Author Janet Tronstad & Her Montana Chokecherry Grandma — 4 Comments

  1. Paula – O — Thanks for the comment on my picture. I do need to change it some places.

    And, Mary, thanks for stopping in. I think I do resemble my mother’s side of the family (look like some of my aunts).

  2. Ladies,
    Wonderful blog today, enjoyed seeing Janet here, isn’t she pretty in Purple..she needs to change her pic on goodreads site…I just finished reading this book and loved when Mrs Hargrove got after Rusty but she also reminded him that he was always in her prayers and she was so happy to see him again. I love this little community of Dry Creek….It is good to see two of my strong women authors together today. I love that pic of your grandparents too-it just looks like there should be a story there and I want to read it.
    Paula O

  3. Ah, Mrs. Hargrove! How nice to know where her personality flowed from. And I loved the photo of Janet’s grandparents! I think I can see a little resemblance around the eyes and lips, maybe? There are lots of us spread around that love Janet’s stories in Montana! I am saving the new Christmas book to read a little later so I have something to look forward to this year…I know I am hoping that Janet will continue to pull her stories out of her experiences and imagination for all of us to enjoy…I think I will check to see if I have the “courtship” book and reread…

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