Author Lillian Duncan & Wronged by Her Twin Sister

My guest today is Author Lillian Duncan, a new author too. She writes about strength and love and her new book. Here’s Lillian:

“Strong Women, Brave Stories…interesting topic. This was so hard for me to write about and yet I know tons of strong women who have overcome a myriad of obstacles in their life. For some it was breast cancer, others it was substance abuse, abusive marriages, or a personal tragedy.

I think there are certain characteristics they have in common that put them in the category of Strong Women. First they don’t give up. They keep taking that next step, that next breath, and refuse to give up. Second, they keep smiling. In other words, they don’t invite you to a pity party every time they see you. And finally, they keep their focus on others and not just on themselves and their problems.

One woman I know went in for a routine mammogram and discovered she had stage 4 breast cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes. To say it was a shock would be an understatement, but she didn’t give up.

Yes, there were tears and she expressed her worries, but she also kept smiling, kept taking care of her loved ones, and never gave up. She’s a seven year survivor at the moment and all looks good. She was in inspiration to me then and now. Her focus has always been on taking care of her family and I believe this was one of the keys to her recovery.

In my newest book, DECEPTION, Patti Jakowski doesn’t start out as a strong, brave woman. She’s been wronged by her twin sister and has let it affect her attitude and her actions. When her sister disappears and she begins to focus on someone else instead of herself, then she gradually becomes a Strong Woman with a Brave Story.

To celebrate the release of DECEPTION, I’m having a contest on my website: so be sure to stop by and sign up. Grand prize is a NOOK!

Thanks for having me on your blog.”–Lillian
Twitter @lillianduncan

I highlighted a few of Lillian’s key sentences. The two in blue are the ones that I think show that the fruit of the spirit, love, was at work. Can love heal even a physical ailment? What do you think?

Also don’t forget to drop by Lillian’s website and put your entry in for that NOOK!–Lyn


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2 Responses to Author Lillian Duncan & Wronged by Her Twin Sister

  1. StrongWomen says:

    Thanks, Jane. I’m happy with you that you were able to publicly thank your mom for all she did for you.

  2. Jane Squires says:

    Thanks for introducting her to us. I look forward to reading her books.
    God Bless you. I will never forget writing my story on here and my Mom getting to read it (which I thought she wouldn’t). Then I read it at her funeral.
    You are gifted by God.

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