Author Rachel Hauck & Dining with Joy! — 7 Comments

  1. Rachel’s book fits my appetite for good reading. I enjoy a few laughs with my reading, laughing is healthy and good for the waistline. That banana bread recipe will have me Dining With Joy in no time. Rachel has combined all the right ingredients for fun reading. I’m getting hungry for another good book to read.

    Grace & Peace,
    Barb Shelton
    barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

  2. Happened on to this site for another reason and saw Rachel Hauck’s name. Big fan!!! Love your characters. They’re the kind of people I just want to hang out with. Miss them when I’m done. Only problem is that I think I’ve run through all the books you’ve written. You’re gonna have to write faster! BTW, how do you pronounce your last name. I want to make sure I say it right when I recommend you to friends and family. God Bless!

  3. Thanks everyone! Thanks Lyn for having me here. Yes, the banana bread recipe is very good, y’all! I made a bunch of it while writing the book!


  4. April, that’s too funny! You and I watching the same show. We just had pork chops last night. YUM. And that banana bread is going to be made soon. I’ve got bananas in the freezer.

  5. Book sounds great.Banana Bread yum sounds great.Lyn we must have seen the same cooking show,for I didn’t know that either until I seen it on the show.You are right pork chops are never dry.
    Thanks Rachel for sharing with us.

  6. I actually came over to check your book – Daddy in the Making, Lyn. 😉
    Saw my name in the post about Rachel and had to read that of course.
    What a delightful story that has to be – Dining With Joy – another book I’ll have to attach to my personal library shelves – mercy me – I’m running out of room for my favorite ACFW authors – you included, Lyn – one of my very first romance book addictions came from Lyn Cotes’ books! I won’t tell how many line the shelves – along side Andrea Boeshaar, Gail Gaymer Martin, Margaret Daley, and, Lenora Worth, Deborah Rather (Arlene James), oh man! I have way too many to name – more ACFW than any others too.
    Thanks for allowing me the visit here – it’s been fun and I need to read both of these books for sure!

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