4–Count Them–4 Chances to Win & Lyn Reviews Author Janet Tronstad’s Latest — 8 Comments

  1. We already had our Thanksgiving meal, and it was very quiet this year, just my Mom and brother(only sibling) and his wife. Different from last year when we had neighbors in, and my sister-in-law’s uncle and aunt stopped in unexpectedly (they live 5 hours away). And then we usually look forward to being in Arizona and enjoying Thanksgiving again (we have Thanksgiving every day) but for the past couple of years health issues have kept us away until December. Thanks Lyn and Janet

  2. I have a copy of “Sleigh Bells for Christmas”, I finished it last week and enjoyed it very much.
    Im looking forward to all of the Thanksgiving food! =)

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Ausjenny,
    I figured you wouldn’t be celebrating down under. And Janet was very generous with her books. And in general I think!
    Have a good day-I’ll eat some pumpkin pie in your honor (teasing)!

  4. Dont enter me for Janets book as I have it and have read it.
    we dont have Thanksgiving here so will not be eating the meal.
    I agree political correctness is very much a crock.

  5. I will be feeding ten this year. My family of five and my brother and his family are coming! They are a family of five. I am really excited as I have not seen them in over four years. I have much to be thankful for. I hope you have a super Thanksgiving.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Lyn, wonderful that you spoke up and told the children whom the Pilgrims were thanking. I wonder how they teach nowadays, I am sure it much different then when I went to school in the 50’s. I did not get this book of Janets yet but love all of her “Dry Creek series”. thanks for sharing.
    Paula O(

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