Author Mae Nunn & Her Mama’s Bravery

My guest today is a great gal (I don’t call every woman a “gal.” To me that means, a good-hearted woman who always has a smile for everybody.”) I love this photo of her sitting in a field of Texas bluebonnets. She’s a Texas gal you see. GRIN

So today’s great gal guest is Author Mae Nunn. Here’s Mae:

“Mama was my spiritual guide. She brought me up to love Jesus and she prayed for me to return when I occasionally strayed from His will in my twenties and thirties. About a dozen years ago when I was writing my first book she called me one weekend to see what I was up to. Since Saturday was my only full day to write I said, “I’m working on my book, like always.” Mama shocked me by asking, “Are you writing filth?” After I picked my jaw up off the floor I grinned and answered, “No, Mama, I’m not writing filth. I could! I certainly know all the words. But I promise I won’t ever publish anything that will offend you.” She seemed satisfied and closed the subject by saying, “Well, I just had to ask to be sure.” I sold my first book in 2003 just a few months before my precious mama went home to be with our Lord. I’m grateful that she held me accountable for the words I was writing and I will always be thankful to God that she bravely asked the question that was worrying her heart.

Some form of my mama’s bravery shows up in every single one of my heroines, whether it’s asking the tough questions, taking a leap of faith or going it alone if that’s what God requires. In Her Forever Family you’ll cry and cheer for Doctor Alison Stone, a survivor of the most heinous of abusive backgrounds. Instead of stifling the brutal memories, Ali studied the psychology of abuse so she could help children overcome their victimization and let God take what was intended for evil and use it for His glory. I know you will enjoy meeting Ali, a woman so brave her friends call her The Rock! Until we meet again, let your light shine!”–Mae

That’s a wonderful story about your mama, Mae. I hope you’ll all seek out more about Mae and her stories,Her Forever Family, April 2010
A Season for Family, November 2010 at

Did your mama ever ask you a question that stuck in your mind?–Lyn


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3 Responses to Author Mae Nunn & Her Mama’s Bravery

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mae – I just finished 'Her Forever Family'. It is a great book. As in your other books, the heroine is wonderful, but very real. With a mom like yours it's no wonder you can write about such strong,committed women.

  2. Lyn Cote says:

    Hannah, It sounds like you have a mom you can listen to too!

  3. Project Journal says:

    Hi Mae *waving*

    Hi Lyn *waving again*

    Your mama sounds like a very special woman, Mae. We all know that your book heroines are strong, inspirational, and easy to love, so I'm sure everyone would've loved your mama as well!

    My mom recently-ish sat me down and told me straight up that college is a hard decision, but you need to do what YOU want to do. Don't let anyone sway your decision. Other than that she's stayed pretty much out of it, as far as opinions.

    I'm sure she'll ask me more questions later on that I'll never forget, but that's all that stands out right now.
    Talk to you later,