Lyn Reviews Author Debby Giusti’s The Captain’s Mission — 8 Comments

  1. My comment seems to have disappeared, so please just enter my name.

    I might add, SOS Aloha is written by a former AF member married to a current one, and often features military info.

  2. Loved this review, Lyn. Debby tugs at your heartstrings with her very real military characters with lives and situations relative to TODAY.

    Yay Debby!

  3. I think Deb’s military investigations series is her best yet. It seeps with her in depth understanding of military settings and personnel.

    Deb, I love this stuff!!! Keep it comin’, girlfriend!


  4. Hi Lyn,
    Thanks so much for reviewing THE CAPTAIN’S MISSION! I had fun writing the story, and as you probably know, I enjoy writing and reading about military heroes and heroines! My dad, hubby and son are all military guys, and I grew up “in” the military as an Army Brat. I’m grateful to them and to all our brave men and women in uniform.

  5. I grew up on Walker, Texas Ranger then I loved JAG and I am a huge NCIS & NCIS LA fan. I always look forward to Military Stories they are always a wonderful read and make me remember to pray for our soldiers. Oh yes…Army Wives!!

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