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  1. Hey Lyn,
    Sorry I'm late!

    I think I was born to talk, but not necessarily be a storyteller…if that makes any sense! LoL! I aspire to be a storyteller, but I have to work at it a little bit because usually I get too many words! Lol!

    And there has been a bok that I read recently actually. It's called Listening Is an Acto of Love by Dave Isay. It is depicting "America's" stories. Now that may sound weird, but it's amazing! There are teachers, prisoners, law enforcement, mothers, daughters, fathers, friends, etc. They are interviewed and it is those stories that make up this book. I had to read it as an assigned reading for school, but I'm really glad I had to! It really opens your eyes to how fortunate you really are. However, it also makes you want to go sit and chat for a bit with your mother, grandmother, neighbor, a familiar clerk at the grocery store, lol! It makes you want to know what is their story?

    I HIGHLY recommend it, Lyn. I think you'd really enjoy it! Here's the Amazong link:

    Check it out when you have a few minutes!
    Talk to you later,

  2. I was not born a story teller and still am not but I love to read what others tell in their books. I am not sure what book really impacted my life except the Bible but I really loved S. Dionne Moore's books about Polly Dent, I really loved those stories and felt as if they were aimed at me because I am over weight always have been and I am old, most of the book are about small skinny young men and women, but S. Dionne Moore really hit the spot with me. I really like your book also Lyn. There are just so many authors and books that I read that it is hard for me, I am an advid reader and love books.

  3. Like you, I feel like I'm a writer, both inside and out, no matter what other activities I also do. Wouldn't it be nice, though, if there were a few $$$ involved?! Kidding of course. I try not ot measure my success as an author by sales, but rather by obedience to what i feel God is calling me to do.
    I have most definitely had books of fiction impact me in a BIG way – surprisingly not all of them were 'Christian' fiction, either.

  4. Love the part about not being aware of anyone else being in the room 🙂 I think all writers have mastered the art of the daydream. It's amazing that God can use those daydreams, the same daydreams that kept us from paying attention at school sometimes, to change hearts.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Jenny. It's always amazing how God can use books to open our hearts and minds, isn't it?

  6. Im not a writer but I have read a few books that Im not so sure changed my life but have had a major impact or the ah ha. moment.
    one by Miralee Ferrell her last contemporary has a person who through no fault of there own ends up homeless. This could have been me. Last year I was evicted and if not for a lady I clean for I dont know where I would be now as I wouldn't been able to rent through any agencies as there are so few rentals. The book hit home about how easy it is to become homeless.
    There have been a few books inparticular a couple Virginia Smith has writen dealing with a parent needing a carer these hit home and her book Simply Marla the aunts character gave me hope. I could see so much of my situation in the aunt and her mother and to have the aunt find love and have a life gave me hope.
    Recently one by Michelle Sutton gave an insight to how some abused people act and why. I didn't understand this behaviour but the way it was explained help open my eyes to understand why this behaviour happens.
    Many books I find will give an insight into an issue and can sometimes help me and others understand why like a few on domestic violence why women stay or why they feel they deserve it. Things are not always black and white so books can help bring the subject into the open

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