LeAnn Harris & Her MASH Mom

LeAnn Harris, another Love Inspired Author, is my guest today. Here’s LeAnn:

“The brave woman in my life I want to share with you is my mother. She is amazing. My mother was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army and a nurse during the Korean War. She met my dad, a lowly private, who worked on her floor. After they got married, mother was assigned to a Korean mash unit. When she took her training at an Army base in the Southwest, they dropped the nurses in their white uniforms in the middle of a field, gave them maps and told to find their way back. My mother’s sense of direction is not the best, so she begged the poor driver t help her. He told how to get back. What a creative way to solve a problem.

I am awed at my mother’s determination and compassion. As a nurse, she is the best. It is a gift I think God gave her. All of her patients admired and loved her whether she did private duty or home health care. Where ever she worked, she won praise, and wasn’t afraid of doing what was right. When I was in the hospital and suffered a major brain bleed, mother was in the room and called for help immediately. If you were sick, she’s the one you want there.

Even into her seventies, my mother could run me into the ground with her energy. Growing up I could only stand back and admire her.

In my current book, Lilly Burkstrom has had to show strength when her husband left her when she was pregnant, and the later after their divorce he was killed. Lilly fought against the same force that killed her ex and was threatening her daughter. It is a strength that relies on God. I am in awe.”–LeAnn

I am in awe too, LeAnn. Drop by LeAnn’s website to learn more about her and her books.–Lyn


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3 Responses to LeAnn Harris & Her MASH Mom

  1. Leann says:

    Thanks, guys. My mother is a power unto herself, but with a heart of gold. And I have a daughter who is as strong.

    Thanks Lyn for having me.

  2. Lyn Cote says:

    I think so too!

  3. April says:

    Great post.