Author Maureen Lang & Bees in the Butterfly Garden — 8 Comments

  1. Yep it seems a strong woman is considered a bully and mean. But if she’s fair in her abilities than that will prove she’s not mean and she is humanistic.
    Why is it a strong man is considered powerful and people are drawn to him like a magnet? Yet we desperately need more strong women as role models.

  2. I often think that strong women are seen as mean and unyielding; yet I believe a strong woman is a woman who has seen her share of trials but comes through shining! I would love to win a copy of your book. It sounds good.

  3. I wanted to thank Lyn again for having me on her wonderful blog! I love things that support and inspire women. 🙂

    Also thank you to those who have visited and those who leave comments, too. It’s always great to have feedback.

    And I wish I could take some credit for the lovely cover of my book – I think it’s my prettiest cover yet – but it’s due entirely to the Tyndale design team and their great talent. I’m so grateful!

  4. It does seem that strong women are often viewed as unfeminine or mean-spirited. A strong woman is one who is confident in her worth in God’s eyes and not afraid to step out and do what God has called her to do. If God is calling her to be a voice of correction, she needs to do so firmly but lovingly.

  5. Women need to read stories that center around “tough” “strong” women. We need those positive examples, just look at Women of Faith speakers of today. Keep them coming, and I love the book cover.

  6. I don’t think tough women are considered bullies. Actually I just remarried a year ago and my husband said one of the things that attracted him to me was that I was strong and independent. I could stand on my own, yet relied on him when I needed to. I think it’s a balance. Just my .02.
    I love the cover and the title! I am a huge fan of butterflies!

  7. It seems like tough men are considered manly and savvy, and tough women are mean or bullies. We’ve come a long way, but still haven’t turned the corner, JMHO. Love the title of your book, Maureen.

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