Author Missy Tippens & Inspired by a Friend

My guest today is Author Missy Tippens who shares about how she was Inspired by a Friend. Here’s Missy:

“Several years ago, I was shocked when, at a sports practice as we watched our kids play, a friend shared with me they thought her husband might have cancer. No way, I told her. He’s too young. They must be mistaken.

Soon after, the diagnosis was confirmed. And later, worse news…it had spread.

The next couple of years were awful for that poor family. But through it all, my friend had faith. She had strength that I knew came from God—and from her desire to be there for her two young children as their father battled cancer and ultimately died.

She inspired me with her grace, her quiet strength and her ability to keep going. She inspired me with her honesty and willingness to give God the credit for carrying her through times when she wasn’t sure she would make it.

So when I decided to write a new story about a secondary character from my earlier book, A Family for Faith—a story about a widow with four children, I decided to use my friend as a model.

In my new release from Love Inspired, A House Full of Hope, Hannah is struggling to provide for her children. She worries about spending time with each of them. She worries about providing a secure home. Though she struggles throughout the story, I tried to make sure she stayed strong and determined, leaning on God. Just like my friend. I also wanted the character to learn to forgive (another aspect of the story) and to trust God for the future.

Thanks to the inspiration of my friend, I think I was able to do that.

If my friend were to read this tribute, she either wouldn’t recognize herself or would try to deny being so strong. But I know with God’s help she has raised two wonderful children who are growing into the young adults God wants them to be. She’s stayed strong through her own battles with cancer and through other hardships and is moving on to make a happy life for herself and her family. She’ll always be an inspiration to me. “–Missy

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To see a Christian actually depend on God through a season of testing is an inspiration to us all. Thanks, Missy, for sharing this story. Have any of you watched a Christian bear up under great stress with grace?–Lyn


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8 Responses to Author Missy Tippens & Inspired by a Friend

  1. Jane Squires says:

    I loved this book. You can find reviews on Amazon and also other places. I have had to bare up under a car wreck in 1997 which changed my life forever but I am walking today for God leading me to right surgeon. I have taught classes while in a wheelchair and never let that accident keep me from what God called me too. I also have walked through being diagnosed with vaginal cancer and seeing God heal it within 2 weeks and all cells completely disappear. With rhuemotoid arthritis I refuse to let the enemy keep me from being involed in God’s ministry even if most of it is on computer today.

  2. Debbie, you’re right. My friend has some amazing stories.

    Paula, I hope you enjoy the book. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. StrongWomen says:

    Yes, something is wrong with my time zone, Missy. And Paula-O, so glad you stopped by!

  4. Paula Osborne says:

    Hi Missy, thanks for sharing your story of your couragous friend, I cannot begin to know all she went through both before and after her husband’s death. I will be thinking of her as I read “A House full of Hope”.
    Paula O

  5. This sounds like a good book! And I’m glad your friend is doing good. God is so faithful to be there for us in our darkest hours.

  6. Hey, Lyn, I think your time zone for your blog may be off. 🙂

  7. And thanks for tweeting about it!

  8. Lyn, thanks for having me!