Lyn Reviews Erica Vetsch’s Sagebrush Knights

Sagebrush KnightsSagebrush Knights by Erica Vetsch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sagebrush Knights is a four in one collection fo mail order bride stories–four sisters off to Wyoming to meet and marry four strangers.
I enjoyed the first three of these stories and the first very much. As with most reading experiences, this one was very personal.
The age-old question–what draws one reader to a book that leaves another cold–is no nearer being answered (Unless you have one?)

Anyway Evelyn, the oldest sister, is the heroine in the first of the four stories. Her first misconception was that her sisters would be near her. As an Eastern girl, Evelyn had no idea how far ranches could be one from another.

And she’d given her intended no idea that she was bringing a young son with her. Which was fine because he hadn’t told her he had a tomboy daughter, nicknamed “Mad Dog,” but should have been called Madelyn.

That should give you some idea of Erica Vetsch’s lively style.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book even if #4 wasn’t my favorite ever. I highly recommend Erica’s books. (And yes, she gave me this book–but this is an honest review. I don’t write any other kind.)

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PS: Last week’s winner of Janet Chester Bly’s DOWN SQUASH BLOSSOM ROAD is Joan Arning-Congrats!


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