Author Gayle Roper & How to Handle A Journey Most Women Face — 6 Comments

  1. Richard, That’s a good point. I recall getting a letter from a man in Australia. He had read one of my early Love Inspired romances. He had lost his wife of 66 years and he said he read romance to keep his wife alive in his heart. What a sentence! What a man!

  2. Gayle, It’s wonderful the way you share your own journey, and I know you’ve blessed a lot of people that way.
    Let me chime in and remind Lyn’s readers that both men and women generally expect the husband to go first–Cynthia and I had that expectation. And when a man is left alone after the death of his wife, it’s a tough journey. Preparation ahead of time goes both ways. I know…from experience.
    Thanks to Gayle for sharing and to Lyn for hosting her.

  3. Irene, you and Rod have been together for LONG time! How wonderful. I wish you both many more years of enjoying each other.

  4. I think you’re right, Gail, about the same things helping a divorced woman as help a widow. There is the same emotional experience for both of being alone, feeling abandoned, and wondering who am I now that I’m no longer a wife. With time we become whole again as you have–and some of us meet great guys like your Bob to help witthat wholeness.

  5. I’ve known Gayle for more years than either of us would want to admit, but I hadn’t heard from you for a while. So it was good to see your smiling face and remember the years we’ve been writing and sharing with others. Thanks be to God that I am not a widow. Rod and I have been married 55 years next month, and our journey together has been wonderful. We were both Christians and members of an American Baptist chuch before we met. He was born in Nebraska, I was born in West Virginia, and God brought us together in a miraculous way. My mother lived to be 85 and Rod’s mother was in her late 90’s when she died. Rod moved to West Virginia, where I’ve always lived, and in the early years, we would go to Nebraska one year, and his parents came to West Virginia the next year. When they could no longer travel, we went to Nebraska every year until both his parents went to be with the Lord.

    Best wishes in your writing career, both Lyn and Gayle.

  6. I’m not a widow and don’t even like to think about it, but I’ve been a divorced women who felt abandoned and deeply hurt. Though the two situations are not the same, the saving grace that gets a person through are the same. Gayle has named the three important things that I learned in my experience. Friends and family supported me, my faith lifted me as I waited God’s answer to my question, “Will I be whole again?” and my interests–music, theater and writing, mainly poetry–kept me active. And God answered my question. Yes, I am whole again. Praise the Lord.

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