Author Stephen Bly & His Strong Heroine

My guest today is the irrepressible Stephen Bly. I can’t resist a good Western, can you? Here’s Stephen:

The Lady Who Lingered Too Long

The working title for my new release was The Lady Who Lingered Too Long, to aim for female readers and to reveal the hero’s desire for a woman who’ll stick with him despite a turbulent lifestyle.

However, Center Point Publishers insisted on a classic western title: Creede of Old Montana. Which do you prefer? I’m stuck with the latter.

And so are my two heroines, who both remind me of the Bly family gals: got awesome smiles and stubborn as bulldogs.

One of them, Mary Jane Cutler, will mind. She’s threatened to kill Avery John Creede and will protest appearing in a story with his name on the cover. When Creede ignores this angry gal with the unlikely nickname of Sunny, she becomes more menacing. Yet another reason to watch his back.

Creede longs for peace and quiet. He’s arrived in Fort Benton, Montana, for a reunion with three army pals. While he waits for them, he buys a diamond ring in a velvet bag, just in case Carla Loganaire appears. She torments his dreams and memories. Her daddy made his fortune with imported glass, partnered with Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. Carla visited their NY house many times. As a girl, she had a crush on Elliot, not TeeDee (Teddy, Jr.).

But now she adores Creede. She calls him “Avery, dear” and fawns on him when they’re together. She reminds me of a Mary at the feet of Jesus, focused only on the one she loves. And Creede sees something sturdy in her he admires, beyond the elegance and sumptuous scent. She also offers him a settled life, in a social arena he has at times embraced. But missed communiqués keep them apart, even though sparks between them have raised a roof or two. Then, just as they get close again, she’s deceived by the charms of a truly bad hombre. Creede can’t let that happen.

By Chapter 8, Creede winds up on a 12 x 50 foot sandbar with the gun-toting Sunny and quite an eclectic cast crowded on this piece of land. When Sunny befriends a moose, she threatens me, the author, that she’ll quit the book if I continue to call her Moose Lady. Got to keep my characters happy. So, Creede disposes of the moose. The way he does it gets Sunny really riled up…again.

Can’t figure out if Creede’s naïve…or one smooth cowboy.

In the midst of the shooting, Creede manages to keep both ladies right where he wants them…or does he?

The whole time that Carla sweet-talks and soothes what ails him, Sunny jabs. He doesn’t tease well. She blurts out what she’s thinking, while Creede guards his feelings and thoughts. On the positive side, she proves to be a Martha type, able to handle most any situation with common sense solutions. He also learns that she’s a crack shot…and still more than ready to aim straight at him.

So, who do you think winds up with the ring?

On the trail,

Stephen Bly

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Thanks, Stephen. It sounds like a winner!


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18 Responses to Author Stephen Bly & His Strong Heroine

  1. Virginia says:

    What a great post! I love the strong heroines and I bet these books are great.

  2. Stephen Bly says:

    As for who gets the ring . . . the answer's a bit complicated, as any good plot should be! Only this author, my editors, Avery and the readers of Creede of Old Montana know for sure! 🙂

  3. Stephen Bly says:

    Vonda & April: Thanks much for your comments…appreciate your stopping by.

  4. April says:

    This book sounds interesting. I have not read any of his books as of yet, but intend to try one. I enjoy westerns.

  5. Vonda Skelton says:

    Thanks for the insight into Stephen Bly and his books. He definitely knows how to reach women through writing about women!

  6. Stephen Bly says:

    Connie Sue & Shannon: Thanks so much for peeking in here and sharing your words of encouragement. Appreciate you both!

  7. Shannon says:

    I am so excited to see another Bly book coming out!! Like Julie said, it doesn't matter … I know it'll be great and can't wait to read it!

    Love you both, Steve and Janet!!!

  8. Connie Sue says:

    Steve, You and Janni-Rae always follow what God wants you to do. The exciting thing about that is that we are always blessed in all that means. I always sit on the edge of my seat to see what characters are gong to walk into my imagination as I read your books. (I am not prejudiced here…know good writing when I read it!) Keep on sharing those yars and we readers will keep on readin'! Connie Sue

  9. Stephen Bly says:

    Julie A: Howdy to you…and thanks for stopping by. The editor told me that their Stephen Bly customer base preferred a classic western slant, rather than the romance emphasis. They're the final decision makers. Just delighted to still be able to publish a few books now and then.

  10. Julie The Surrendered Scribe says:

    Here's a second Julie saying the same thing. I love Stephen's books, great characterization and wit. Maybe the title is a gender issue? I like the first, but my guess is men would like the latter.

    Either way, looking forward to reading it.

  11. Stephen Bly says:

    Wow, Julie…thanks so much! Appreciate your enthusiasm.

  12. julied says:

    Any book authored by Bly is a book I don't want to miss! Title? Does it really matter? What matters to me is great writing, real characters and a laugh or two.

  13. Stephen Bly says:

    Gail, Edna,Lyn, Tina: Thanks much for each of your comments. Janet & I just got our flu shots. . .and a big snow storm blew in during the night. So, we're staying cozy and snug in our offices this afternoon. Playing with my next project with working title: Throw Away Heart. Sounds like a romance for sure, eh?

  14. Tina Dee Books says:

    I think Sunny does–but not totally sure of it.

    This sounds great!

    I'm going to see if my library will order this book (then we can have it on the shelves, and maybe the can put it out on the front rack for awhile!)

    And I like the new title and cover best.

  15. Lyn Cote says:

    Yes, a big broad is different from a bit broad. And Jane Kirkpatrick is a writer I admire.
    And I'm bad about titles. Usually my editors come up with them!

  16. Edna says:

    would love to win a book by Steven, don't have any of his books, but they sound great


  17. Anonymous says:

    Ooops – mis-spell – "big broad" – I meant "bit broad"
    I imagine they're both beautiful. but dont' make them too beautiful – that's also a turnoff for a lot of woman readers. give them flaws.
    My opinion – gail denham

  18. Anonymous says:

    Strong heroines are best- best title (and cover) is THE LADY WHO LINGERED TOO LONG. the other cover is a bit bland and the title a big broad.
    Mary Jane gets the ring.
    Look what Jane kirkpatrick has done with strong heroines – it's woman who read the most.
    My opinion – Gail Denham