concept I desire to write like this too. You need time to creat that informative and additionally many effort to create a brilliant write-up.

  2. Laura, your book sounds very interesting! I know that I would enjoy it!

  3. I know this book will be great! Would enjoy reading it. Thanks for giving away a copy.

  4. Lyn, love you too! 🙂 Thanks to Paula, Juanita and Marianne who have commented so far. Paula, I’m so glad you enjoyed MAIL ORDER COWBOY! Thanks. And thanks, Lyn, for letting me visit!
    Blessings, Laurie Kingery

  5. Thanks for giving us an interview. i love reading about strong women, and would love to win this book and find a new author.
    mitzi_wanham [at] yahoo [dot] com

  6. Love the idea of winning this book, and getting acquainted with another new author to me. Thank you for this opportunity. Love reading these books. I cover 4-5 every month, lol, but they are so much better than TV for sure. Juanita W

  7. Laura, I enjoyed your book about mail order cowboy which was just a litte different take then men always getting a woman, this one tells the story of a woman getting her man and I really liked this difference-good story. I love the historical type romances and yours are some interesting tales – cannot wait to read this next one coming :The Doctor takes a wife” I am sure it will be a good read. I am meeting so many wonderful authors on the Goodreads site and will be a challange to read the books coming out this year along with ones not finished from last year. My husband says I am addicted when it comes to BOOKS. Thanks for sharing your talant.

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