Author Lynette Eason & The Arms of God — 6 Comments

  1. Lynette I loved your WOJ series! Passed it on to other freinds of mine:) It was great to see you here this morning.Pretty much, if it’s a great story, I’m hooked. However I do find the majority of stories I’m drawn to are laced with romance and suspense but I do not like overly flowery romance. I can handle a sentence here or there that tends to drip with sweetness, but too many and you lose me. The authors I love and keep coming back to write drier characters, strong leads, and dig into their lives. I think that’s why I like series. I want to get to know someone and hang out with them for awhile.

  2. Great post,Lynette.I just finished reading “A Killer Among Us” and would highly recommend it.What an awesome story of forgiveness,healing,love,
    faith,suspense and a bit of romance.Loved it….

  3. Glad you gained relief, Rose. Right now my daughter is having around the clock migraines. Please pray we find a solution.

  4. i had a period where I had difficulty breathing and it was super scary. I prayed to God and thankfully it went away. Love your book Lynette!

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