Best-Selling Author Roxanne Rustand & Mother’s Day is Coming — 10 Comments

  1. My maternal grandmother was my heart mentor. I learned from her what it really means to love your Lord, your family and others. She was the most amazing woman I have ever know. She was the mother of 13 and raised them on a farm as they wife of a small country preacher. She was amazing and even though she has been gone for many years I find myself recalling her wise counsel often.

  2. What wonderful memories of her! I hope my own grandchildren will have special memories of me….I only wish they all lived closer, for three of them are five hours away.

    Are any of you grandma’s yet? What do you do with your grandchildren to “make special memories”?

  3. My very special mentor and friend was Grandma Nellie She was my messy grandma who loved us so much…….and showed us that love
    Who also showed me God was real

    God bless u
    Chris Granville

  4. Hi Danie! Loved your comments about your supportive family. You are blessed!

    And thanks so much for your compliment on the bookcover. I love it too, and am so thankful for Melinda Cote’s expertise at this sort of think. I wouldn’t get to first base on my own! 🙂

  5. Oops I hit “send” before finishing my reply. Loved your comments on your mom–she sounds wonderful. When I see a gal out for lunch with someone who must surely be her mom, poignant memories come flooding back and I wish I could have just one more afternoon with mine. What I would give for that!

    It’s wonderful to see that you clearly treasure your own mom!

  6. The most important people in my life is my family, my 3sis, my mum, my grandma and my dad. And the reson why they are important to me is be cause they encourage me and keep me going.

    I absolutely love the cover of Roxannas new book and I would love too read it.

  7. Thanks for the compliment on the cover! This is actually the first draft, and there will be a small change–the title is actually “A Montana Legacy.” Lyn’s daughter is the cover artist, and has also been working on all of the technical details of getting this book up on Amazon. I am eager to see it in it’s completed form! 🙂

  8. Good morning, Paula! You touched on my own feelings–I don’t think I will ever measure up. I was so heartbroken for the first couple years after Mom passed away, but my husband got me a card one day that started with “Your mom lives on in you” and it really was a wonderful thought that made me start trying more consciously to be the kind of person she was, and it helped. Thanks for the kind words about my books!

  9. Good morning Ladies,
    I would have to say MOM too because she did so much for the family, she was one of the stay at home who was always working…canning veggies-cooking-cleaning-sewing, so many things. I will never measure up to her but I have older and younger sisters also that have been there when I needed them so both were important in my life.
    I like to read stories by Roxanne and this one looks like a good one. thanks for the comments today. May will soon be here, my how the months fly.

  10. I love the cover of the book! I would have to say my mom. She would do anything for us kids or my kids or even my grandchildren (her great grandchildren). I cannot imagine my life without my mom. She has always been a giver and never expects anything in return. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there. I have learned that just because you have a child doesn’t make you a mom. A mom is a special person who would do anything for her kids. Hopefully that is the type of person I have become.

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